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LeNormand Grand Tableau

I have always liked big spreads, so Grand Tableau is perfect :-D

This is my first Lenormand reading ever.
I'm sharing the information I find necessary to read the cards.

1) you don't read reversals in Lenormand.
The picture is made when I still thought you did, because I read them in Tarot and Deste.

2) the positive/negative/neutral card meanings are always the same BUT they are HEAVILY influenced by surrounding cards!

The positive, negative and neutral cards




1 - crossroads (decision – two-faced – back and forth)
2 - woman (me)
3 - lilies (time – father – social welfare – winter – peace)
4 - letter  (papers – written records – documents)
5 - tower (authority – bureaucracy – isolation)
6 - house (home)
7 - coffin (end – death – scare)
8 - man (Henric – or another male)
9 - child (innocence – beginning – trust)
10 - clover (luck)
11 - moon (recognition – dreams)
12 - tree (health)
13 - ship (travel – movement)
14 - bouquet (gift – appreciation – pleasant)
15 - key (solution - access)
16 - birds (communication – anxiety – negotiation)
17 - rider (messenger – news – forward motion)
18 - garden (public gathering – meeting)
19 - bear (official person – protection)
20 - clouds (uncertainty – doubt – troubles)
21 - snake (deception – twisted roads and paths – complications)
22 - fish (resources – prosperity)
23 - sun (success)
24 - scythe (cutting – pain – harvest away from the blade, danger from the blade)
25 - mice (theft – worry – teamwork)
26 - cross (end – suffering – test)
27 - book (knowledge - secrets – document – project)
28 - stork (change – birth – moving – delivery)
29 - anchor (stability – reaching destination)
30 - fox (clever – trickery – cunning)
31 - ring (marriage – commitment – promise - contract)
32 - mountain (obstacle – delay – resistance)
33 - dog (friend – trust)
34 - heart (love – relationships – emotions - happiness)
35 - whip (quarrel – decision – controversy)
36 - stars (wishes – clarity)

the first three cards; the stage; what is to come
A decision cornerning me that has been long time coming is going to be made – there has been a lot of going back and forth and it has to do with social welfare.
That decision is about 60% of what’s going on in my mind right now.

the four corners:
an important/significant/main theme/event/influence/occurrence, highlight, in the near future
There is this decision – I think mice here refers to teamwork more than to a theft, but, yes, there’s a lot of worries and anxiety there – it will be going back and forth, as there are obstacles, delay, resistance in the way… so maybe no definite decision, or nothing definite happens, or perhaps the decision is about it taking more time than expected…

The querent's card
On top left corner (#2) top row
looking forward, future oriented
totally in control

cards around it;
This decision – also recognition, luck, beginning and trust
The decision will be a beginning for something new; I am a very fortunate woman, and I’ll sleep in peace. Kind of. Peace of mind.

mirrored by
to give up one's dreams in order to fulfil one's duty, painful ending, painful loss...

knighted by
my situation is connected with my health and news from official person, news that make a great impact to one’s life, a meddlesome person – perhaps also connected to my health

the key questions here:

There’s something about papers, some authority documents, the authority is protective of nature, I am being sheltered and protected.  There’s going to be some sort of movement, perhaps we’ll move – this “journey” will have positive effect to my health. There are some  complications to plans, uncertainty, doubts, perhaps some meddlesome person, a provider, patron, boss. It takes more time than expected, and it is emotional, but it will be fine. There are some negative secrets associated with this, some trickery going on… some deceitfulness…

the tree is mirrored by
There is a change on the way, but it is very uncertain, clouded, causing anxiety.

the tree is knighted by
My health is connected with home and money.
There is some hidden knowledge that will bring me to the harbor.
I will be having meetings that are connected to my health

Home – living situation
Something will come to an end, which is the key to the situation - the "protective authority" will probably see that we will move, and that is a good thing. I will be happy about it.
the house is mirrored by
Now there’s some trickery there… I think it might be suspiciousness – that the people who are putting sticks in my wheels are suspicious about us, questioning our motifs and needs and testimony, suspecting we are after getting benefits we don’t have right to… questioning our morality.

the house is knighted by
The home is strongly associated to my health; there will be success in the future about these problems with the home, but there are some complications on the road… because of this ambitious, ruthless, no-nonsense person… and there are negotiations and meetings ahead that are cause of a lot of anxiety. It will go well, though.

Then the houses the cards are in:
The Lady is in House of Clover - and the Anchor is in the House of Lady
So it's a very stabile and lucky, happy, fortunate month for me.

The tree is in House of Birds, and in the House of Tree is Tower - so... lot of talk and anxiety, and... isolation?
The house is in House of Clouds and in the House of House (LOL) is Letter
Worries, uncertainty and papers concerning my health... hmm...

About the timeline
The choice was in my immediate past, and in my immediate future is patience.
The child was my farthest past... it feels weird that there's so little past in this reading. I suppose I was so innocent and trusting about these matters in the past :-D SO innocent... Sucker.
The Stars are as long far in my future as this reading goes... and that's fulfilled dreams and wishes, fame and fortune.

Let's try some counting as well :-D
The lady is going to experience a big change in health because of some news about money though there are some secrets that cause obstacles
There will be some recognition about the house, coming up in a meeting, where there are problems, difficulties, pain, but a commitment will be made and the future is good

So - what about the Fate Line? Those four cards alone in the bottom row.
Well... it depends. This is supposed to be a definite future. Something that WILL happen, what ever else happens. Some people don't believe future is fixed. For those there are different ways of reading these four cards. They could for example mean a wish that will come true, or as an advice - "what should/can the querent do to make things better?"

(If you had used a 9x4 tableau, the "advice line" would have been tower - bouquet - sun - mountain
This is actually numerologically interesting... because with a 4x9 layout, you get rows of each number - all the house numbers of first row are numerologically 1. All the house numbers of second row are 2, third row is 3 etc. The Advice row is 5. The last row is 9.

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