Saturday, October 28, 2017

Asking the question in cartomancy

From Facebook Katina's Deste group

Asking the cards specific questions is an important part of the Reading especially if you are looking for a yes or no answer. You don’t need more than 2-5 cards to get a yes or no answer. One card may not give you a yes or no answer because it may be neutral in meaning.

Below are a few examples on how to ask open and specific questions.

Open Questions:
WHAT- What should I know about so and so? What are the results of my test?
WHEN- When will I be in a relationship? When is my next trip?
WHY- Why did my boyfriend cancel our date? Why did my girlfriend hang up on me?
HOW- How will I meet my financial obligations this month? How will the surgery turn out?
WHO- Who is my soul mate? Who took my jewelry?

Specific Questions: yes or no answer
WILL – Will I get the job? Will I be able to take a trip this year?
DOES – Does she love me? Does my boss like me?
DID – Did I get the raise? Did I fill out the application properly?
IS - Is my husband cheating on me? Is my mother-in-law ill?
WAS - Was my application approved? Was my contract renewed?
CAN - Can so and so babysit on the weekend. Can I depend on so and so?
SHOULD - Should I buy a new house? Should I lend my shoes to so and so?

These are a few examples on how to phrase questions in cartomancy.

If you have more than one question about the same topic (which most of us do) I would suggest using a layout with pre-selected meanings for the positions. Many times, though, the cards will give you a specific answer to your question and also provide additional information which may or may not be connected to the question asked consciously.

Question: Will I be happy at my new job?
Is this what you really want to know? Is a simple yes or no answer enough? What if the cards say no you will not be happy at your new job? Don’t you want to know why not?
Choose your layouts accordingly.



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      I posted it, because I think it's well said, and because one cannot trust for information to stay on the internet. The group was archived already last year. The information itself is not special, and publishing it here doesn't cause you any damage or harm.

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