Thursday, March 6, 2014

A brief outline of the origin of the runes

Early Rune Casting

It is not known for certain where Rune Stones originated though their
history can be traced back to 500 years B.C. when Germanic tribesmen
crossed the Alps and became familiar with the symbols of the Etruscan
alphabet. It is known that these warlike tribes carved signs and
symbols onto twigs and into stones, these they used as a divination
tool to foretell the future by casting them upon the ground and
reading the signs. The stones they created have a name, we know them
as The Runes.

Runic Symbols

Runic magic was at one time proscribed, banned, by the Christian
Church, they decreed that it was of a pagan nature and against the
teachings of Christ. In the Bible it is told that the Roman guards at
the crucifixion of Christ cast dice, or lots, upon their cloaks as
they waited and watched Jesus die on the cross. Hitler, the author of
the holocaust, used runic symbols in the design of his military
paraphernalia. Indeed one of the Third Reich salutes to this deranged
maniac was to raise the right arm at 45 degrees and shout SIGEL;the
runic name of the Sun meaning, master of power and force.

Standing Stones

There is a mysterious side to the history of The Runes and those who
are easily susceptible to suggestion should consider carefully this
strange magic. If you are of a mind to proceed please accept that you
are responsible for your own actions and the following is but an
illustration of what might be, or just entertainment.

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