Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wind Scrying

Ancient Greeks practised wind scrying in the sacred grove of Dodona,
which was dedicated to Zeus. Psellus refered to this technique writing
"there is a mode of predicting by means of the air and the leaves of
the trees.
The method seemed to involve the hanging of striking wands from
branches of sacred oak tress in a way that they struck resounding
brass basins when the wind blew. Interpretations were made of these
sounds and that of the wind.
The wind gives itself naturally to scrying because it talks the same
as you or me. Find a quite place in the bush where there is no noise
of cars, music, etc.
A place among the trees is the best. Find a tree and sit under it.
Casually focus your attention on the wind, blocking out all other
thoughts. In time the wind will talk to you.
In order for you to scry the wind, you must, for a time, become the wind.

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