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I Finland the tradition of predicting the future, especially the coming new year, by the shapes of molten lead. Now, it's called "tin", but it's mostly lead and dangerous to breathe in, so it's good people do this only once a year.

There are two schools of how to read these metal creations; one is to see what shapes one see in the shadow of the piece, other is to see shapes in the piece itself. Which ever way one chooses, it's related to scrying and tea leaf reading.


Also, you are working with molten, hot metal. The temperature is very high, and will cause bad burns if you get it on you. Have a bucket of cold water handy and some aloe vera or other burn cream.

You put the tin in the ladle and melt it. You keep the ladle with both hands and very carefully, but quickly, pour it into the cold water.

An article in Spanish about this

Abbey, future ease and freedom from worry
Acorn, improvement in health, continued health and strength
Aircraft, unsuccessful projects
Anchor, a lucky sign, Success in business and love
Anchor, steadiness, commitment, loyalty
Angel, good news, especially good fortune in love
Angel, improved health; creativity
Apes, secret enemies
Apple Tree, change for the better
Apple, time to make your dreams come true
Apples, long life, gain by commerce
arch, a journey abroad
Arrow, a disagreeable letter from the arrow's direction
Arrow, misfortune overcome by patience; or a legacy
Axe, difficulties overcome
Axe, your luck is in your own hands (to a woman, a good lover)
Badger, long life and prosperity as a bachelor
Basket, an addition to the family
Bat, fruitless journeys or tasks
Bear, a long period of travel
Bear, quarrel and competition with a friend
Beasts, other then those mentioned, foretell misfortune
Birds, a lucky sign; good news if flying, a fortunate journey
Boat, a friend will visit
Bouquet, one of the luckiest of symbols, a happy marriage
Bridge, a favorable journey
Broom, work
Building, a removal
Bull, slander by an enemy
Bush, an invitation into society
Butterfly, success and love
Butterfly, success and pleasure
Camel, a burden to be patiently borne
Candle, loyal friends
Cannon, good fortune
Car, approaching wealth, visits from friends
Car, travel or expenses (depending on how you see the car)
Cart, fluctuations of fortune
Castle, unexpected fortune or legacy
Cat, difficulties caused by treachery
Cat, enemies, scheming
Cathedral, great prosperity
Cattle, prosperity
Chain, an early marriage; if broken, trouble in store
Chair, an addition to the family
Church, a legacy
Church, funeral
Circles, money or presents
Clouds, a serious trouble; if surrounded by dots financial success
Clover, a very lucky sign; happiness and prosperity
Coffin, long sickness or sign of death
Comet, misfortune and trouble
Compass, a sign of traveling as a profession
Cow, a prosperous sign
Cross, a sign of trouble, delay or even death
Crown and Cross, good fortune resulting from death
Crown, success and honor
Dagger, favors from friends
Dead tree, sorrow
Deer, quarrels, disputes; failure in trade
Dice, success by cheating
Dog, faithful friends
Dog, worries
Donkey, a legacy long awaited
Dove, a lucky symbol; progress in prosperity and affection
Dragon, a great and sudden change
Dragon, be careful with your lusts and desires; self-discipline required
Duck, increase of wealth by trade
Eagle, honor and riches through change of residence
Earring, new work
Egg, relationship problems
Elephant, a lucky sign; good health
Elephant, achievements, adventures
Falcon, a persistent enemy
Fan, good news
Ferret, active enemies
Fish, deceitful friends, boredom
Fish, good news from abroad; surrounded by dots, Immigration
Flag, danger from wounds inflicted by an enemy
Flower, good fortune, success, happy marriage
Flower, luck and family celebrations
Foot, busy year, perhaps an accident while traveling
Fox, treachery by a trusted friend
Frog, success in love and commerce
Gallows, a sign of good luck
Glasses, don't get tricked, don't loan money to anyone
Goat, a sign of enemies, and misfortune to a sailor
Goose, happiness; a successful venture
Grasshopper, a great friend will become a soldier
Grave, longevity
Greyhound, good fortune by strenuous exertion
Guitar, you will meet a pleasant person, perhaps a loving relationship
Gun, a sign of discord and slander
Gun, quarrel with friends or loved ones
Hairbrush, sickness
Hammer, triumph over adversity
Hare, a sign of long journey or return of absent friend
Harp, marriage, success in love
Hat, success in life
Hawk, an enemy
Heart, pleasures to come
Heavenly Bodies signifies happiness and success.
Hen, increase of riches or addition to the family.
Hen, more income and happy reunion
Horse, desires fulfilled through a prosperous journey.
Horse, fame and riches, real emotions and love adventures
Horse-Shoe, a lucky journey or success in marriage.
Horseshoe, new workplace or promotion, lucky year
Hour-Glass, imminent peril.
House, success in business.
Human Figures, judged by what they appear to be doing.
Interrogation (mark of), doubt or disappointment
Island, travel and success
Ivy, honor and happiness through faithful friends.
Jackal, a mischief maker of no account
Jewelry, loving spouse
Jug, good health
Kangaroo, a rival in business or love.
Kettle, death.
Key, money, increasing trade, a good husband or wife.
Keyhole, secrets, keep your nose out of other people's business
Kite, a sign of lengthy travel leading to Honor and dignity.
Knife, a warning of disasters through quarrels and enmity.
Ladder, a sign of travel
Leopard, a sign of immigration and subsequent success
Letters, signifies news
Lily, on top of cup, health and happiness, bottom, anger,Strife
Lines, indicate journeys and their directions
Lion, greatness through powerful friends
Lock, worries and confusion
Man, a visitor arriving
Man, fun and successful time in life
Mermaid, misfortune, especially to seafaring persons
Monkey, deception in love.
Moon, (as a crescent), prosperity and fortune.
Mountain, powerful friends; many mountains, powerful enemies.
Mouse, danger of poverty through death or swindling.
Mushroom, sudden separation of lovers after a quarrel.
Numbers, very lucky, long life, good health, happy marriage.
Oblong figures, family or business squabbles.
Owl, an evil omen, indicative of sickness, poverty, disgrace.
Palm tree, good luck, children to a wife, marriage to a maid.
Parrot, a sign of emigration for a lengthy period.
Peacock, success and acquisition of property; a happy marriage.
Pear, great wealth and improved social position
Pearl, luck and influential friends
Pheasant, a legacy.
Pig, good and bad luck mixed.
Pigeons, important news if flying, if not, domestic bliss.
Pillow, raise
Pine tree, continuous happiness.
Pistol, disaster.
Rabbit, fair success in a city or large town.
Rabbit, family will grow
Rake, take care of your unfinished job, don't wait for help
Rat, treacherous servants, losses through enemies.
Raven, death for the aged, divorce, failure in business.
Razor, lovers quarrel and separation
Reptile, Quarrels.
Rider, good news from oversees regarding finances.
Rifle, a sign of discord and strife.
Ring, marriage; if near clouds an unhappy marriage.
Rose, a lucky sign denoting good fortune and happiness.
Saw, trouble brought about by strangers.
Scales, a lawsuit.
Scissors, quarrels, illness, separation of lovers.
Serpents, spiteful enemies, bad luck, illness.
Shark, danger of death.
Shark, threats and enemies
Sheep, success, prosperity.
Ship, promotion or travel
Ship, successful journey.
Sickle, unpleasant obligations
Snail, bad news come slowly but surely
Snake, great difficulties, stormy time ahead
Snakes, are a bad omen. Great caution should be exercised.
Spider, a sign of money coming.
Squares, comfort and peace.
Star, a lucky sign, surrounded by dots foretells great fortune.
Star, health and success
Straight Line, a very pleasant journey.
Straight Lines, peace, happiness and long life.
Sun, farewell to worries
Swallow, a journey with a pleasant ending.
Swan, good luck and a happy marriage.
Sword (broken), Victory over an enemy.
Sword, disputes, quarrels between lovers.
Sword, success at work
Teeth, sickness, problems, misfortune, need to let go of the old
Timber, Logs of timber indicate business success.
Toad, deceit and unexpected enemies.
Tree with leaves, luck and prosperity
Trees, a lucky sign; prosperity, and happiness.
Triangles, always a sign of good luck and unexpected legacies.
Twisted Figures, disturbances and vexation.
Umbrella, annoyance and trouble.
Unicorn, luck, love and happiness
Unicorn, scandal
Violin, pleasant family life and business success
Vulture, bitter foes.
Wagon, a sign of approaching poverty.
Waves, big changes
Wavy Lines, denotes losses and vexation.
Wheel, an inheritance about to come.
Windmill, success in enterprise.
Wolf, beware of jealous intrigues.
Woman, pleasure and happiness, several women indicates scandal.
Woman, scheming environment
Wood, a speedy marriage.
Worms, indicate secret foes.
Yacht, pleasure and happiness.
Yew Tree, death of an aged person leaving his legacy to you.
Zebra, travel and adventure in foreign lands.

Surface and shape of the cast

Smooth surface: nothing is going to happen the coming year
Bumby surface, like Scrooge McDuck's money chamber: money and prosperity
Holes: You are going to miss a lot this year, chances, money, perhaps even people
Lacy edges: you are going to have an entourage of admirers and courtiers
Cup-like insets: bad omen, perhaps even of death
Long tail: health and long life, the longer the tail, the longer the life
Long straight strings and sticks: you need patience
Curvy strings and sticks: travel, either concrete or symbolical - you have to finish this before anything new can come to your life
Separate strings and sticks: small problems
Flat shape: lazy and unproductive year
Platelets and leaves: letters, news; the amount and size of the message depends on the amount and size of the pieces
Cast breaks: busy year, more pieces, more events
Cast breaks into two equal pieces: read both pieces for themselves and think how these two meet in your life
Cast breaks into tiny pieces: really busy year, you need to learn what is important and what is not. Read the biggest piece's shadow.
Long stick and a round cast: let go of the old
Tear shaped pieces: tears
Cast divided into two: difficult choice, surprises, unexpected - look for letters in the cast; those stand for important people
Sharp points: protection
Flakes: means nothing, these are just residue from the cast

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