Friday, August 12, 2016

DIY collection oracle in action

 Grab four items nearby

Foundation: medicine bottle seal
Reaching for: card of pain killers
Let go of: hair tie, black
Open up to: empty chocolate foil

First impressions - very monotone in color, but somehow rich, luxurious - everything is silver with a touch of black and white. Very classy. :-D

What is the medicine bottle seal about - it keeps the medicine fresh and usable, waiting for me to open the bottle and use the medicine.
Why does it exist? - as said, to keep the medicine good.
How does it make me feel? Icky. Unhappy. I don't want to have it in my life. I don't want to be sick. I don't want to need medication. I don't want to know what it is. I don't want to associate to my sickness. I look at it sideways like a dog looks at a full bathtub. Nah, not going to, don't want to. NONONONOWWWOUUuu!
What is its tone? It's not cold... it's kind of soft and kind and gentle.A little perky, even. A bit happy little thing, with all the curves and smooth, white plastic.
What does it symbolize? Ill health. But also healing, help, care.
Imagery: It looks like a cap... and it makes me think of boats. Ships, yachts...

What is the card of pain killers about - about same thing - ready measured pain killer readily available, waiting for use in their blister card.
Why does it exist? - (Interesting, different answer) because I'm often in pain and need pain killers readily available
How does it make me feel? About the same way the medicine bottle seal.
What is its tone? No-nonsense. Very nurse like. Stiff, rigid, straight, Mary Poppins. 
What does it symbolize? Pain. But also relief.
Imagery: there's only two tablets left and they are on the edge of the card, they look like eyes... white irisless eyes... and all the popped blisters look like mouths screaming and twisting in... anger. It looks angry.

What is the hair tie about - keeping my hair tied up, tidy and out of my face
Why does it exist? I like keeping my hair tied up
How does it make me feel? Er... nothing much. Necessary things. Black is such a useful color. Goes with everything.
Tone? Another no-nonsense item, but this time almost invisible. Slightly worn out. Slightly tired. Boring. Something, someone that has given up and doesn't want to even try any more. Resistance is futile. I can just as well got with it.
What does it symbolize? rules, proper world order, order, tidiness, prim and proper, just so.
Imagery - a black cirlce... not perfectly round, imperfectly elliptical, oval, baroque circle. It looks like an open hole, sore, black hole... a portal... to a reality I don't want to know anything about.

What is the chocolate foil about - keeping the chocolate fresh and clean while waiting to be used, eaten
Why does it exist? I like chocolate
How does it make me feel? A bit ashamed...
Tone: Kind of happy, any way. It's good chocolate. It's a bit of luxury. I'm glad I don't only have proper, prim and health related things closeby, but such frivolous luxury like chocolate :-D
What does it symbolize? Indulgence, pleasure, pampering oneself, allowing, enjoying life
Imagery: a metal bird. Like a seagull floating on water. Of metal. Robotic seagull. It's kind of smiling. Reminds me a bit of crocodiles.

Foundation, open the seal to medicine bottle, let the medicine come out and do what it is meant to do - heal me
Reaching for : pain killers - the existing help to end the pain
Let go of: limitation, the prim and proper, the expectations, the boring, monotone tidiness and no-nonsensicality
Open up to indulgence, luxury, pleasure, shameful things - pamper yourself.

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