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Good Witch, Bad Witch

"Good Witch, Bad Witch" is a 52 cards deck of... well... I suppose they can be classified as oracle cards, though they are also spell cards. And... well... It's hard to say what they are. Witch cards :-D

I found this deck in my tarot card drawer. I had totally forgotten that I had it.
(Rant: I went to my tarot card drawer because someone said a standard size tarot card deck wasn't a standard size, and I HATE the HUGE tarot cards, and I will vehemently oppose any and every effort of making the "standard" of this HUGE; impractical, monstrupus horrible size. Anyway, I was complaining about that to my husband, and showed him some examples. I knew I had Margaret Petersen Tarot, which was my first encounter of the "postcards". 
Now, the standard playing card size is 2.5 by 3.5 inches. (That's the Poker Size, Bridge Size is quarter inch narrower). The Trading Card standard is the same. Tarot cards don't have a standard size, but most (old stock, the standard of 70s, 80s, 90s) are 2 3/4" x 4 3/4". This is the size of the Rider-Waite.
Now, tarot card size can vary from 2 3/4 by 4 3/4 to  3.5 by 5 inches - that's twice the ordinary playing card size.That's already too big to my taste. Anyway, end rant, back to business.)
So I wanted to do a reading with these :-D

This is "The Lucky 13" spread from the following book.
You lay out first 6 cards to represents the 6 following days; the rest of this week, then 6 cards under those to represent the following 6 WEEKS. And then one card on top left to represent the "outcome", the answer, the suggested spell for success :-D

Now, my spread:

Sunday 22.10. The Full Moon Witch (Bad 18)

"The Full Moon Witch rules the tides and brings fertility and fruition to heartfelt plans and actions. But full moonlight is dangerous; emotions are illuminated, but shadows are cast.
While the moon is full you will outshine those who are unsettling you, by becoming temporarily unreliable, or making plans go awry. Those whose lives you touch will see there is hope for tomorrow. As the moon wanes, problems diminish, and you will find new stability."

Oh, great... this basically happened yesterday. You see, my husband has Executive Function Disorder. It means that his plan is "I will put this in the freezer". It is hatched at the moment, and all he sees is that "this" is in his hand, and when he's done "this" is in the freezer. HOW it gets to the freezer is not planned, and if it's not just to walk in the freezer, open the door, put "this" in and close the door, he gets confused, doesn't know how to solve the problem, what to do, and he is also very... er... passionate. Which means that when he gets frustrated, things start flying. Yesterday "this" ended up all over the walls. Nice.
Now... I have fibromyalgia, and my energy and capacity is very limited. I don't have any energy to clean "this" off the walls, and HE is not going to do it. It's out of his hands, and he doesn't even see it. So - I have two options. Either I find the energy somewhere, take it out of something else, and clean the walls, or live with "this" on the walls...
So... probably something like this is going to happen again tomorrow, but - there's hope. The problems will diminish and I will find new stability further on. Good.

(I don't remember what happened on Sunday... I'm an idiot :-D I forgot totally I had made this reading and that I was supposed to keep an eye on what happens!)

Monday 23rd The Hell Hath No Fury Witch (Bad 16)

"With livid eyes and lightning hair, The Hell Hath No Fury Witch looks upon the one who used to care for her. Outraged by the pain of infidelity, she wants her revenge.
A lover will feel remorse for their sins. In time, someone who wronged you, will call. By then, you will be unavailable, spending your time on more worthy causes."

Now... someone who wronged me... I can think of a few. Now, I don't think it will be the person I'm thinking, I think it will be someone else (whom I'm also thinking - the first one is one I would want to call, the second one is the one I think will call, because that issue is on the wall right now... If they will feel remorse, good. Because what they are doing right now is illegal. :-D
I will be having a meeting on Monday with someone who is connected to that person, so... hoping for someone who wronged me to call in remorse. And I am unavailable to this person... :-D
(It doesn't make it impossible for them to right me, though... I just don't need to have anything to do with them.)

Nope... My sister called me, though, my brother-in-law had received a virus via mail... that I got from my brother's sister-in-law X-] No-one has been wronged, though, as far as I know. And no-one was remorseful. As far as I know.

Tuesday 24th The Immortal Witch (Good 4)

"The Immortal Witch brings the promise of spring: a new beginning, and a florishing of hopes and wishes. Seeds of revival and new growth germinate in the darkness of solitude and absence.
You cannot fail to win your heart's desire. Positive invisible forces are making sure that you reach your destiny by your own natural talent and effort. All that you search for is within your grasp. A happy time, filled with new opportunities, is about to present itself to you."

Wonderful! I will be having another meeting with some other people who also are connected to this situation, so I'm assuming that meeting will go well.

The meeting did go well.

Wednesday 25th The Bat Witch (Bad 6)

"The Bat Witch reveals that intuition should be your lodestar. Being a skilled navigator of the skies, her super-sensitive radar alerts her when she is vulnerable to night prey. It is no coincidence that at dusk bats fly from their perches in trees to satisfy their desire for food, while at the same moment, human couples begin to fling together to satisfy their need for love."

I don't have anything special on Wednesday... we'll see what this is about.

I don't have the slightest idea. Nothing special happened on Wednesday. Oh, yes, I got a call to say the meeting on Thursday would be moved to Friday, though I cancelled it. Not a biggie.

Thursday 26th The Secret Witch (Good 21)

"The Secret Witch reveals that you will not lose your spontaneity. You will pass subtle tests by improving on your weaknesses, and seeing yourself in a brighter light.
Someone will reveal heartfelt sentiments. You may also discover hidden secrets. You may be gathering relevant knowledge to determine whether to advance or to retreat. Both are correct at certain moments; the choice is yours, and may be secret."

Yet another meeting...

No meeting... I don't know what this is all about.

Friday 27th The Happy Witch (Good 22)

"The Happy Witch sprinkles her magical stardust of happiness into your heart and mind. She makes you smile at the wonder of life, and encourages you to show others this brightness. Happiness shared is happiness doubled, resulting in great reward for you."

This weekend I'm going to be with my sisters. Happy days indeed!

Ha! No weekend with my sisters. They are away.
I got bullied, though, online, and left a stupid group. I was a member for three weeks, and during this time, most people ignored me, or said something stupid. I was hoping for a community... and the funny thing is that I actually did a reading to introduce myself and it promised me problems and loneliness :-D Next time I'll head the reading and won't join. Would have saved me this heartache as well. 

Week 44 (28.10 - 3.11.) The Marriage Witch (Good 8)

"The Marriage Witch presides over sacred love, fidelity, and the bride. She presents true freedom of choice. Someone you know may soon marry, or present you with a wedding invitation.
Your love life is budding; miraculous events are about to unfold. If your actions are good, you possess the Marriage Witch's qualities, and will find happiness in a long-term partnership."

Sounds good

Good week for me, crappy for my hubby - I couldn't spend as much time with my mother and sister as I wanted to, but I got to meet them. 

Week 45 (4.11 - 10.11.) The Eye of Newt Witch (Bad 22)

"The Eye of Newt Witch bestows a deadly glance on one she believes deserves it. "Eye-blighted", he casualty suffers a run of bad luck or illness.
Most witches cast good spells, but it may be right to cast a spell on one who needs to be checked for continually doing wrong. This is a warning of great value: do not cast the evil eye. But you can turn your magic around to counteract one who wishes you harm."

I say goodness is overrated and casting the evil eye on wrongdoers just serves them right, because no-one now-a-days believes in magic, so they will just believe it is their own doing. Which it is. Just desserts, I say.
Nevertheless, I don't want to cause bad things to happen to the people who have wronged me, because they should be in a good place to right the wrong, and if they are constantly under bad luck, they won't be willing me any good either. So...
I reserve the evil eye on people who will not even try to right the wrongs, because they don't think they have wronged...

Anyway... I suppose week 45 I need to be prepared of someone wronging me. Also, I need to be extra careful with protection spells. Just because I don't caste evil spells around, doesn't mean there aren't people wishing me ill.

Yeah...  In the morning of the 4th I got in the shower to get ready to spend a weekend with my sisters and mother, and I slipped and sprained my knee. Pretty badly, but only sprained. Thankfully nothing is torn. It's already calming down (I'm writing this in the morning of 6th). But no weekend with my family this week either. :-(

Week 46 (11.11 - 17.11.) The Fairy Ring Witch (Good 9)

"You will run rings around admirers, whose heads will spin in their quest to capture your elusive love. Like fairy rings, your sensitive heart is encircled by tendrils of delicate feelings that could flourish or vanish overnight.
Negative and positive emotions bless you with magnetic charm, bringing you a new circle of friends through an interest or talent that you possess. Your mental and physical communication will soon complement you with heartfelt victories and awards."

I don't have the slightest idea of what this could mean. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Week 47 (18.11 - 24.11) The Coven Witch (Bad 20)

"The Coven Witch predicts a party or social gathering for you. Traditionally a Witches' Coven consists of a group of thirteen; six men, six women, and a ringleader.
 You may be meeting authoritative people, or find yourself being welcomed into a new circle of like-minded people. You will choose carefully before stepping into a situation or signing an agreement that may prove difficult to extricate yourself from."

So I suppose the big meeting is going to happen week 47.

Week 48 (25.11 - 1.12) The Wickedest Witch (Bad 11)

"The Wickedest Witch reveals that jealousy may create havoc. Being aware, you can easily diffuse and counteract the situatiotion through your own alertness and innate goodness. People you find at the core of a new circle and environment will help you.
Others will offer their spontaneous support. Because you never lose touch with your essential nature, you will always be a winner."

Now... the idea of someone being jealous of me is ridiculous. I mean, sure, I have a wonderful husband - though others might not see what I see in him - and wonderful marriage and a lot of wonderful qualities, I have enough misery to make people realize that they wouldn't want what I have... But maybe there are people who think my gifts are wasted on me? Or that I deserve the misery and will not do anything to help if they can avoid it.
Nevertheless, it sounds more like consequences from the previous week's meeting.

Week 49 (2.12 - 8.12) The Ring Around the Moon Witch (Bad 26)

"The Ring Around the Moon Witch brings you a deeper wisdom. The witch's warning is to be careful in what you wish for. Like the ring around the moon, wishes without true sentiment evaporate. Make no mistake, truly heartfelt wishes do come true."

Oh, it is heartfelt...

Outcome: The Ditch Witch (Bad 5)

"The Ditch Witch shows that by aiming onward and upward into the clear, you can rise above any swamping situation. Those who are causing you problems will become a great help to you in the future, aiding your escape from a particular ditch. You will meet supportive new friends with whom you share a similar outlook. Your spirits will be exuberantly lifted so you will enjoy happy, carefree, light-hearted and frivolous fun."


The spell suggested: "FOR BREATH LIKE DITCH WATER"
Hmm... and whom should I caste it on? :-D

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