Thursday, July 7, 2016


Floriography or Anthomancy

Divination by flowers

!) Daisy oracle

2) In Victorian England, two flowers that had not yet blossomed, would be paired, and the initials of certain lovers' names would be placed on the stems. After placing the flowers in a secret place for 10 days, the diviner would then observe certain portents, such as, if any flower twined the other, it would indicate that the man and the woman whose initials were used were going to be married.

3) The first flower of spring is an oracle about the spring

- monday - good fortune
- tuesday - your greatest efforts will be rewarded
- wednesday - a marriage is coming
- thursday - be alert, be cautious, there are problems
- friday - riches and wealth
- saturday - misfortune
- sunday - exceptional luck for weeks to come

- wild flower - someone with the same initial as the flower found will be attracted to you

4) Flower oracle, the secret language of flowers

5) Pansy oracle

You need to think about your question, find a pansy and take a petal off it. Look at the stronger lines on the petal.

4 lines; hope
Center line branches out to 5; hope founded in fear
7 lines; consistent love
8 lines; fickleness (either in you or someone around you)
9; changing heart
11; disappointment in love
lines bent to the right; prosperity
lines bent to the left ; trouble ahead

6) Dandelion oracle

7) Gender reveal

If a pregnant woman went into the garden, closed her eyes and spun around, and randomly picked a flower, the color tells the gender of the child.
Light, soft, pastel colors; a girl
Strong, vibrant, dark colors; a boy

8) Pick three carnations, and put in your hair so that they are above each other. Now you see which one withers first.
If the top one withers first, the end of your life will be harder
If the middle one withers first, your early life will be harder
If the bottom one withers first, your whole life will be hard

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