Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Paper divination

Traditional divination by ashes

You need:
- a plate (a white china dinner plate is perfect. It should have no pattern, it should be opaque, it should be fireproof and large enough for the paper.)
- candle
- piece of paper
- pen
- matches, lighter, something to burn the paper with

Take a piece of paper, focus in your question and write it on the paper. Crumble the paper and burn it on a plate. Be careful not to touch the burned paper. You are going to read the shadows cast of this to get your answer.
Light the candle and look at the shadow cast on the plate by the "pile of ashes". You can turn and angle the plate, look at the shadow and the shapes in the burned paper itself.
Keep an open mind and let yourself associate freely, like watching the figures in clouds or fire.
Write down what you see and what you think, the thoughts and ideas that pop into your head, even when there's nothing obvious in the shadows.
Catch your first impression and ideas, how ever absurd they might seem.
Come on, this is divination!

Now, here are some old Russian interpretation of some possible images:

a person - a friend is coming into your life
an animal - a bad omen. Generally means betrayal.
stripes - a trip, perhaps move
flower - love, marriage
cross - troubles, sickness, death


Drawing divination

Cut out 10 squares of paper - make them as identical as possible.
Draw on them
- a man
- a woman
- a house
- a door
- a bird
- a fence
- a tree
- a cat
- a river
- a flower

It doesn't matter how well you draw, only thing that matters is that you can see what's in the picture. If you want to, you can even write on them what it is. :-D

Fold the papers in half and then in half agai, and put them in a bag.

Think about your question or make a wish, and take out one of the drawings from the bag.

- a man: You are protected. Everything will go well. Success in everything. Ask help and you will get what you desire.
- a woman: you need to be less demanding of the world around you. The people near you are not entirely sincere with you. Exercise caution and your wish can be fulfilled.
- a house: calm period in your life. Focus in your home and household. Stay at home, enjoy your home. Nothing happens in life. If your wish concerns home and household, it will come true, otherwise not.
- a bird: Dream, fantasize, plan, but don't do anything. Now is not the right time to act. Your wish can become true, but it will take a lot of work.
- a fence: an easy period in your life will soon begin, and everything will be smooth sailing. All existing conflicts and problems will be resolved. You will get your wish, if you ask your friends to help you.
- a tree: financial difficulties. Unexpected problems. If your wish isn't connected with money, it will come true.
- a cat: things will not go smoothly. Don't get upset, but you won't get what you wished for.
- a river: travel, unexpected guests. Work in good faith and your wish will come true.
- a flower: lovely things, pleasant changes, love, luck. Dreams come true.
- a door: act. Open the door. You might need to work hard, but you will get what you want.

Tell-tale heart

Take some graph paper with squares. Choose a paper with reasonably big squares.
Draw a heart on it with your non-dominant hand.

Cross out the full squares inside the heart, four at a time.
Count the rest of the full squares.
The number will tell you the attitude of your love interest to you.

No squares left - mutual love
1 square - respect
2 squares - friendship
3 squares - like
4 squares - jealousy
5 squares - he/she dreams of you
6 squares - indifference

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Swedenborg Cards

Swedenborg cards is an oracle deck that was very popular in Russia in the 19th and 20th century. It was a bit like Lenormand - 36 cards with symbols on them. They were read like Lenormand cards, in 4 rows of 9 cards, and the placement of the significator card (The Spaniard for men and the Amazon for ladies) told the future.
The first deck appeared 1859 in Moscow. "Temptations of the famous Professor Swedenborg" by publishing house L. Stepanova
They have no connection to Swedenborg himself, his name was just used because of his fame. They also had Cagliostro cards etc.

Here are cards from two decks using the same images by Maria Masjutin. The ones with playing cards depicted are Die Swedenborg Wahrsagekarten (or Wahrsagekarten Emanuel Swedenborg) and the ones without are Dein Schicksal in Deiner Hand by Gizeh (cigarettes).
(I have put these cards in the Russian order. The German order is different.)

One shuffles the cards as one does, and then divides them into four piles of nine cards, and then one lays the cards on the table in four rows of nine cards. Where the significator card appears decides the reading. 

Now, these cards aren't compatible with Lenormand cards, even though there is SOME correspondence between the playing card symbols. Like they have given the Six of Diamonds to Archer, which stands for luck, as does the Six of Diamonds in Lenormand, the Clover. But, then the Elephant is Ace of Clubs, which is the Ring in Lenormand... one could think the Elephant to stand for commitment, as it stands for hard work and perseverance, but the Ring isn't associated with hard work on any level. The obligations and commitment are more of the marriage and legal deals kind of commitment, keeping one's promises kind of commitment. But then, Jack of Diamonds is the Dove in Swedenborg and the Scythe in Lenormand. And those two have NOTHING in common.
So, I wouldn't even think about Lenormand, even though these two systems seem similar.

The Swedenborg card names and numbers:

1. Postman - news or letter; written information or communication
over the significator: glad news
on the sides: sad news
In general, the cards surrounding this tell more about the nature of the news

2. Rose - love, health, happiness
over - bring good luck
sides - unrequited love
under the feet - fatal, bad
Also influenced by the surrounding cards - negative cards are like thorns on the rose, portending separation from a loved one, and troubles. If these cards are far away from the significator, the troubles are just a threat.

3. Caravan - a difficult road
Like a caravan that spends a lot of time in the desert, in difficulties, thirst, deprivation, but always arrives to the destination, this card means a road full of trials that will end well.
Closer the significator, the bigger the profit.

4. Hot air balloon - happiness
Over head of the significator: good luck in all matters
on the sides: obstacles with a successful outcome
under feet: be careful - people want to know your secrets, and might use them against you. Keep your mouth shut.

5. River - good luck

River symbolizes the life bringing flow of water - bringing wealth, prosperity and success in business.
If it's close the significator or close to the other person card, this card promises marriage - closer the querent, closer the marriage.
Long away from the significator or under: loss due to accidents; separation, illness

6. Archer / Bow and arrow - balance
If the arrow points to the significator, luck and success, if the opposite direction, an obstacle, that can be overcome with unshakable patience, firm will and courage.

7. Tiger - trouble, misfortune

near the significator - betrayal, sly people, ingratitude
far away: domestic disagreement and quarrels, that will pass quickly

8. Owl - fear, bad omen
near the significator - serious trouble
far away - the troubles will pass safely and the future will be bright and calm

9. Wreath - wedding
for a young person - wedding
for an old person - jubilee and happy marriage
Stability, peace, serenity, pleasant life surrounded by loving, sincere people, family.

10. Cannon or gun - victory
You overcome dangers, triumph over evil plans

11. Wolf - disease, duties, enemies, long separation from loved ones
Above the significator - a dangerous disease
under - sick loved ones

12. Peacock - pride
Splendor and honors, sometimes undeserved. Show-off. Warns about pride leading to fall and ridicule.
Above the significator - inheritance or some other form of large sum of money, like winning the lottery etc.

13. Butterfly - gullibility, unrealistic plans
Warning against people and enterprises who promise much but hold little. Don't fall for gilding and sprinkles.

14. Chameleon or monkey - lie
Be careful, you are surrounded by dishonest and hypocritical people. Don't interact with those people more than necessary.
Near: brings a very big misfortune, many dangers and harm from other people
far: the harm that is being plotted against us remains ineffective; we will avoid many dangers

15. Elephant - will, perseverance, firmness of character
You will get what you want by hard work; hard work and persistence is being rewarded and honored.
Above the significator: promotion, honors, a powerful and benevolent patron, people are helping you to reach your goals

16. Comet - good luck
Above head - happy marriage, happy future
on side - easy life
under feet - sadness, illness, unfavorable path

17. Eagle - victory
Above the significator: winning a process, important, high position, status, good, stable life
below: losing the people who are in position to help us; reliable, kind and helpful people will leave us

18. Dove - message
Near the significator: good news, joy
far away: bad news, loss of a close friend
Look at the cards surrounding this one to know more about the message

19. Waterfall - a brilliant future
Flow with the water and everything will be fine - the water will take you far away from the storms and troubles of life. Go against it, and you will find troubles.

20. Flower garden - lasciviousness
Troubles and harm from enjoying our pleasures and passions too much. Listen to your head, not your heart.

21. Knight - a person
Near - a friend
far - an enemy

22. Troika (Russian three horse team, the horses are harnessed side by side) - journey
near - a pleasant journey that will end with a romantic date
far - a sad event in the family, loss of a loved one

23. A ferret (weasel) - loss
near - theft or loss, but the item will be found again
far - theft or loss, but you won't get it back

24. Flags - victory
overhead - honors on merit
near - joy and an unexpected reunion with a faraway friend
It is always victory, even far away, under feet or surrounded by bad cards

25. Harp - art
Pleasant time in a merry society; enjoying the social art forms, like theater, concerts, exhibitions; also your declaration of love is welcomed and responded in kind

26. Astrologer - prediction
near - an event will happily change your life, wellbeing and success
far away - unfavorable outcome, disasters, unhappiness
Prepare for the bad outcome and it will pass quickly with small or no harm done

27. Sphinx - protection

Above head - protection of the Higher Powers
The bottom row, especially under the significator - misfortune; ask for help from your friends

28. Ship, steamboat - miracle
above, near - bad things happening are going to get better by coincidence, happy accidents, providence, serendipity
far away - loss of benefits due to your own oversight and negligence

29. Hawk - great misfortune
above head - worsens the prediction; peace will be disturbed by some great misfortune
far away from the significator - prudence may protect you

30. Tulip - boastfulness
Pride and self-interest will cause harm.
It can also mean a person that is prideful, boasting, attractive but cold and haughty. People's ambitions can hurt you.

31. Lighthouse - the right path
Safe passage, we will successfully get out of the difficulties
Far away it warns you about the upcoming rocks and troubles.

32. Lion - courage

Strong protection in difficult matters, protective authority, benevolent officials, help of influential people.
Have courage, be fearless.

33. Helmet - joy
above head - victory over adversity, fulfillment of desires, long fought fight is won
far - you are being a coward and won't win the battle

34. Pheasant or goldfish - The Event
Above head - chance of the lifetime
everywhere else - you will miss your chance, due to neglicence, lack of self-confidence or other reasons

35: The Spaniard - a man

36. The Amazon - a woman

Asking the question in cartomancy

From Facebook Katina's Deste group

Asking the cards specific questions is an important part of the Reading especially if you are looking for a yes or no answer. You don’t need more than 2-5 cards to get a yes or no answer. One card may not give you a yes or no answer because it may be neutral in meaning.

Below are a few examples on how to ask open and specific questions.

Open Questions:
WHAT- What should I know about so and so? What are the results of my test?
WHEN- When will I be in a relationship? When is my next trip?
WHY- Why did my boyfriend cancel our date? Why did my girlfriend hang up on me?
HOW- How will I meet my financial obligations this month? How will the surgery turn out?
WHO- Who is my soul mate? Who took my jewelry?

Specific Questions: yes or no answer
WILL – Will I get the job? Will I be able to take a trip this year?
DOES – Does she love me? Does my boss like me?
DID – Did I get the raise? Did I fill out the application properly?
IS- Is my husband cheating on me? Is my mother-in-law ill?
WAS- Was my application approved? Was my contract renewed?
CAN- Can so and so babysit on the weekend. Can I depend on so and so?
SHOULD- Should I buy a new house? Should I lend my shoes to so and so?

These are a few examples on how to phrase questions in cartomancy.

If you have more than one question about the same topic (which most of us do) I would suggest using a layout with pre-selected meanings for the positions. Many times, though, the cards will give you a specific answer to your question and also provide additional information which may or may not be connected to the question asked consciously.

Question: Will I be happy at my new job?
Is this what you really want to know? Is a simple yes or no answer enough? What if the cards say no you will not be happy at your new job? Don’t you want to know why not?
Choose your layouts accordingly.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

LeNormand Grand Tableau

I have always liked big spreads, so Grand Tableau is perfect :-D

This is my first Lenormand reading ever.
I'm sharing the information I find necessary to read the cards.

1) you don't read reversals in Lenormand.
The picture is made when I still thought you did, because I read them in Tarot and Deste.

2) the positive/negative/neutral card meanings are always the same BUT they are HEAVILY influenced by surrounding cards!

The positive, negative and neutral cards




1 - crossroads (decision – two-faced – back and forth)
2 - woman (me)
3 - lilies (time – father – social welfare – winter – peace)
4 - letter  (papers – written records – documents)
5 - tower (authority – bureaucracy – isolation)
6 - house (home)
7 - coffin (end – death – scare)
8 - man (Henric – or another male)
9 - child (innocence – beginning – trust)
10 - clover (luck)
11 - moon (recognition – dreams)
12 - tree (health)
13 - ship (travel – movement)
14 - bouquet (gift – appreciation – pleasant)
15 - key (solution - access)
16 - birds (communication – anxiety – negotiation)
17 - rider (messenger – news – forward motion)
18 - garden (public gathering – meeting)
19 - bear (official person – protection)
20 - clouds (uncertainty – doubt – troubles)
21 - snake (deception – twisted roads and paths – complications)
22 - fish (resources – prosperity)
23 - sun (success)
24 - scythe (cutting – pain – harvest away from the blade, danger from the blade)
25 - mice (theft – worry – teamwork)
26 - cross (end – suffering – test)
27 - book (knowledge - secrets – document – project)
28 - stork (change – birth – moving – delivery)
29 - anchor (stability – reaching destination)
30 - fox (clever – trickery – cunning)
31 - ring (marriage – commitment – promise - contract)
32 - mountain (obstacle – delay – resistance)
33 - dog (friend – trust)
34 - heart (love – relationships – emotions - happiness)
35 - whip (quarrel – decision – controversy)
36 - stars (wishes – clarity)

the first three cards; the stage; what is to come
A decision cornerning me that has been long time coming is going to be made – there has been a lot of going back and forth and it has to do with social welfare.
That decision is about 60% of what’s going on in my mind right now.

the four corners:
an important/significant/main theme/event/influence/occurrence, highlight, in the near future
There is this decision – I think mice here refers to teamwork more than to a theft, but, yes, there’s a lot of worries and anxiety there – it will be going back and forth, as there are obstacles, delay, resistance in the way… so maybe no definite decision, or nothing definite happens, or perhaps the decision is about it taking more time than expected…

The querent's card
On top left corner (#2) top row
looking forward, future oriented
totally in control

cards around it;
This decision – also recognition, luck, beginning and trust
The decision will be a beginning for something new; I am a very fortunate woman, and I’ll sleep in peace. Kind of. Peace of mind.

mirrored by
to give up one's dreams in order to fulfil one's duty, painful ending, painful loss...

knighted by
my situation is connected with my health and news from official person, news that make a great impact to one’s life, a meddlesome person – perhaps also connected to my health

the key questions here:

There’s something about papers, some authority documents, the authority is protective of nature, I am being sheltered and protected.  There’s going to be some sort of movement, perhaps we’ll move – this “journey” will have positive effect to my health. There are some  complications to plans, uncertainty, doubts, perhaps some meddlesome person, a provider, patron, boss. It takes more time than expected, and it is emotional, but it will be fine. There are some negative secrets associated with this, some trickery going on… some deceitfulness…

the tree is mirrored by
There is a change on the way, but it is very uncertain, clouded, causing anxiety.

the tree is knighted by
My health is connected with home and money.
There is some hidden knowledge that will bring me to the harbor.
I will be having meetings that are connected to my health

Home – living situation
Something will come to an end, which is the key to the situation - the "protective authority" will probably see that we will move, and that is a good thing. I will be happy about it.
the house is mirrored by
Now there’s some trickery there… I think it might be suspiciousness – that the people who are putting sticks in my wheels are suspicious about us, questioning our motifs and needs and testimony, suspecting we are after getting benefits we don’t have right to… questioning our morality.

the house is knighted by
The home is strongly associated to my health; there will be success in the future about these problems with the home, but there are some complications on the road… because of this ambitious, ruthless, no-nonsense person… and there are negotiations and meetings ahead that are cause of a lot of anxiety. It will go well, though.

Then the houses the cards are in:
The Lady is in House of Clover - and the Anchor is in the House of Lady
So it's a very stabile and lucky, happy, fortunate month for me.

The tree is in House of Birds, and in the House of Tree is Tower - so... lot of talk and anxiety, and... isolation?
The house is in House of Clouds and in the House of House (LOL) is Letter
Worries, uncertainty and papers concerning my health... hmm...

About the timeline
The choice was in my immediate past, and in my immediate future is patience.
The child was my farthest past... it feels weird that there's so little past in this reading. I suppose I was so innocent and trusting about these matters in the past :-D SO innocent... Sucker.
The Stars are as long far in my future as this reading goes... and that's fulfilled dreams and wishes, fame and fortune.

Let's try some counting as well :-D
The lady is going to experience a big change in health because of some news about money though there are some secrets that cause obstacles
There will be some recognition about the house, coming up in a meeting, where there are problems, difficulties, pain, but a commitment will be made and the future is good

So - what about the Fate Line? Those four cards alone in the bottom row.
Well... it depends. This is supposed to be a definite future. Something that WILL happen, what ever else happens. Some people don't believe future is fixed. For those there are different ways of reading these four cards. They could for example mean a wish that will come true, or as an advice - "what should/can the querent do to make things better?"

(If you had used a 9x4 tableau, the "advice line" would have been tower - bouquet - sun - mountain
This is actually numerologically interesting... because with a 4x9 layout, you get rows of each number - all the house numbers of first row are numerologically 1. All the house numbers of second row are 2, third row is 3 etc. The Advice row is 5. The last row is 9.


Good Witch, Bad Witch

"Good Witch, Bad Witch" is a 52 cards deck of... well... I suppose they can be classified as oracle cards, though they are also spell cards. And... well... It's hard to say what they are. Witch cards :-D

I found this deck in my tarot card drawer. I had totally forgotten that I had it.
(Rant: I went to my tarot card drawer because someone said a standard size tarot card deck wasn't a standard size, and I HATE the HUGE tarot cards, and I will vehemently oppose any and every effort of making the "standard" of this HUGE; impractical, monstrupus horrible size. Anyway, I was complaining about that to my husband, and showed him some examples. I knew I had Margaret Petersen Tarot, which was my first encounter of the "postcards". 
Now, the standard playing card size is 2.5 by 3.5 inches. (That's the Poker Size, Bridge Size is quarter inch narrower). The Trading Card standard is the same. Tarot cards don't have a standard size, but most (old stock, the standard of 70s, 80s, 90s) are 2 3/4" x 4 3/4". This is the size of the Rider-Waite.
Now, tarot card size can vary from 2 3/4 by 4 3/4 to  3.5 by 5 inches - that's twice the ordinary playing card size.That's already too big to my taste. Anyway, end rant, back to business.)
So I wanted to do a reading with these :-D

This is "The Lucky 13" spread from the following book.
You lay out first 6 cards to represents the 6 following days; the rest of this week, then 6 cards under those to represent the following 6 WEEKS. And then one card on top left to represent the "outcome", the answer, the suggested spell for success :-D

Now, my spread:

Sunday 22.10. The Full Moon Witch (Bad 18)

"The Full Moon Witch rules the tides and brings fertility and fruition to heartfelt plans and actions. But full moonlight is dangerous; emotions are illuminated, but shadows are cast.
While the moon is full you will outshine those who are unsettling you, by becoming temporarily unreliable, or making plans go awry. Those whose lives you touch will see there is hope for tomorrow. As the moon wanes, problems diminish, and you will find new stability."

Oh, great... this basically happened yesterday. You see, my husband has Executive Function Disorder. It means that his plan is "I will put this in the freezer". It is hatched at the moment, and all he sees is that "this" is in his hand, and when he's done "this" is in the freezer. HOW it gets to the freezer is not planned, and if it's not just to walk in the freezer, open the door, put "this" in and close the door, he gets confused, doesn't know how to solve the problem, what to do, and he is also very... er... passionate. Which means that when he gets frustrated, things start flying. Yesterday "this" ended up all over the walls. Nice.
Now... I have fibromyalgia, and my energy and capacity is very limited. I don't have any energy to clean "this" off the walls, and HE is not going to do it. It's out of his hands, and he doesn't even see it. So - I have two options. Either I find the energy somewhere, take it out of something else, and clean the walls, or live with "this" on the walls...
So... probably something like this is going to happen again tomorrow, but - there's hope. The problems will diminish and I will find new stability further on. Good.

(I don't remember what happened on Sunday... I'm an idiot :-D I forgot totally I had made this reading and that I was supposed to keep an eye on what happens!)

Monday 23rd The Hell Hath No Fury Witch (Bad 16)

"With livid eyes and lightning hair, The Hell Hath No Fury Witch looks upon the one who used to care for her. Outraged by the pain of infidelity, she wants her revenge.
A lover will feel remorse for their sins. In time, someone who wronged you, will call. By then, you will be unavailable, spending your time on more worthy causes."

Now... someone who wronged me... I can think of a few. Now, I don't think it will be the person I'm thinking, I think it will be someone else (whom I'm also thinking - the first one is one I would want to call, the second one is the one I think will call, because that issue is on the wall right now... If they will feel remorse, good. Because what they are doing right now is illegal. :-D
I will be having a meeting on Monday with someone who is connected to that person, so... hoping for someone who wronged me to call in remorse. And I am unavailable to this person... :-D
(It doesn't make it impossible for them to right me, though... I just don't need to have anything to do with them.)

Nope... My sister called me, though, my brother-in-law had received a virus via mail... that I got from my brother's sister-in-law X-] No-one has been wronged, though, as far as I know. And no-one was remorseful. As far as I know.

Tuesday 24th The Immortal Witch (Good 4)

"The Immortal Witch brings the promise of spring: a new beginning, and a florishing of hopes and wishes. Seeds of revival and new growth germinate in the darkness of solitude and absence.
You cannot fail to win your heart's desire. Positive invisible forces are making sure that you reach your destiny by your own natural talent and effort. All that you search for is within your grasp. A happy time, filled with new opportunities, is about to present itself to you."

Wonderful! I will be having another meeting with some other people who also are connected to this situation, so I'm assuming that meeting will go well.

The meeting did go well.

Wednesday 25th The Bat Witch (Bad 6)

"The Bat Witch reveals that intuition should be your lodestar. Being a skilled navigator of the skies, her super-sensitive radar alerts her when she is vulnerable to night prey. It is no coincidence that at dusk bats fly from their perches in trees to satisfy their desire for food, while at the same moment, human couples begin to fling together to satisfy their need for love."

I don't have anything special on Wednesday... we'll see what this is about.

I don't have the slightest idea. Nothing special happened on Wednesday. Oh, yes, I got a call to say the meeting on Thursday would be moved to Friday, though I cancelled it. Not a biggie.

Thursday 26th The Secret Witch (Good 21)

"The Secret Witch reveals that you will not lose your spontaneity. You will pass subtle tests by improving on your weaknesses, and seeing yourself in a brighter light.
Someone will reveal heartfelt sentiments. You may also discover hidden secrets. You may be gathering relevant knowledge to determine whether to advance or to retreat. Both are correct at certain moments; the choice is yours, and may be secret."

Yet another meeting...

No meeting... I don't know what this is all about.

Friday 27th The Happy Witch (Good 22)

"The Happy Witch sprinkles her magical stardust of happiness into your heart and mind. She makes you smile at the wonder of life, and encourages you to show others this brightness. Happiness shared is happiness doubled, resulting in great reward for you."

This weekend I'm going to be with my sisters. Happy days indeed!

Ha! No weekend with my sisters. They are away.
I got bullied, though, online, and left a stupid group. I was a member for three weeks, and during this time, most people ignored me, or said something stupid. I was hoping for a community... and the funny thing is that I actually did a reading to introduce myself and it promised me problems and loneliness :-D Next time I'll head the reading and won't join. Would have saved me this heartache as well. 

Week 44 (28.10 - 3.11.) The Marriage Witch (Good 8)

"The Marriage Witch presides over sacred love, fidelity, and the bride. She presents true freedom of choice. Someone you know may soon marry, or present you with a wedding invitation.
Your love life is budding; miraculous events are about to unfold. If your actions are good, you possess the Marriage Witch's qualities, and will find happiness in a long-term partnership."

Sounds good

Good week for me, crappy for my hubby - I couldn't spend as much time with my mother and sister as I wanted to, but I got to meet them. 

Week 45 (4.11 - 10.11.) The Eye of Newt Witch (Bad 22)

"The Eye of Newt Witch bestows a deadly glance on one she believes deserves it. "Eye-blighted", he casualty suffers a run of bad luck or illness.
Most witches cast good spells, but it may be right to cast a spell on one who needs to be checked for continually doing wrong. This is a warning of great value: do not cast the evil eye. But you can turn your magic around to counteract one who wishes you harm."

I say goodness is overrated and casting the evil eye on wrongdoers just serves them right, because no-one now-a-days believes in magic, so they will just believe it is their own doing. Which it is. Just desserts, I say.
Nevertheless, I don't want to cause bad things to happen to the people who have wronged me, because they should be in a good place to right the wrong, and if they are constantly under bad luck, they won't be willing me any good either. So...
I reserve the evil eye on people who will not even try to right the wrongs, because they don't think they have wronged...

Anyway... I suppose week 45 I need to be prepared of someone wronging me. Also, I need to be extra careful with protection spells. Just because I don't caste evil spells around, doesn't mean there aren't people wishing me ill.

Yeah...  In the morning of the 4th I got in the shower to get ready to spend a weekend with my sisters and mother, and I slipped and sprained my knee. Pretty badly, but only sprained. Thankfully nothing is torn. It's already calming down (I'm writing this in the morning of 6th). But no weekend with my family this week either. :-(

Week 46 (11.11 - 17.11.) The Fairy Ring Witch (Good 9)

"You will run rings around admirers, whose heads will spin in their quest to capture your elusive love. Like fairy rings, your sensitive heart is encircled by tendrils of delicate feelings that could flourish or vanish overnight.
Negative and positive emotions bless you with magnetic charm, bringing you a new circle of friends through an interest or talent that you possess. Your mental and physical communication will soon complement you with heartfelt victories and awards."

I don't have the slightest idea of what this could mean. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Week 47 (18.11 - 24.11) The Coven Witch (Bad 20)

"The Coven Witch predicts a party or social gathering for you. Traditionally a Witches' Coven consists of a group of thirteen; six men, six women, and a ringleader.
 You may be meeting authoritative people, or find yourself being welcomed into a new circle of like-minded people. You will choose carefully before stepping into a situation or signing an agreement that may prove difficult to extricate yourself from."

So I suppose the big meeting is going to happen week 47.

Week 48 (25.11 - 1.12) The Wickedest Witch (Bad 11)

"The Wickedest Witch reveals that jealousy may create havoc. Being aware, you can easily diffuse and counteract the situatiotion through your own alertness and innate goodness. People you find at the core of a new circle and environment will help you.
Others will offer their spontaneous support. Because you never lose touch with your essential nature, you will always be a winner."

Now... the idea of someone being jealous of me is ridiculous. I mean, sure, I have a wonderful husband - though others might not see what I see in him - and wonderful marriage and a lot of wonderful qualities, I have enough misery to make people realize that they wouldn't want what I have... But maybe there are people who think my gifts are wasted on me? Or that I deserve the misery and will not do anything to help if they can avoid it.
Nevertheless, it sounds more like consequences from the previous week's meeting.

Week 49 (2.12 - 8.12) The Ring Around the Moon Witch (Bad 26)

"The Ring Around the Moon Witch brings you a deeper wisdom. The witch's warning is to be careful in what you wish for. Like the ring around the moon, wishes without true sentiment evaporate. Make no mistake, truly heartfelt wishes do come true."

Oh, it is heartfelt...

Outcome: The Ditch Witch (Bad 5)

"The Ditch Witch shows that by aiming onward and upward into the clear, you can rise above any swamping situation. Those who are causing you problems will become a great help to you in the future, aiding your escape from a particular ditch. You will meet supportive new friends with whom you share a similar outlook. Your spirits will be exuberantly lifted so you will enjoy happy, carefree, light-hearted and frivolous fun."


The spell suggested: "FOR BREATH LIKE DITCH WATER"
Hmm... and whom should I caste it on? :-D

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A brief Prognostication concerning Children born any Day of the Week

The child born on Sunday, shall be of long life, and obtain riches.
On Monday. Weak, and of an effeminate temper, which selfom brings a man to honour.
On Tuesday: Worse: though he may, with extraordinary vigilance, conquer the inordinate desires to which he will be subject, still he will be in danger of dying by violence, if he has not great procreation.
On Wednesday. Shall be given to the study of learning, and shall profit thereby.
On Thursday. He shall arrive to great honour and dignity.
On Friday. He shall be of a strong constitution, yet perhaps lecherous.
On Saturday. This is another bad day; but, notwithstanding the child may come to good, though it be seldom: but most children born on this day, are of a heavy, dull and dogged disposition.

Divination in ancient Iran, Persia

By Mahmoud Omidsalar
University of California, Los Angeles

Divination (shogun zadan, fal gereftan, fal zadan, tafa'ol) is the art or technique of gaining knowledge of future events or distant states by means of observing and interpreting signs. Various objects or events may serve as media of divination. Here we discuss only those interpretive acts which have the general structure of "A is a sign of B" (e.g., seeing a black cat is a bad omen).

Classical and early Muslim sources refer to the practice of divination among Persians. Herodotus reports that the Magi interpreted the eclipse of the sun as the waning of the fortune of the Greeks, against whom the Persian king was marching. Agathias refers to the Zoroastrian priests who told the future events by looking into flames.

Ebn al-Nadim refers to a number of Persian works on divination, which seem to have been translated into Arabic. Bala'mi reports that Persians had a book of divination (ketb-e fal) in which they had listed all that they had used for divining during their dominion.

A story reported by Ebn Qotayba of a Persian warlord seems to suggest that Persians wrote names or words on the shafts of their arrows. The inscribed word was interpreted as an omen when an arrow was pulled out to shoot at the enemy.

The same warlord interpreted the actions of his enemy, who changed his mounts from elephant to horse, mule, and donkey, as evidence of his waning fortune. References about divination are scattered throughout Ferdowsi's Shah-namah (Book of Kings):

-- In the story of Alexander the sages divine the demise of the king from the birth of a monstrous child. Khosrow II Parviz divined his own death and the demise of the Sasanian dynasty from the accidental fall of a quince from the top of his throne.

-- A sage forecasts that Persia will fall into chaos during the rule of Shiruyah, because he sees the prince hitting a dried wolf claw against an animal horn.

-- The sage Bozorgmehr (q.v.) divines that the three objects concealed in a box are three pearls, one bored, one half-bored, and one intact. He reaches this insight from his chance meeting on the road with three women, one married and with child, one married and childless, and a virgin.

Meeting with unattractive or deformed individuals was considered a bad omen and such individuals were avoided or even attacked. The aversion to unattractive individuals seems to have been motivated by the belief that outward unattractiveness indicates inward or moral defect, itself a form of divination.

Quite often evil deeds, such as destruction of a Persian city or slaying of a monarch, were attributed to unattractive men who were usually red-headed, green or blue-eyed, hairy, and cross-eyed. These men often had large teeth and noses.

Conversely, a beautiful face was valued as a good omen. The Arscasid king Ardavan reportedly had his concubine Golnar awaken him every morning so that her beautiful face would be the first sight he laid eyes on.

According to pseudo-Khayyam, Persians considered certain plants such as barley as auspicious, and old women used barley in divination. Secondary sources report divination by interpreting the twitching of different parts of the body to be common among Persians.

Ebn al-Nadim lists a book on (Ekhtelaj-e A'za) among the oeuvres of the Persians. In the story of Khosrow o Shirin, the princess interprets the twitching of her del (abdomen, chest) as a sign of impending misfortune, while she expects the twitching of her eyelid to be the sign of some important unknown event.

Divination by means of animals involves not only interpreting their behavior but also any fluctuation in their numbers. Mostawfi relates that the hero Rostam divined that Kay-Khosrow would not be harmed by Afrasiab, when the hero untypically missed a shot taken at a game.

The Islamic period

Permissibility of taking good omens from people's names or chance events has support not only in literary sources but also in some compendia of prophetic traditions. There exist, however, other traditions according to which taking bad omens from random events is prohibited.

The author of Ketab al-wafi writes that whereas seeking guidance (Estekharah) from God by means of the Koran is permissible, divination is not permissible because through it the diviner seeks to gain knowledge of future events, which is an ability reserved for God.

Shi'ite scholars generally look down upon divination, considering it an irrational if not impious act. Mohammad b. Monnawar (pp. 26-27, 175) describes the manner of divination by the Koran. It seems that divination was carried over into Islam from a pre-Islamic tradition.

One of the meanings of the word fal is reported to have been divination by randomly heard names or words. The positive form of this kind of divination, which had prophetic and religious approval, reportedly was practiced by many of the early companions of the prophets and especially by Muslim generals engaged in early conquests.

Diviners were popular among the general populace of Persia and could charge their customers for their services. Many varieties of divination are attested in Persian literature and folk practice. They include interpretation of objects which appear haphazardly, interpretation of involuntary bodily actions (sneezing, twitching, itches, etc.), observing animal behavior, divining by playing cards (fale waraq ) or chick-peas (fal-e nokhod ), bibliomancy (e.g., fal-e Hafez), divination by means of mirrors and lenses (Ayna-bini), observation of the liver of a slain animal (jegar-bini), divination by means of the flame of a lamp, etc.

Bibliomancy using the divan of Hafez is the most popular for this kind of divination, but by no means the only kind. The Koran, as well as the Mathnawi of Rumi may also be used.

Fal-e Hafez may be used for one or more persons. In group bibliomancy, the divan will be opened at random, and beginning with the ode of the page that one chances upon, each ode will be read in the name of one of the individuals in the group. The ode is the individual's fal.

Assigning of the odes to individuals depends on the order in which the individuals are seated and is never random. One or three verses from the ode following each person's fal is called the shahed, which is read after the recitation of the fal.

Kat-bini is another form of divination in which the shoulder bone of a sacrificial sheep is "read." The sheep should be slaughtered at a moon-lit night in the name of the person for whom divination is being performed. Both the slaughterer and the seeker's clothing and persons should be ritually clean.

The animal should be slaughtered close to running water and its right shoulder bone taken. The bone should be carefully cleared of flesh without getting scratched or damaged by the knife. When reading the bone (presumably the next day), the diviner should sit with his back to the sun, paying attention to every detail.

A number of other types of divination are reported in the classical sources, e.g., divination by reading of the palm and by looking at the manner in which mice have gnawed something.

Folk tradition

Certain things, colors, or events are considered auspicious or inauspicious in Persian folk tradition. Shooting stars may be good or bad omens, but they usually presage someone's death. The number thirteen and certain days of the week, howling of dogs, braying of a sitting donkey, and untimely crowing of cocks are signs of misfortune or death.

A widespread belief considers a single sneeze to be a sign that one must stop whatever one is doing. This is called sabr Amad (patience is in order). A double sneeze is a sign that one should speed up whatever one is doing.

One of the most common folk practices concerns divination by a twitching of ones eyelids which may be auspicious or inauspicious depending on whether it occurs in the left or the right eye and in the upper or the lower eyelid.

The folk practice uses virtually everything in the environment, from animals, to the behavior of children, weather, insects, and even the chance movements of smoke rising from a fire, as a means of divination. There is an ethnic Persian group called Maraghian, who are also called also kalla-bozi (lit. goat-head) by their detractors because of their skill in divination by studying the severed heads of goats.

Persians believe that certain days are especially good for divination. During the last Wednesday of the year, called Chaharshanba-suri, divination, especially by listening to the conversations of the passers by and interpreting that which is heard (falgiri) as a sign is quite common. Fortunetellers, (falgir), who are mostly gypsies, are still active in some parts of Persia.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Gipsy's Answer spread

Gipsy's Answer

The cards 1, 2 and 3 are the response to your question
9, 8 and 10 are about the past, 11, 4 and 12 are about the future
7, 6 and 5 are about now
and 13 is The Crown - road to happiness

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Life Path Spread

If a card jumps from the deck while shuffling, it's important! read it, think about it.

1. the situation, where you are at, your greatest strength. This is what you have already.
2. what you need to know, what you need to do about the situation.

The Life Path spread

Pick 7 cards in a little pile in front of you.
Remember that the card closest the table is the one you picked first, and the #1 card

1. you, your strength, something you have, something about you, your character, your resources - you already have everything you need
2. your life
3. something that supports your happiness
4. an obstacle you need to overcome, something you need to work on, something you need to do in order to overcome any obstacles
5. message from angels
6. message from your guides
7. message from your heart
If you "accidentally" picked too many cards, put the excess in the middle of the reading
This is something that will support your growth, your journey

Friday, October 6, 2017

Rain divination

A Simple Rain Divination

When rain is falling lightly outside do the following:

On a flat surface such as a pie pan or cookie sheet, sprinkle an even layer of powdered spice, such as cinnamon. When the surface is completely covered to an even depth take it outside and stand in the rain. Ask your question and then run back inside. The raindrops will have disturbed the spice to etch patterns or symbols into it. Sit quietly and gaze at the spice until you have perceived the answer.

(You can also use this with flour, salt, sugar, sand or any other cheaper material than spices.)

Scott Cunningham's Earth Power

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Chris' 13 card layout

Meanings of each card:
1. Past
2. Present
3. Future
4. The situation at the moment
5. Combines Past-Present-Today
6. Past+Present
7. The future according to past and present
8. Positive energies
10. The reason of the problem
11. More information on the present
12. Your talents, what you can do about it
13. More information on the situation at the moment

1+5+6+10 Reason of the problem
2+6+11 Karma
3+7+12 Future
3+8+12 What we can do in the future
4+8+13 The future according to the present energies

Card 9 is the result, the outcome and is read at the end of the reading.

Paper divination

Traditional divination by ashes You need: - a plate (a white china dinner plate is perfect. It should have no pattern, it should b...