Sunday, October 8, 2017

Life Path Spread

If a card jumps from the deck while shuffling, it's important! read it, think about it.

1. the situation, where you are at, your greatest strength. This is what you have already.
2. what you need to know, what you need to do about the situation.

The Life Path spread

Pick 7 cards in a little pile in front of you.
Remember that the card closest the table is the one you picked first, and the #1 card

1. you, your strength, something you have, something about you, your character, your resources - you already have everything you need
2. your life
3. something that supports your happiness
4. an obstacle you need to overcome, something you need to work on, something you need to do in order to overcome any obstacles
5. message from angels
6. message from your guides
7. message from your heart
If you "accidentally" picked too many cards, put the excess in the middle of the reading
This is something that will support your growth, your journey

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