Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I remember being a member of a tarot group... we were to learn a card every week, the purpose of the group was to discuss about the cards.
I remember my enthusiasm... I wrote long posts, shared my insight, enthusiasm, associations, read everything everyone else posted, responded, engaged people... 
and then someone misunderstood something I said, and the moderator suspended me.
Without even asking my side of the story.
And she didn't even inform me about it.

I found out about it only after I, confused because I couldn't get in to the group, asked her what had happened.

She did apologize. With the "but..." Ha. Too little, too late.The damage was done.

I realized that I was practically the only one engaging people, I was the only one with anything new to say, no-one ever responded to my posts or my questions. Being part of the group didn't give ME anything. So I left.

Frankly, I don't care what happened with them after I left, but I'm 100% certain of that they were worse off, and I wasn't missing anything.

At least nothing they could have given me.

But, the enthusiasm is still there.
Divination methods, all of them, are so amazing, rich, beautiful... it all seems so simple on the surface, but there are layers after layers after layers, intricate, interwoven... Like Lenormand.
It is so satisfying!

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