Saturday, October 14, 2017

A brief Prognostication concerning Children born any Day of the Week

The child born on Sunday, shall be of long life, and obtain riches.
On Monday. Weak, and of an effeminate temper, which selfom brings a man to honour.
On Tuesday: Worse: though he may, with extraordinary vigilance, conquer the inordinate desires to which he will be subject, still he will be in danger of dying by violence, if he has not great procreation.
On Wednesday. Shall be given to the study of learning, and shall profit thereby.
On Thursday. He shall arrive to great honour and dignity.
On Friday. He shall be of a strong constitution, yet perhaps lecherous.
On Saturday. This is another bad day; but, notwithstanding the child may come to good, though it be seldom: but most children born on this day, are of a heavy, dull and dogged disposition.

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