Thursday, August 11, 2016

Junk Oracle by Frances

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This is a abridged version. She just writes it so well!
P.S. This kind of oracle has many names, I like to call it a magpie oracle, even though I think Carrie Paris owns that name... So, to be safe, you call it a junk oracle or collection oracle or sortilege bag or what ever, I risk getting sued and call it magpie oracle. :-)

"I dove into casting through pessomancy... ...I would just grab a handful of stones into my cupped hands, think of my question and drop them on a dark cloth and read the pattern they made"

"I realized I didn't need to limit the medium, I could literally grab a handful of anything and read it. I read the image that emerges, the picture and the flow of the items so what does it matter if it is a stone or a candy heart?"

"When I first tried my hand at Junkomancy I looked around my home in search of …...  what? My only criteria was that it be smaller than a quarter. I like shiny, colorful, pretty things but I didn't limit my search, I collected whatever I felt was small enough to be mixed into a bag."

(doll items are perfect for junkomancy)

"There are many ways you can approach Junkomancy. You may pick a set number of items and assign finite meanings to them or you may just grab a bunch of junk, drop them on a cloth and leave it up to your mind to map out. Some people create a unique casting cloth with specific patterns and they pay close attention to where an item lands. The pattern may be an astrological wheel or the image of the Qabalistic tree of life or a map of chakras or it may be as personal as a wish or dream board. They read the spot on the cloth as well as the item and then the combination of the two."

"...clear your mind, breathe, still your thoughts, think lightly on the question or subject, shake the items up in your cupped hands and drop them on a blank cloth. What do you see? With Junkomancy I still read the pattern the throw makes but I also incorporate meanings I associate with different objects, with where they have fallen on my cloth, how they interact with each other, with colors, with how the light hits an object and anything else that hits my eye."

"It  is also important to remember that while this is what I may associate with a dragonfly on it's own that may change when I see it in a throw with other items. It may take on a more sinister meaning or  something all together different. I might just focus on the blue color of the bead rather than the imagined dragonfly. Keep your mind open. Sortilege is deeply personal. It is what you see, associate and feel."

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