Monday, September 27, 2010

General tree symbolism

Almond: Divination, clairvoyance, wisdom, money and business.

Alder: A water loving tree, but is highly combustible, often used as a symbol of appearance used in glamour spells and has protection against oracular powers.

Apple: One of my favorite trees associated with healing, prosperity, love and perpetual youth, innocence. The juice is used to infer strength and beauty. Also represents a choice.

Apricot: Love.

Ash: Toughest , most elastic wood. Represents the linking of the inner and outer worlds. Wood for purification, good for removing and cleansing internalized strife. Mental purification, protection and sea magic.

Beech: Stability and flow of energy. Beech is an incredible conductor of energy.

Birch: The first tree to grow on bare soil represents the rebirth of the forest. The inner bark of the tree provides a pain reliever that is used to treat arthritis. Represents protection, purification and new beginnings. Useful in spells involving structure support shielding warding and cleansing.

Blackthorn: A winter tree representing unexpected change, realization that you and your life have changed radically, enter life reborn.

Cedar: Prosperity and longevity. Used to repulse energies. Best if used to drive of negative energies.

Cypress: A sad tree, A tree of mourning, often used to build funeral pyres.

Dogwood: Charm and finesse. Used to enhance one's social abilities and increase personality. The flower is good to cleanse wounds.

Elder: Represents the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end.

Elm: Protection often planted in tainted areas to warn off others.

Fig: Symbol of fertility, strength, energy and health.

Fir: Symbolizes malleability, cleverness and ability to change.

Hawthorn: Hottest fires. A symbol of strife and harshness, tool for protection, Its energies will work for defense, use to dispel energies, excellent for banishing strife.

Hazel: Divination marriage and protection. Skills in poetry divination and meditation, inspires others.

Hazelnut: Symbolizes attraction, loss of inhibition or will power or drowsiness.

Heather: Listen to your bodies message.

Hemlock: Do not use.

Holly: Symbolizes a challenges of the will to be overcome with unity and concerted effort. Sometimes symbolizes combat and defense often used has symbol of life.

Honey suckle: Pursue your desire, allow yourself to experience pleasure.

Ivy: Represents your links with others, the search for ones inter self.

Lemon: Divination and healing.

Lime: Chastity and neutrality.

Juniper: Protection

Maple: Divination and love. happy tree, luring, drawing in bringing together.

Mulberry: Knowledge divination, wisdom and the will.

Oak: Healing strength and money. King of the forest grows slowly, the doorway to mysteries. Symbol of widow and strength and endurance, good for storing and conduction power. used in spells involving authority, majesty, power strength wisdom and endurance.

Olive: Peace, fruitfulness, security and money.

Orange: Love and marriage.

Palm: Strength.

Peach: Love, divination.

Pine: Purification health, fortune fertility and prosperity.

Reed: Symbolic of music.

Rowan: Protection and strength.An aid and protection against enchantment.

Sequoia: Symbolize eternity longevity and vast wisdom.

Silver Fir: What you seek shall be found.

Spruce: Symbolize north and cold.

Sycamore: Symbolize growth and persistence. North American holy tree.

Vine: Release of prophetic powers.

Walnut: Healing and protection.

White popular: The challenge you face will be endured and conquered with determination.

Willow: Healing protection from enchantment, wishing and easy delivery of babies. This tree is strongly linked to lunar rhythms and feminine aspects. Ability to banish depression and sadness. The bark contains w used to treat rheumatic fever and various damp diseases.

Yew: Symbolizes death and rebirth, transformation, great age and reincarnation, good shield.

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