Monday, May 9, 2016

Siberian Magic Square

Focus on your question. Close your eyes, ask your question three times and put your finger on the square. The number most under your finger will tell your answer.
It is better if you print out the square and use a pin to pin your answer ;-)

1 - It will be difficult, but trust in God.
2 - There will be profit, but not without sweat and tears.
3 - You've already buried your talent, save the rest.
4 - Hope will not deceive you, live honestly.
5 - Soon you will learn joy, but be careful.
6 - Drive evil thoughts away from yourself, evil is punishable. More positive!
7 - Not everyone lives in wealth, everything changes in the world: the poor become rich, and vice versa.
8 - Dare, do not be afraid: he who seeks finds.
9 - Don't trust in promises, they are lying. Trust yourself and everything will be fine!
10 - Perhaps someone whom you believed in, will not live up to expectations
11 - The situation you are thinking about will soon change to the worse
12 - Avoid the company of bad people.
13 - Do not waste money and time: what you have lost is gone forever.
14 - Your desire will be fulfilled, but do not think that it is so easy and soon. Be patient.
15 - The path of your life is prosperous.
16 - Do good works, help your neighbors, drive evil thoughts.
17 - Someone sheds blood, someone tears.
18 - Expect the change of your life for happiness, but if you listen to a woman's advice, you will lose.
19 - Do good, help someone today and for your virtue your life will be long and happy
20 - You will have many enemies, but you will conquer them all with God.
21 - What you have in mind, it will come true.
22 - The storm is going to be great: be clever about it and it will bypass you.
23 - Spare yourself from ugly acts and thoughts. Help your neighbor and your good will come back to you a hundredfold.
24 - Do not believe that everyone around you will be decent people.
25 - Do you have a heart and soul? Suffer, it will not last long, there will come a relief.
26 - Soon great joy will visit you.
27 - Years pass, live right.
28 - In a short time you will live in peace and joy.
29 - Our life, like the sea, is stormy. The one who left you, will calm the seas.
30 - What you ask and wish, you will soon get, but keep your mouth shut.
31 - Friends of your friends are not necessarily your friends
32 - You are hot-blooded and touchy, but your heart is kind. You will have bright days too.
33 - You are too kind and believe those who deceive you
34 - Tears flow through the gold
35 - Don't fret; what you dreamed about will not come true, whom you think about will not come back. Accept both joy and adversity.
36 - Throw the fool out of your head, live the truth.
37 - You can lie to people but never to God
38 - You hear news
39 - Don't give in to your evil thoughts.
40 - Tame your temper.
41 - If you eat one, you will eat another and then you will be eaten
42 - Your wish will soon come true
43 - Be careful
44 - Don't always listen to people's advice
45 - Look around: someone is much worse than you, and God pities you.
46 - ​​Do not condemn or pass false rumors.
47 - The time will come, and you will get what you aspire to.
48 - You used to love skating and carriage and sleigh rides (Don't ask me what this means - this is an oracle from the 19th century, perhaps it means that you will enjoy having fun outside with your loved one again.)
49 - You'll guard yourself in town but will get burned at home
50 -  All your sorrows will be scattered.
51 - Remember your health. Take care of yourself.
52 - Your evil is under the threshold. (Old folklore; if you are the victim of a spell, you put a pin under the threshold to keep the evil there. So, if you believe there is bad luck following you, push a pin or needle under a threshold and say "my evil is under the threshold" and that should take care of it.)
53. Don't collect money. Help your neighbors with money and it will come back hundred times.
54 - You will love, but not be loved back
55 - Expect new things.
56 - Your fairytale will soon begin, but it will not end soon.
57 - Your hopes are doubtful.
58 - Wait for separation.
59 - Do not think that anything can save you from adversity
60 - Be careful.
61 - Give up hope. Itself is not bad.
62 - Everything will be all right.
63 - Look both ways.
64 - Do not go and do not drive at night without work. Be careful.
65 - Not everyone thinks well of you. Throw such people out of your life.
66 - You're off the road. But you will find the strength to establish everything.
67 - Quarrel over trifles - make up.
68 - Be afraid to blame the innocent.
69 - Whom's heart loves, he will destroy you.
70 - Do not worry, everything will be okay.
71 - You'll pour from empty to empty.
72 - You will grow thin a little."
73 - If you do not recognize the ford, do not poke yourself into the water.
74- There is also a kind heart for you.
75 - You should not worry, you should torment your heart in vain.
76 - Your trust is failing.
77 - Do not open your mouth to someone else's mouth. Live your own life.
78 - Disappointed.
79 - Beauty is fleeting
80 - They love you.
81- Sit by the sea, wait for the weather. Rest.
82 - The last year was not easy, but firmly accept all the trials, and life will be fine.
83 - Sometimes, from foreign people, expect more good than from relatives.
84 - Steadily accept all the hardships of life, if you want everything to go well.
85 - The table will be rich, the bed is soft, but it will save you from problems and difficulties.
86 - At work, you have an enemy.
87 - Wait for the gift.
88 - Be careful.
89 - Not everything is easy in the family. But we must make efforts to improve the situation.
90 - Dress up, get ready and rest.
91 - You will live a very long time.
92 - Wins for you (but money? ..).
93 - Mother said, warned, the child behaved in her own way-who is to blame for this?
94 - You will also have happiness.
95 - The patient will get well, but the healthy one will get sick. Take care of yourself and your health.
96 - One will save and another will have to be busted.
97 - Sorrow does not come alone. But everything will be fine.
98 - You'll complain about your health, but you will live a long time.
99 - You will find solace in your loved ones.
100 - To live in truth and God will reward you.

The Little Fortune Teller from American Civil War Era

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