Thursday, October 1, 2015

Divination with Dominoes

Key Word: Innocence.
Additional meanings: Choice to be made, purity of heart, freedom, lack of restraint.
Beware tendency toward carelessness, vanity, bad judgement.

In innocence is all life reflected. It is an open book; a blank sheet of paper, awaiting the written word. It is still water awaiting the ripple of disturbance, large or small. This domino may be seen in the clear, open sky or in the unvarying, all-absorbing darkness of the night sky. Everything is possible on the blank canvas; the choice is your own.
There is the excitement of what is to come; of what may lie “just around the corner.” There are choices to be made but nothing to indicate what those choices should be. Innocence implies that there is purity of heart and, therefore, no chance of poor judgement. Yet that very innocence may translate as lack of experience, which could well lead to tragedy. Freedom is to be enjoyed but to be respected. By keeping and focusing on the purity of heart, bad decisions may be avoided.
Beware vanity. Making the right choice(s) is not the be-all and end-all for, having made a decision, it is necessary to follow-through and show your ability to handle all that results from that decision. If all goes well, then there can be a feeling of accomplishment, but that can quickly lead to self-satisfaction and arrogance. Never lose sight of the innocent phase. There is an innate joy, love, and sense of wonder connected to this tile. Don’t lose that. Keep everything in perspective 
Numerological value:0

Key Word: Success.
Additional meanings: Overindulgence, imperfections, mistakes.

This is frequently a sign of conflict and social disharmony. There is always the possibility of success and it can be within your grasp if you do not fumble, for this tile is not entirely negative. You must beware saying the wrong thing; boasting and/or claiming that which is patently untrue. There can be emotional instability here, either resulting from the above or as a result of it. There is a feeling of being on the outside looking in, with a burning desire to reverse the situation and to be a part of what is going on. There is a desire for respect and yet an inability to command it. Too aggressive behavior can defeat what you unconsciously desire.
You may feel that you have reached an impasse; that you have gone too far and it is now impossible to reverse things. But you can make use of this stalemate. Take the time to search within yourself and to find that sincerity that lies deep within. If you present it gradually – without flinging it in the face of those with whom you are in conflict – than your sincerity can bring about a turn of fortune. It can bring about the eventual success that you desire.
We all make mistakes. But the wiser person learns from his or her mistakes. When things seem to go wrong, examine the course of events and see if there wasn’t some other way you might have handled things, and remember that for next time. Success is always within your grasp – you just need to focus on it then reach out and grasp it.
Numerological value: 1

Key Word: Family.
Additional meanings:Home, contentment, perfect love, attainment, bliss ... but tread cautiously.

This is a tile of blessing. It frequently ties-in with family love and harmony. There is success, if not financially at the very least in relationships. Abundance in all things is often indicated.
This tile is a bright omen of what lies ahead, reinforcing what has already been achieved. Many times the appearance of this tile indicates an approaching initiation, in the sense of a new beginning. It might be a new job, it might be relocation, it might be a marriage or business partnership. It signals attainment. You have accomplished more than you ever thought you would or could. There is, however, a caveat: a word of caution. Do not rest on your laurels. Do not think that because you have attained a particular level, there is no need to continue the climb. Always look ahead. “Onward and upward” apply here. This is tile of the optimist, not the pessimist.
There is abundance of life reflected here. Procreation, eroticism, pleasure, even birth are in this tile. It is the realization of a dream and the attainment of goals. There are indications of swelling bank accounts; of growing circles of friends; of new interests and horizons. All are within easy reach. They do not have to be accepted, but they are available. Remember always not to stagnate.
Numerological value: 2

Key Word: Birth.
Additional meanings: Birth of idea, news, new proposal. Trust.
Beware tendency toward deception, seduction.

You possess the energy that is found in new birth, in the blossoming of springtime, the flowers bursting forth in a grand array of colors. A new cycle of birth/rebirth and fresh beginnings is here. There is also healing and intuition. As a child enters the world, it must trust in all that has brought it forth, for it takes time to achieve and accept self-responsibility. Only over time will strength develop and new pathways be made. The focus here is on the early steps. There is news of birth; of new life.
You are pointed toward a new way of progress. You will need to prove yourself. You will need to test your strength and fine-tune your judgements. It is said that from small acorns grow mighty oaks. Let this be your inspiration. Know that you have great potential and that for you all things are possible.
A motherly influence can be felt, with this tile. There is gentle nourishment with positive encouragement. Purification may be needed to ensure adherence to the right path. Look for news about an opportunity, proposal, or early investment. This is also a tile that works with feminine energies and with healing powers. To carry this tile, close to the heart, can produce great recuperative energy. It will promote personal well-being, physically and mentally.
Numerological value: 3

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