Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Manual of Cartomancy, Fortune-Telling and Occult Divination


 This is a very interesting book in the subject published 1909, and as you can see of the partial contents, you can see that it talks about a lot of subjects :-D Not much, but... it's full of interesting little tidbits. One could make a whole Tumblr blog about it :-D

The Oracle of Human Destiny p. 28
The Mystic Alphabet 109
The Golden Wheel 111
The Art of Invoking Spirits 119
An Egyptian Method of Cartomancy 134
The English Method of Cartomancy 137
An Universal Oracle 145
The Book of the Secret Word (Tarot) 151
How to Find Lucky Numbers 171
To Read a Person's Character 173
The Prognostications from the Rulign Sign 177
Judgments drawn from the moon's age (at the birth) 210
The virtues and influences of precious stones 214
Some Unheard of Curiosities 218
- for Communicating with Persons at a Distance
- To Know Each Other's Mind at a Distance
- For the Eve of St. John (to speak with spirits)
The Hours, Virtues and Colours of the Planets 222
Concerning Presages 238
The Arts of Divination 241
The Grounds in a Tea of Coffee Cup 242
Divination with Needles 245
Alectromancy (Cocks) 245
Divination with Onions 246
Gastromancy 246
Lecanomancy 247
Margaritomancy 247
Rhapsodomancy 247
Onychomancy 248
Spodanomancy 248
Geomancy 249
A Supplementary Lexicon of the Art 250
Of Divination by Dreams 259

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