Friday, February 28, 2020

LeNormand, March 2020

Grand Tableau
The deck is Mystical Lenormand
garden - lady - fish - stork - book - ring - letter - cross
scythe - mice - crossroad - rider - child - lily - snake - whip
key - clover - anchor - dog - coffin  - heart - clouds - mountain
man - ship - bouquet - bear - house - sun - stars - tower
moon - fox - tree - owl

This is a reading about March, which means all of it is in the future.
The Significator card is the second, on first row, which also means I'm in control

The past that influences March:
- message about group decision, lottery - maybe the decision about housing
- I am in pain
- happy news about traveling, beneficial,
- personal growth concerning home
- end to long term stress and nervousness
- repeated key decisions about a friend
- sad or bad news cause quarrel and/or contemplation
- ambitions, stressful, job well done
- travel companion faces a decision
- long term problems: depressed man
- choice between new love and lack of love
- social, talkative man, father figure
- primary focus: home needs repairs
- work related to family successful
- creative ideas, positive change, honor, success

My life is lonely life of books.
I am discontent with my working life.
My sex life has been deteriorating for a long time and this causes me stress.
I am seen as knowledgeable and respected.

The future:
- I will have a sexual encounter and get pregnant. (You bet I'm confused :-D)
- I will receive a message about work and finances, which can be false
- I will keep having health concerns, be in pain
- Apparently I'm appreciated because I cause end to arguments and gossip?
- problem with authority figures or parental figures - childish and long-lasting. Mother with Alzheimer's
- I dream about a physically fit man, troubling feedback hinder me from reaching him
- decision needs to be made about travel
- my friends are being bothered by worries gnawing their luck in life, but there's a happy outcome.
- major problems in love life
- commitment with a depressed, opinionated man
- important trip with a friend a major "education".
- I am going to receive message about long term happiness, achieving goals, joyful invitation
- I need to address the issue of daydreaming. Either I sleep my days away, or do something with my dreams
- positive news about work
- I am depressed, the home needs reparations
- burdens: difficult conversations with parental figure

Four corners:
Garden + Tower - society?
Cross + Man - depressed man
Garden + Man - popular man, public figure
Tower + Cross - The High and mighty is a problem

garden - scythe - key - man is the immediate past
lady - mice - clover - ship is the now
the rest is the future - owl (birds) is the last days of March

I would say that I will get an end to my worries and with help solve the home problems.

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