Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Paper divination

Traditional divination by ashes

You need:
- a plate (a white china dinner plate is perfect. It should have no pattern, it should be opaque, it should be fireproof and large enough for the paper.)
- candle
- piece of paper
- pen
- matches, lighter, something to burn the paper with

Take a piece of paper, focus in your question and write it on the paper. Crumble the paper and burn it on a plate. Be careful not to touch the burned paper. You are going to read the shadows cast of this to get your answer.
Light the candle and look at the shadow cast on the plate by the "pile of ashes". You can turn and angle the plate, look at the shadow and the shapes in the burned paper itself.
Keep an open mind and let yourself associate freely, like watching the figures in clouds or fire.
Write down what you see and what you think, the thoughts and ideas that pop into your head, even when there's nothing obvious in the shadows.
Catch your first impression and ideas, how ever absurd they might seem.
Come on, this is divination!

Now, here are some old Russian interpretation of some possible images:

a person - a friend is coming into your life
an animal - a bad omen. Generally means betrayal.
stripes - a trip, perhaps move
flower - love, marriage
cross - troubles, sickness, death


Drawing divination

Cut out 10 squares of paper - make them as identical as possible.
Draw on them
- a man
- a woman
- a house
- a door
- a bird
- a fence
- a tree
- a cat
- a river
- a flower

It doesn't matter how well you draw, only thing that matters is that you can see what's in the picture. If you want to, you can even write on them what it is. :-D

Fold the papers in half and then in half agai, and put them in a bag.

Think about your question or make a wish, and take out one of the drawings from the bag.

- a man: You are protected. Everything will go well. Success in everything. Ask help and you will get what you desire.
- a woman: you need to be less demanding of the world around you. The people near you are not entirely sincere with you. Exercise caution and your wish can be fulfilled.
- a house: calm period in your life. Focus in your home and household. Stay at home, enjoy your home. Nothing happens in life. If your wish concerns home and household, it will come true, otherwise not.
- a bird: Dream, fantasize, plan, but don't do anything. Now is not the right time to act. Your wish can become true, but it will take a lot of work.
- a fence: an easy period in your life will soon begin, and everything will be smooth sailing. All existing conflicts and problems will be resolved. You will get your wish, if you ask your friends to help you.
- a tree: financial difficulties. Unexpected problems. If your wish isn't connected with money, it will come true.
- a cat: things will not go smoothly. Don't get upset, but you won't get what you wished for.
- a river: travel, unexpected guests. Work in good faith and your wish will come true.
- a flower: lovely things, pleasant changes, love, luck. Dreams come true.
- a door: act. Open the door. You might need to work hard, but you will get what you want.

Tell-tale heart

Take some graph paper with squares. Choose a paper with reasonably big squares.
Draw a heart on it with your non-dominant hand.

Cross out the full squares inside the heart, four at a time.
Count the rest of the full squares.
The number will tell you the attitude of your love interest to you.

No squares left - mutual love
1 square - respect
2 squares - friendship
3 squares - like
4 squares - jealousy
5 squares - he/she dreams of you
6 squares - indifference

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