Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Divination with coins

the classic head or tails
decide which side is yes and which is no, ask your question, focus and flip the coin.

Now, usually the number side of a coin is the tail, because most regents had their heads on the other side of the coin. In most democracies it was replaced with the coat of arms, and now there's plenty of things on the coins. 
In Russian coins, the heads is the eagle, so they sometimes call it eagles. The more eagles you get, the better. Eagles bring victory.
Two heads and tails

You need two coins of the same value. Focus on your question and flip the coins, one at a time.
If the first coin is tails and the second heads, your wish comes true.
Both coins are tails, your wish will come true, but it might take some time
First coin heads, second tails - you won't get what you want
Both coins heads - your wish comes true
You will need 15 identical coins. Preferably they have number 5 on them.
Arrange the coins in three rows of five coins. Flip the last coins on the first and last row.
two heads or tails: very lucky
first row tails, last row heads, no luck
first row heads, last row tails, maybe, but it will take time

Ink image

You need a large coin with clear image, white paper, ink and a plate. Pour some ink on the plate. Focus on the question and put the coin in the ink. Lift the coin up and place it on the paper. (You might want to do this with matchsticks to keep your fingers clean). Let it stay for a couple of hours. Now, lift the coin, carefully, perhaps with a pin, so as not to disturb the print, and look at the print.
If the print is clear, you will get your wish, quickly and easily
If the print is dark and vague, but still visible, you will get what you want, but it will take time
If the result is blurred and you can't really see what it is, you will not get your wish.

Odd handful

Take an odd number of coins, between 10 and 20 in your hand, and throw them on a surface. Count the heads and tails.
Heads = yes, tails = no

Sleep on it

Take three coins of different denominations. Take three slips of paper. Write three wishes on the papers, and wrap a coin in each, totally random. Put the packages under your pillow, and sleep. In the morning, put your hand under the pillow and take one package.
The biggest coin = "yes"
The smallest coin = "no"
The one in the middle = 50/50 chance

[Here's an interesting I Ching divination with coins and the tarot (or any oracle cards)]

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