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2 - The High Priestess

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The Divine Feminine
Self-esteem, increased self-esteem, self-confidence.
Revelation, Revelation, Mystery, Depth, Purity, Purity.
The High Priestess is the guardian of the subconscious. She is the archetypal moon goddess, virgin and pure. They are the secrets of spiritual enlightenment and inner enlightenment.
This is a guiding card that tells us that we are on the path of enlightenment right now.
It represents the awareness of our own needs and desires.

Priestess manages our intuitive skills.
Time to follow our instincts and trust our inner sense of things.
We know better than others what is best for us. We may seek help or advice from others, but we should not allow their needs to overshadow the longing of our heart.
Forming plans that are convenient for us and not for other people.

Occasionally, the Priestess refers to a female (mother, woman, daughter, sister, girlfriend, boss, rival). But more often, the second arcane shows the presence of secrecy as the other cards in the arrangement tell it.

It helps us to really see what lies ahead, not to be fooled by our appearance.
We know the answer and the right course of action.
It is our inner life. Make the impossible possible. Hidden talent.

The focus is on waiting, gathering knowledge and balance.
It shows that it is a time of conception and development before the goals can be fulfilled, and also that it is important to use this time wisely to accept the internal changes and wait for the energies to be released.

If this card appears, sensation, increased sensitivity, sixth sense come out on the agenda. It points to the subconscious, to listen to our inner voice, our innermost senses.
Priesthood comes when we have the power to create a spiritual bond.
Belief in the Power helps most of us gain self-esteem, hear ourselves.
to emphasize the connection with our spiritual self. He learns wisdom, emotion control and self-control.
Patience lessons, waiting for the right moment. It leads us to develop our own intuition, to follow our instincts, and to distort logical reason. We understand that power and energy are in each of us. And this is a good time to learn to develop our intuition and discover its potential with the help of creative techniques for the visual.
When we try to survive or avoid conflicts that exist, or to give up something, we do not need to do it right away - well, and take the time to carefully examine each problem. Because if we do not look at the influences involved, they can bring chaos and misery.
In fact, the map shows us preparation time, waiting time and anticipating future success.
It is prudence, sacrament, understanding, gathering energy, intuition and spirituality. Preparatory period before the objectives can be achieved.
But it is also important that the time be spent wisely, recognizing the changes in ourselves and having patience until we are truly ready.
During this waiting period, we gather quiet and calm strengths and knowledge that will be useful to us in the future.

Gimel, Moon
inner voice

The High Priestess - Tarot of the Pagan Cats
a symbol of - education, science and the knowledge of truth.
Higher aspirations along the Mystic Way.
She, with her consciousness, captures and expresses Divine power and wisdom.
For anyone who goes down this path, freedom of mind is a must and human direction would be confusing and inappropriate.

reflects - the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, the success of a study or the opportunity to continue your education.
There is also a secondary importance of isolation from the world.
Impact of hidden influences, and intuitive insights offer new solutions.
Impact of a woman.
There is something that remains to be found, but it takes patience.

"The Priestess" from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore & Linda Ravenscroft

II - Inner Voice - Understanding, Inner Voice

The purest, essential part of consciousness.
Function of the regulator of the flow of vibrations and its direction.
It washes us with purifying water.
It creates forms from the creative force.
If you have found your truth in yourself, there is nothing more to be found in all of existence. The truth works through you.
The inner voice speaks to us through the heart.

There are times in our lives when too many voices pull us in and out. Our confusion and embarrassment reminds us to seek inward silence and centering.
Only then are we able to hear our own truth.

Elf of Heaven Tarot


The High Priestess - Enchanted Tarot (Zerner-Farber Tarot)

The High Priestess is Mag's complementary partner.
He possesses his skills and abilities, but is much more perceptive and with more powerful psychic powers.
It is finer yet somehow more noticeable.

She is always shown with the Moon sickle, expressing her natural connection to the forces of Nature and the natural cycles.
The magician creates his own power while the Priestess relies on the energies of life itself.

The High Priestess is all that is not part of awake and rational thought.
It represents the dreams, instincts and subconscious minds, truths and revelations that can be achieved through meditation or sudden insight and sixth sense.

In traditional logs, it sits between two columns - one dark and one light, with a veil hanging between them, symbolizing the hidden secrets.

A moon at her feet and an open book on her knees indicate that she will allow access to her wisdom. But this will happen if we are prepared and ready, if we do not try to gain this knowledge by force.

The High Priestess stands for all that is not part of wakeful, rational thought. She represents dreams, intuition, instinct and the subconscious, the truths and revelations that may be accessed through meditation or in sudden flashes of insight and enlightenment. In traditional decks she is seated between two columns, one dark and one light with a veil suspended between them to show that the secrets she holds are hidden. There is a moon at her feet and an open book on her knees to show that she will grant access to her wisdom if the querent is prepared and ready for it and does not try to take her knowledge by force. The moon hints at the High Priestess' lunar nature, the ebb and flow of the tides and the realm of sleep and dreams.

Crowley associated the High Priestess with the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Neith and the Greek Artemis. In his Toth deck he gives her a bow instead of a book and she herself holds and lifts the veil that covers her. There is a lot of hinting at the eternal feminine mystery and veils/ hymens, to the point that for a female reader the whole working with this card can become somewhat tedious.

In my design I got rid of some of the traditional iconography that makes the High Priestess look somewhat of an avatar of the Virgin Mary as well as Crowley's chauvinistic projections. Drawing a Tarot deck at the beginning of the 21st century the artist is working on a palimpsest. Originally a palimpsest is a piece of parchment that has been scraped clean of its original writing in order to be reused, which made sense when books were written by hand and instead of having a copy machine or a printer crammed full of paper at one's beck and call, every scrap of writing material was scarce and precious. Often the old writing is still visible under the new covering, and some ancient texts have only come to us buried under layers of overwriting.

In modern deconstructionist thinking all works of art are really palimpsests - interpretations overlaid with recreation after recreation as artist after artist tackles the same images, the same stories and archetypes. No matter how original we think we are we merely provide the surface layer over something that is much richer and deeper than we can ever make it.

 So for this deck the artist is the High Priestess. This layer of the palimpsest, this veil over thousands of interpretations of the cards that have come before me is mine. I do not pretend to hold the secrets to eternal truths, because this is the post-modern age and there is no ultimate truth. There are dreams and nightmares, there is one's personal intuition that may guide a person right but would probably be completely toxic to the next guy. There is no bow and no book, just a spread of the cards that correspond to the High Priestess in the deck: The Moon and the Twos among the pip cards. I kept a few nods to the iconography of the traditional card - there is still the veil behind, but the light and dark columns have been subsumed into an archway with a day and a night-side.

The card is an invitation to work with the Tarot, to make it yours and to take from it the insights and the guidance that you require. That is the ultimate gift of the High Priestess - to let the cards draw out the answers that you already have, you are just not yet aware of them. Often intuitively we already know the right path to take, but consciously all we manage to do is pose the question.

In a spread the High Priestess indicates that we should listen to our inner voice and look within the self for answers. Go back into your memories, remember your dreams or something seemingly random someone told you or showed you recently. It may hold the answer to the questions you have. If not in the position of the self the card can indicate that someone comes into your life who can give you advice. The card could also signify that you or someone close to you has a secret or that you want to play your cards close to your chest for a while.

Thalia Took's genderbend tarot

Those who are accustomed to seeing only the outer shell and ignoring allusions and symbols, as well as the inner meaning of things, the secrets of the Priestess will always remain hidden.
She is a mentor, but not everyone teaches, but only those who trust in the wisdom of the unconscious powers and the mysterious inner world.

The words that most fully describe the High Priestess's principle are "sixth sense."
We can call it intuition, clairvoyance, inner voice, flair and sense, but the important thing is that it works and is now more important than rational thinking.

Priestess is one that allows us to penetrate the deepest secrets of life. It is also the bridge between our consciousness and our Higher Self, teaching us through dreams and subconscious sensations. Because the subconscious holds the key to the universe.

The High Priestess is intuition and intuitive wisdom, empathy and empathy, omens and omens, patience and understanding.
It is the mystery of the mother, of the moon and of life.
The moon tells the lunar nature of the Priestess, the ebb and flow of currents, the world of dreams and dreams.
It is instinctual knowledge, supernatural and esoteric knowledge, self-knowledge.

Impulse: The desire to find the inner source, our own source and energies.
LIGHT: To be one with everything, aware of the wisdom of the subconscious, intuitive knowledge, patience.
SHADOW: Dreams, mood swings, doubts, ignoring reality.
Eutherapie Gringonneur Tarot

The High Priestess stands for intuition and (intuitive) wisdom, for empathy, forebodings, patience and understanding. She does not need to intervene at once when things don't go according to her will or not well at the moment - she knows that everything happens in cycles and that bad things will pass and good things will come again and the other way around. The High Priestess can sit still and watch changes with compassion and serenity. She can devote herself - to others, to her feelings, to her inner voice. She strives to touch the world with her soul and become one with it.
In her exaggerated, perverted form the High Priestess can be a manipulating sourceress or fall into deep depression.
Anna K. Tarot

La Corte dei Tarocchi  Creado por Anna Maria D'Onofrio.

In a direct sense, the Priestess shows a man with secrets.
In the higher sense, access to esoteric and spiritual knowledge.
He usually quickly grasps the deeper meaning of what is happening.

The High Priestess shows that we can manage our lives and lead our way.

It mainly represents a person who moves along the lonely heights of the Mystic Way.
Teacher, healer or prophet.
Concentration, contemplation, inner wisdom. A silent but observant person usually doesn't discuss anything.
Deep calm and balanced personality, introverted and impartial.
A restrained person, they often consider him cool and estranged.
He needs free time for himself.
Spiritual and creative needs dominate social and everyday life.
Attentive listener, but does not like to talk.
Quite an influential person, it strongly influences the reality of others, albeit in an incomprehensible way.

Proper assessment and skillful psychic abilities.
Female principles and gracefulness.
Duality and secrecy.
A woman with super-sensory perceptions.
The female side of the male character.
She is a woman who chooses her own path, not that of the crowd.
If the card symbolizes a woman in your life, then she will be a mysterious and source of wise counsel, often a psychologist, counselor, or psychic person. Trust in her wisdom.

The Faery Godmother, from The Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud 
and the fairy tarot by Nathalie Hertz


It carries a loftiness and a feeling of tremendous inner strength.Huge inner excitement. Inspired state of mind.

Fine but strong connection with the collective subconscious or the world soul.
Beneficial influence on any creative, artistic, esoteric or scientific knowledge.

Observation instead of participation.
When it appears in a layout, it shows likely activity below the surface and an inability to see the whole picture, at least for the moment.
Some information will make us see things from another perspective.
In the situation there are influences of hidden factors, something hidden. There is a secret that escapes us.
We can take it as an understanding that we cannot control and predict everything.

Its other meaning is uncertainty, uncertainty, uncertain future.

Responding in an arrangement means that there is no need to guess, the response time has not yet come.

Paulina tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Because the Priestess is the guardian of secrets, when she is pulled, it means that some secret will be revealed or we want to understand something.
It may mean that we or a loved one has secrets or that we do not want to reveal all our cards for a while.

If we have an idea, then we have to make decisions. The High Priestess holds scrolls of information. In addition, the moon's crown and the moon's sickle at its feet imply its readiness to illuminate what we might not otherwise see. Whether it is a job offer, an investment, a love, a career, a family, or something else, but we need a little time with ourselves, a little silence to focus on what we really want.

And in fact, this is exactly what this card shows - it is not so much about choice as it is about moving the decision away while we take the time to listen to ourselves.
She wants us to gain enough information and knowledge before we act.

'Yesterdays': A Priestess of Sekhat St George Hare (1857–1933)
 - the high priestess of Decadent Dreams tarot

The High Priestess is a map of the mysterious, the calm, the silence and the passivity.
This is not a time for action or movement. Instead, it suggests that we step back, step back, step back so that we can see things in perspective and think about all sides of the problem.

It is an insight, an ability to anticipate and clairvoyance. And also a careful attitude towards signs and symbols, the ability to feel the right moment, to evaluate with dignity the circumstances that another would call mystical. It is discernment and insight, calmness and understanding. Emphasizes on intuitive perception and ability to perceive.

Sometimes it gives us the opportunity to take time for ourselves and for things around us. It carries so to speak empty and free time, which turns out to be important and full of rich and profound spiritual experiences and work with higher dimensions. These can be diverse ideas, fantasies, dreams, paintings, images, feelings that are not as pure imagination as intuitive perception of other dimensions / levels.

As the strongest manifestation we have telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic gift, access to Akasha. It is also a magical initiation in deep mystical knowledge. And this knowledge is very difficult to formulate and hence the silence, restraint and secrecy of the Priestess. Its purpose and need is understanding. How the world is made, why everything is what it is.

In order, the Priestess tells us that we must hear our inner voice and seek the answers within ourselves. It can show someone who crosses our path and can give us advice.

Sometimes it comes out when we are confused and it is then that we have to realize that we actually know the answer, the solution is within us and we just have to accept it.
When it does, it means that we can trust our instincts.

Sometimes the Priestess shows up when we just want to be left alone.
The High Priestess implies a time for seclusion and self-reliance. Need for loneliness.
May represent a woman living alone.
Or craving time for yourself and personal space.
It may indicate that we need a break or break from relationships.

The High Priestess indicates a time of waiting and receiving. We do not always need to act to achieve our goals. Sometimes they are realized through a calm that allows the desired to blossom with time.

Zigeuner Tarot Tsigane by Walter Wegmüller

There are times when the veil between the physical and the supernatural world seems to thin out - strange things begin to become normal.
The Priestess shows incomprehensible events, mysterious coincidences, all sorts of signs and omens that life sends us, and all sorts of clues from the subconscious - like a randomly heard phrase that clearly fits your mind.

The High Priestess draws attention to the unknown, the unknown, and may mean that our lives are changing. Things that seemed certain could no longer be taken for granted. Some mysterious mysteries are being clarified, but not everything has been revealed.

We find that our intuitive powers are growing and we are probably inspired to express ourselves in a creative way. Especially with poets and writers.

The card is an invitation to work with Tarot, make it our own, and take from him the insights and leadership we need. This is the High Priestess's supreme gift - to allow the answers we already have within us to be revealed through the cards. We often already know the right way intuitively, but on a conscious level, all we can do is ask a question.

The High Priestess is the primary symbol of balance and manifestation. If it comes into view, then it's time to figure out what we need to balance in order to get what we want out of life.
We are looking for guidance and data.
Our consciousness becomes more receptive.
Impact of hidden influences, and intuitive insights offer new solutions.
Impact of a woman.
There is something that remains to be found, but it takes patience.
Platonic love.
Pause in a process that has progressed or even interrupted, causing doubt and confusion.
In looking for a man, she can portray the most important woman in his life.

Ancestral Path tarot


She is often described as the guardian of the subconscious. He sits in front of a thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner self.
The deeper significance of the High Priestess is its power, as it sits between a black column (a symbol of negative vitality) and a white column (a symbol of positive vitality) and balances the two.
In her lap lies the Torah, which is the "Divine Law", something that is not for everyone's eyes. When the High Priestess appears, we can expect the answer to our question to be veiled in a mystery that is only accessible if we allow ourselves to hear our intuition.
It can be an ally in the discovery of things, since it is connected to the moon - illusions and secrets that prevent us from seeing clearly.
It often occurs when we want to clarify something entangled.
We can ask the Priestess for help and then practice her counseling.

The High Priestess represents the deeper and subtle aspect of the female archetype - darkness, mystery, supersensory perceptions, the power of the moon to illuminate the subconscious.
Most people do not allow themselves to relax enough to hear their inner senses, to recognize their spiritual power, since our society does not tolerate these extrasensory experiences. But without that, we cannot understand ourselves.

It represents the feminine energy that is passive and intuitive in nature.
The High Priestess is the female archetype who sits as a guardian and as a veil between the magician's conscious energy and the inner self.
The High Priestess shares this feminine energy with the Empress, who portrays the feminine role of mother and wife, unlike the Priestess, which symbolizes the mysterious and unfamiliar aspect of the feminine principle.
She is a symbol of a powerful woman whose wisdom comes from a deep connection with herself.

The High Priestess is the deepest inward wisdom. Wisdom that cannot be expressed rationally and based on reasoning. In trying, we are already distorting and limiting it.

As a symbol of depth and instinctive sensations, the card can express grim feelings of fear but also an experience of beauty.
We know that there is more than can be seen there.
It is a dive into the depths.
The depths of fear of the unknown.
The destruction and reorganization of mental structures.

The guardian of the unconscious. It carries the secret of access to our inner self.
It is aware of the mysteries of the subconscious that rarely surface to the surface in our daily lives.
It symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, enlightenment, divine knowledge and wisdom.
Its purpose is to train rather than control.

The Priestess enters a period when we connect with the deep and hidden levels within ourselves.
This may be of interest to the mystical or to our intuitive and psychic endowments. We adjust to the natural rhythm of nature, synchronizing with the universe, listening to our instincts instead of focusing on logic.


A great time to develop our intuition - through meditation, creative and predictive pursuits that help us exercise our consciousness.
The High Priestess suggests that we are beginning to become aware of our capabilities. It invites us to remember what talents we have come to this world, the enormous potential within us.

It is a challenge for us to go deeper - to look beyond the obvious and the surface of the situation, to the hidden and unclear aspects.
When we draw the Priestess, there are underwater currents within us that will blossom into intense and beautiful experiences. In order to allow ourselves to experience them, we need to be aware of and honor the higher powers that move the universe and ourselves.

Sometimes this card means we are in a relationship with unknown forces. We must realize that these forces are greater than we are, and the gift of having access to them is also a great responsibility.

Since the Priestess is a mystery in itself, it requires those who go to it to be worthy of the information and the meanings it can unleash for them, to earn the honor of understanding it.
Behind her throne is a curtain that leads to the deepest and most esoteric knowledge. Usually, this is a time only for the initiates.
The High Priestess is our guide in everything that is mystical and mysterious.

Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot; by Nick Thornborrow


The life of the High Priestess is free and independent. The fewer connections it creates, the less it is obliged to comply with them.

The map can show a woman with a controlling nature in her relationships. She knows exactly what to do to get her partner's attention.

In men, this is the specific woman who has a strong influence on their hearts and souls and they cannot deny it.
To them, she is a very attractive personality, but not always because of her beauty. Often a man is attracted to her personality, not her sexuality. But, in fact, such a woman rarely wants to meet these men.

In relationships, he often shows "someone else" who influences the situation. The priestess may portray a mysterious woman or withdraw from a romantic relationship in general.
And also a third party in a triangle.
It also shows hidden, secret or uncertain relationships (feelings).

by Trung Le Nguyen

Occasionally, relationships characterized by Priesthood indicate a deep relationship between partners. These are people who understand each other without words and often find interesting coincidences. There is a hypersensitive connection that is unclear to others.
Usually, such a relationship lacks imperativeness and clarification of who is who. They are understood, even with just a glance and touch, and feel at great distances from each other.

However, in principle, it is a card for loneliness and isolation. The priestess does not so much exclude relationships as shows a slight predilection for them. Its essence is unlimited independence. She is responsible and has strong confidence in herself, which is why she radiates a sense of self-sufficiency and this is not a posture but a result of accepting herself.

When it comes to looking for love and relationships, we have to be prepared that not everything will be clear and open, that it will not always act appropriately. We have lessons here - to learn how to balance, to feel the right way or approach, instead of thinking about it. She tells us that intuition will help resolve disagreements, communicate between partners, and get to the core of problems.
The key here is to know that the Priestess has something very important to tell us, and the only way to hear it is to listen, to listen to our heart and inner voice.

It may also be a note of warning that we must seek the truth about these relationships. If something is bothering us, it is crucial that we follow our instincts, but in a calm and balanced way, without harming the partner and the relationship itself. Just because we feel insecure and insecure doesn't mean that anyone is cheating on us.

It is also a waiting game as the attention of the other person in the relationship seems to be somewhere else. You feel that you are not familiar with the whole story. The unknown confuses and frustrates you. We want to have all the attention and be aware of everything that is happening.
It's hard to believe in someone who obviously doesn't tell us everything.
Be careful not to get overwhelmed, focus your attention and energy in another direction.
Create your own mystery.
Follow your inner voice.

The High Priestess is a card that often exhibits sensual nuances. It may indicate a phase where we are physically much more attractive to others.
The pomegranates behind the High Priestess represent the feminine energy and the palm leaves the masculine. It helps in understanding and realizing these energies within us.
In relationships, it is a bit like the moon - Love is a mystery. Everyone experiences it differently.

Leilani Joy


I see, hear, feel, realize, silence, intuition.
Take the time to calm the mind and listen.

In relationships, it is important to pay attention to what the person behind us is actually saying. Too often, when talking, we plan what to say while the other is talking. We make assumptions about where the conversation is going and accordingly plan our part of it, even managing it to a definite end. When this happens, we do not really hear what the other is saying and we are not present in this conversation.

Hearing begins with a calm approach, being centered and present at the moment. Hearing involves many senses. We use our eyes to see the body language. We use our ears to hear not only the spoken words but also the tone in which they are expressed. We use our intuition to feel what the other person is trying to tell us, what he or she is feeling. This often helps us to understand what is not said in words. And this is important for us to understand the person or the situation.

Understanding is essential to improving relationships or situations. And so it is important now that we are in tune with ourselves and use all our senses to realize what the message here really was.
Hearing is a gift. Give it to others, give it to yourself.
Synchronize with your mind, body and soul. Do you listen? What do you hear?

There is nothing more powerful in one connection than giving our full attention. Especially when we listen to others. When we pay attention, we use all our senses to really understand what the other person means. It is a gift - to help someone feel special by enhancing their self-esteem and self-confidence. It's the easiest gift, and yet in the technology world, we need real care to do it.


If your health forecast bothers you, go for a second opinion.
Don't take anything as a coin, don't panic or rush into anything.
You probably don't have all the information you need to make a treatment decision. Question everything. Notice how you feel. If you do not feel well, do not pass it. Look into your dreams, keep an eye on the messages, and be alert to the synchronicities that relate to your health.

Breathe deeply and seek healing from your higher self.
Get rid of the stress in your life. Have faith in yourself and in your body to guide you to the right answers.

Priesthood is closely linked to the lunar cycle, which has traditionally been associated with hormonal cycles and pregnancy.
And also with memory, memories, sleep, mood swings.

The High Priestess appears when it is necessary to pay attention to reproductive health. Responsible for birth control and pregnancy, reproductive hormone production, estrogen and testosterone balance.
If there is interference in this area, it is a good idea to have a review to identify the problems.

May mean healer.


The High Priestess sheds light on issues and situations that we don't know much about or have had doubts about. It shows us things we have not realized. When she appears in such matters, we expect clarification of the situation and security. It raises the veil and we see our future in perspective.

It is related to science and education, the ability to teach others. Psychology and Counseling. Occult knowledge. Psychotherapists and consultants, astrologers and tarologists.
Advisors to help us find the right path.

It is also related to creativity - both artistic and scientific. It's not so much inventing as tuning in to certain waves and translating information fields into your work.

Striving for knowledge of the world and yourself, desire for new and new knowledge, discoveries and new horizons.
Talk about training, skills development and professional literacy, about new levels of professionalism.

It is possible for a woman at work to listen and gather information about colleagues or competitors. Don't reveal yourself too much to someone, expecting them to do the same in return. When things at work slow down their rhythm, people tend to have fun with gossip. Don't participate.

Tarot Mucha


If a decision is to be made, the Priestess advises us not to rush. Let's give ourselves time to think and feel the right way. Remember, this time it's about you and you have to follow your own interest and not be compelled by others to take into account others' interests.

Her appearance suggests that it would be more sensible to retain ideas, plans, and intentions for ourselves, and to have faith in our own abilities, rather than accepting advice and opinions from others.

In watching, the High Priestess tells us to look beyond the obvious situation, what is hidden and unclear.
Secrets that are revealed. Take special note of your dreams and intuition at the time, as they are the right indicators of what is actually happening or which path is the best choice for you. Mythic Tarot
The solution comes through intuition and entry. Allow your intuition to flow. Listen to the subtext in the words of others. Listen to words that are not spoken aloud.

Watch for synchronicities and omens / signs in daily life.

The High Priestess invites us to believe in ourselves. To spend some time with ourselves. Notice the synchronicities around us. Let's adjust to our own rhythm.

The card symbolizes the beginning of the creative cycle and the need for self-esteem.
It is time to understand that we have everything we need.
We know who we are and it's time to be who we are.
Time to explore ourselves, explore our emotional needs, and accept what we feel.

It may be time to study the ancient arts of prediction - maps, astrology, i-jing, etc.
Listen to the voices of the wind, watch for models in the clouds. Meditate. Learn the language of symbols and myths. In the darkness of the night, or when you find yourself in a quiet moment, listen for the quiet inner voice. This is Her voice, and He speaks of mysteries and truths.

Learn to distinguish your inner voice from mental chatter and trust your intuition. This voice is a part of us that sees more and knows more than we can consciously realize, because it has a different perspective. This is the energy of the High Priestess. It is the connection between our conscious thoughts and the subconscious.

This card expresses our need for independence, independence and understanding of ourselves. It is the ability to understand and express the deeper laws of the universe and the ability to nourish our own soul, as well as others with this knowledge.

Love for harmony and balance, as well as the need to understand ourselves.

The knowledge that the Priestess brings will not come through logic or intellect, but through intuition, so let us take the time to meditate and relax so that we can hear each other. Right now, we can more easily connect with our subconscious.

Listening to intuitive spiritual advice allows one to communicate consciousness with subtle levels of experience. It is good to find time to calm the mind, to have patience, and to trust that this process will help us and the truth will be revealed.

Do we not only see the surface of things? Maybe because we are too obsessed with ourselves and interested in our own problems and interests. Immerse yourself in the moment and listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to the signs around you. Forget yourself to open your perceptions and accept the truth.

Someone may not be telling us the truth or not all the facts are being revealed. It is a good idea to take advantage of our inner wisdom, which whispers the truth to us - to pay attention to every feeling and foreboding that comes our way, to every instinctive reaction.

In the tradition of Crowley - Thoth and the Golden Dawn - Priestess of the Silver Star:
As matter - science, wisdom, knowledge, education

In Thoth's deck, she is shown naked, cast only with a white veil of Light sitting on a throne. Her bow rests on her lap. Arrows, four crystals, a net (symbol of the Egyptian goddess Nate), a camel, flowers and a fruit are shown. The card represents intuition, and the pictures suggest the archetypes of the subconscious and the animation. The priestess also presents the archetype of the virgin.

Crowley connects the Priestess with the Egyptian goddess Isis and Nate, as well as with the Greek Artemis. In his deck, Thoth gives her a bow instead of a book, and she herself holds and lifts the veil that covers it.

The symbols here are lunar and suggest a lunar vision - for example, intuition opposed to common sense.
A map of sensory knowledge, indirect power, silence, intuition, independence and mystical experience.

The High Priestess symbolizes the supreme ignorance of the yin principle. It is absolute femininity - unbound to anyone - that protects the most sacred and mysterious mysteries.

It is represented by the material of the moon, which does not shed light, but reflects the sun and accordingly illuminates the invisible.
The High Priestess is the light of darkness and the rhythm of the tides.
It is a shadow and interaction.

Pure, sublime and subtle influence enters into matter. This is followed by change, change, increase and decrease, hesitation. A predisposition to stress, even to shudder, unless we maintain a careful balance within ourselves.

Variable and unstable situations can be expected as the Priestess is closely related to the moon.


Emotional insecurity, concealment, hidden obstacles or opponents.
Overconfidence, ignorance, unqualification, incompleteness, superficial knowledge.

Margaret Petersen Tarot
It often represents a complete lack of connection to our inner truth, our intuition.

We are sent messages, but we are blocked and we have neither the desire nor the impulse to clear the way to the inner Self.

The best advice the Priestess who has turned can offer us is that it is time to move our energy field again, open our chakras and allow the spirit to pass through us. Meditate.

American Renaissance by Celeste Pille


The High Priestess connects with a woman who goes to many meetings overnight. Men perceive her as someone who uses her sexual energy to win their attention. They do not approach it as a serious relationship.

For relationship issues, this card highlights the fact that our higher self does not answer us. That's why we're looking for third-party answers that affect our relationships.

Negative manifestation -
Silence problem.
It is difficult to find a peaceful place for us.
Issuing a secret.
Blaming guilt, manipulation.
Whatever the problem, taking the time to connect with your own emotions and intuition will help.
Lack of understanding.
Too much sensitivity
He may show too sensitive a person but unable to accept his feelings.
A fragile psyche.
Relying too much on others for advice.
Superstitious and shallow conversations.
Jealousy, lack of discernment and tact.
Desire for secrecy and inability to share.
Loss of knowledge and skills.
Blocked psychic abilities, little or no awareness of subconscious influences on our reality.
Secrets are kept, answers are not found, our instincts are misleading.
May represent an unbalanced or unpredictable woman in our lives.
He does not follow his intuition and does not recognize the positive effects he has on others.
Suppressed feelings, hidden enemies, destructive influences.

Intuitive anticipation. Hidden factors.

Keywords and phrases:
Archetype daughter - virgin.
Governance of the Inner World.
Interior space. Spiritual powers.
Spiritual enlightenment. Inner light.
Psychological insight.
Moral principles. The inner contemplation.
Knowledge of feelings.
The ability to trust your inner voice.
The subconscious. Hidden problems. Early memories.
The circumstances of the past. Prophetic dreams.
Secret influence. Esoteric knowledge. Occult Wisdom.
Help. Advice. The invisible aspects of the universe.
Think about it. Meditation. Understanding the Higher Truths.
The flow of the stream.
Solved puzzles. Unknown. Secrets.
Anima. Divine Mother.
Sexuality that is just beginning to awaken.
Woman's secret. Lesbian.
Access to hidden knowledge. Education.
The power of silence. Disclosure of secrets.
Hidden talents.
Manage the hidden truth.
Physical charm. Assimilation.
Female problems. Life without men.
Love without sex. Virginity. Low libido. Celibacy.

Tarot of the Master

Situation and advice:
Something is going on behind the scenes.
Hidden knowledge that must be brought to light.
The High Priestess indicates that you must pay attention to your feelings and listen to your inner voice.
In order to clarify this situation, you must seek help from your subconscious mind.
Now is the time for reflection and meditation, pray and focus on your inner world. Trust your feelings. The best advice can be given by your dreams and intuition.
The events of the past and the earliest memories have a great impact on the situation.
You have a strong interest in the occult, mysticism, prognosis, psychology, psychoanalysis and other fields of knowledge related to the unknown.
At the same time, you are not interested in sex.
A woman with good intuition or extraordinary abilities can come to the rescue.
Perhaps someone who understands the secrets of the human soul or who is familiar with the whole truth of the situation will help you.
You may find the secret or the hidden side of the situation.
The High Priestess appears when you need to pay attention to your hidden talents and potential opportunities, better to use them to have a chance of success.
Sometimes, the High Priestess points to a direct continuation of education.
If the priestess is the final card in the arrangement (in the position of the final result), it heralds a secret, favorable change.

Allise Fountain
People: daughter. sister. Vestal. A lonely woman. Pious people.
Anyone who wants to love without sex. But also a mistress.
People endowed with extraordinary abilities. Psychologists. Advisers.
People who have good intuition. Adepts.
An idealized favorite. Sensitive people.
People we intuitively believe in. Those who keep a secret.
Researchers. Initiators.
Those who understand what lies behind the outer shell of the event.
A woman who is secretly interested in a man or a secret lover of a man.

The wait can be very long.

Emily Balivet


The two pillars are the columns of the Temple of Solomon, Boaz and Yakin.
They are also called the "Pillars of Jerusalem" and represent the "Life Force".
Boaz - Northern Column - Destruction, Primary Chaos,
Yakhin - Southern - Creation, Order, System, Internal Connectivity.

Earth and Cosmos, Chaos and Amber

Boaz on the left expresses "power", and Yachin on the right "affirm"
The Black Pillar - Boaz - represents the "negative" and the feminine characteristics of intuition and mystery, while the White Pillar - Yakin - symbolizes the "positive" and the male principle of reason, reason.

They represent duality and polarity, good and evil, male and female. Rigor and harshness, mercy and indulgence.

The columns symbolize the heart and consciousness, the positive and negative aspects of life.
To enter the temple, we must pass between them! Any extreme is dangerous. This is the point of all polarity at which it is safe to stand. We cannot enter if we have developed only the heart or only the mind, and both must be equally developed.

The High Priestess sits as a mediating force between them.
Portal to unknown, beyond worlds.

Crystal Tarot

HERB: peony
Peony symbolizes intuition, mystery, inner knowledge, beauty, elegance, the feminine principle.
Peony is anti-spasmodic and causes increased bleeding.
Usually used in gynecology.
Its root increases blood circulation.

Peony is a herb of intuition.

It is symbolically used for tension, neuroses, stress and for the relief of menstrual cramps.

Used to emotionally assist someone to speak for themselves.

Yin and Yang is the symbol of Peony.

Wildwood tarot

The High Priestess is the part of you that is the mystic, poet, healer and dreamer.  She was Oracle of Delphi, the muse for Shakespeare, the protector of the Temple of Solemn and the mystical seer in many royal courts.  She was Isis, Diana, Artemis, or Morgan Le Fay.  She represents your inner knowing, silence and emotions.  She lives in your unconscious realm.
The High Priestess understands metaphors, symbols and images and speaks to you through memories, feelings, introspection and dreams. She takes you to your emotional depths to find the wisdom buried there.
She works by helping you develop your inner knowing or intuition.
Karen Wallace

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