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A really great blog entry about cartomancy!

Mastering Modern Cartomancy
Posted on January 28, 2015 by Cardseer

Do follow the link and read the article, I'm just posting a short referate for my own use.

- the numbers have significance as well as the suits
- it can be intimidating to use the intuition without key words and pictures, with only the suit symbols and numbers, but you will learn
- It's easier to learn the meaning of cards and card combinations if one practices regularly with a few cards. Tarot cards are easier to learn through "card of the day" practice, but playing card combinations have significance, and thus it's better to do a simple three card spread.

One way of reading these cards is "past, present and future".
Now these are mainly for tarot cards, but there is really not that much a difference.
And just to bore you to tears, here's some more suggestions
(Or perhaps the same... that 25 ways was pretty exhaustive. :-D)
But - you get the idea.
This is how to build spreads.
You decide how many cards, which symbol, which questions, 
what is the meaning of different positions, etc. 
This is how the different traditional spreads were born. 
You are just as good and effective to create spreads as those who created the classic ones...
The difference is only that the existing ones you don't need to think...

- draw three cards every morning, thinking about the day. Analyze the cards, read different meanings, think about the combinations. Note your overall intuitive impressions.
- record your interpretation in a cartomancy journal, including "significant influences"

Do not be discouraged. There is an easy way I’ve found to master the playing cards through regular practice by analyzing the simple three-card spread. I advise drawing three cards every morning for insight into the coming day. Analyze the cards for all the possible meanings that come to mind. Contemplate the cards individually and in combination. Suit interactions and overall intuitive impressions should also be noted. Get a feel for what the cards mean before referring to a book or your notes. Record the resulting interpretations in a cartomancy journal including significant internal and external influences such as time of day, weather, moon phase, moon sign, mood, etc.

You will discover that mood can have an effect on the cards you draw. You may find that your readings are clearer during certain times of the moon phase or when the moon is in a particular zodiac sign. You might be surprised by how often the weather will appear in your daily cards.

Shuffle the cards while you focus on your question. I like to ask, “What will I experience today?” If you prefer a more structured reading, you can decide ahead of time to apply special significance to each card position, such as “morning, noon, night” or “past, present future” or “premise, situation, outcome.” I prefer to keep the reading fluid and allow the cards to speak to me freely.

Then at the end of the day examine your cards to determine how they reflect the energies of your day, and which of your predictions prove accurate. When something occurs in your day that was clearly predicted in the cards, but you missed seeing that morning, consider it a valuable learning experience. The next time this card combination appears, you will automatically remember the new interpretation.

If you find that you are unable to relate the events of your day to the cards, keep referring back to the reading over the coming week. Sometimes the predictions in a cartomancy daily draw can take up to a week to manifest in your life. Meditate on the particularly challenging combinations. Your Higher Self is fluent in the language of the cards.

As you continue this practice, you will easily assimilate the card meanings, and the subtle ways the cards interact in a spread. The experience you gain will enable to you tackle larger card spreads with ease. In time this daily practice will help you build new card associations. You will move beyond the meanings you learned in a book, and begin to develop your own personal meanings for the cards.

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