Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Serendibity divination

I'm re-reading my blog and found to my chagrin that La Reine de l'Air have made their blog private. It's a pity. But - cannot be helped.
I was inspired to try her divination method again. (Or I don't know if it's hers or whose it is.)

Grab four items nearby.

Reaching for:
Let go of:
Open up to:

What is --- about?
Why does it exist?
How does it make me feel?
What is its tone?
What does it symbolize?

My four items:
Bank security token
my reading glasses
my smartphone
a golden heart in velvet ribbon

First impressions: random. Kind of soft and gentle and friendly things. Except for the security token. That's pretty hard, no-nonsense, business thing.

What is the bank security token about? It helps me to do my bank business at home at my own convenience, safely and easily.
Why does it exist? It exists so that I can pay my bills. Mainly.
How does it make me feel? It makes me feel competent and professional and matter-of-fact. Financially responsible. A good girl :-D
What is its tone? No-nonsense... it's not black, it's soft dark grey, with rounded edges. Sort of non-offensive and neutral. It sits nicely in my hand. It's brushed plastic. The card itself is shiny and hard, I usually hurt my hands on it, when I reach out for this thing, but the thing itself has never hurt me.
What does it symbolize? Economical responsibility and freedom.
Imagery: Secretary, slightly older, in the 60s. It kind of reminds me of my eldest sister. It also looks like a calculator, though a little disproportionate. Not enough buttons, and too small compared to the card sticking out of it :-D Like the brave little engine who could.

What are my reading glasses about? A couple of pieces of plastic, molded and polished to function as a seeing aid, making the world more accessible to me.
Why do they exist? Because my eyes grew tired of medication and I can't see well anymore. I need them to be able to read.
How do they make me feel? They are very light and sophisticated. They make me feel good. I feel rich and stylish and like a lady.
What is their tone? Soft, elegant. They are narrow and soft, dark golden brown, like dark, clear honey, or amber. They are durable, elastic, but still slender, fine. they are not brittle.
What does it symbolize? The ability to see. Growing old and sharing the physical problems with other people of my age.
Imagery: They are very light, almost too light. I kind of think of dragonflies and toys. But they are not toys. They were rather expensive, and they have served me well for almost a decade now. They also fit me very nicely, I feel like I look better with the glasses on. They make me feel very efficient, but stylish, and a bit mischievous. This beautiful lady is not to be toyed with :-D A bit naughty. But smart. And a bit majestic and generous. I can just snidely smile at stupid people on my way and ignore them and let them play their stupid games. I have better things to do.

What is my smartphone about - necessity and luxury in one small package. Freedom of information and communication. Smartphones are the internet in the palm of my hand... we have come a long way.
Why does it exist? I need a phone, so that the people I want to get hold of me can get hold of me. The phone case also holds all my important cards, like ID, credit card and buss pass.
How does it make me feel? Good. Very good. It is small, but powerful, beautiful but capable, efficient, smart...
What is its tone? My phone has a rosegold casing and I keep it in a pink leathercase with black strap. It is not decorative but it is beautiful, strong and stylish, yet feminine.
What does it symbolize? Accessibility, freedom, freedom to move, freedom of information, connection.
Imagery: For some reason I think about cats and dragons. Small, pink and gold dragons. I think about the Bleeding Heart plant. Cat is Disney's Duchess.

What is the heart necklace about - a good friend send it to me for birthday. I don't think it's that valuable, like it's not real gold, but I love it.
Why does it exist? It's a love token, a pretty trinket, to decorate me and to remind me of a good friend.
How does it make me feel? Very good. I think of my friend and feel all warm and loved inside. And it is pretty and suits me well, so it makes me feel pretty, too.
What is its tone? It's gold colored metal with a blue glass stone and tiny rhinestone frame to it. It hangs on light golden brown velvet ribbon. The tone is soft and girly, feminine in a way 12 years old girls are feminine.
What does it symbolize? Friendship and love.
Imagery: That 12 years old girl, again 60s, she has a bob with short bangs, straight, smooth, shiny hair, and she is wearing French style clothing; a blouse, a cardigan, a skirt, short, white socks in her black ballerinas with straps. Her hair is dark brown, her eyes are blue and her clothing is white and navy blue. This necklace makes me think of little foxes. It makes me think of Princess Diana. (A bit similar to her wedding ring.)

So -
Foundation: Bank security token
Economical responsibility, no-nonsense, capable and "good girl" - I am the brave little engine who could

Reaching for: my reading glasses
The ability to see and take things with a pinch of salt. To accept the things I cannot change.

Let go of: my smartphone
Freedom, information, communication, connection. Huh? Now I'm wondering what I was thinking when I did this... A certain person who broke my heart? I need to stop waiting for him to call me?

Open up to: a golden heart in velvet ribbon
Old friends and love. Return to innocence.

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