Friday, October 7, 2016

Bone divination

Simple bone divination method

Take three different bones - it can be whole bones or pieces of bones, or any objects, really
Decide which is the "jack", which is "yes" and which is "no".

The question should therefore be of the kind that can be answered with "yes" or "no".

Shake the bones in your hands, or in a bowl or bag if they are too big for your hands, concentrating in your question. Throw the bones. The bone that lies closes to the "jack" is the answer to your question.

If both are equally close, the answer is "maybe" or "unknown" or "don't ask this right now".

Now, it is generally accepted, that if you ask again, you are not respecting the oracle, and you will get equally disrespectful answers, that is, answers that tell you what you want to hear, and not what is, but in my mind it is OK to ask for clarification. I mean, you are then just saying you are stupid and slow to understand, and asking the oracle patience with you. Just remember thinking this, and not thinking you are just saying that and fooling the oracle, because... that is disrespectful and stupid.

So you can ask for clarification, but be very aware of that this time the answer won't be definite "yes" or "no" but more "maybe" and "maybe not", or "likely" and "hardly".

Also, you can choose for the "jack" a piece with two distinct sides, and decide which side is "heads" and which "tails", and decide which side means "uncertain" and which side "don't ask".

As you see, this can be defined indefinitely, and more pieces can be added, and then you will end up with a magpie oracle, junk oracle, treasure oracle, charm oracle, bone oracle or what ever name one has for this kind of oracles.

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