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0 The Fool

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“Come to the edge”, he said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,” he said.
They came,
He pushed.
He pushed them . . .
And they flew.
- Guillaume Apollinaire


The Greek word for fool means - independent thinking and acting person.
(Not really. The Greek word for fool is τρελός, which means a crazy person. A mad person, a batty person, loony, loco, insane, berserk.)
In him the aura of a prophet is always at least implied.
The fool also symbolizes the complete belief that life is good and worth trusting. Some may say that he is too naive, but his innocence and purity keep him happy and bring him joy.

 Fool Card Kazanlar

This map is thought to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey. The focus here is on faith and hope, but if they are blind, they affect the asker as insecurity. This is an interesting card that highlights life's insecurity. Her appearance signals that it is important to believe in our own judgment and plan wisely. This is not a good time for binding commitments.

It symbolizes - faith, ideals, hope for a brighter future, the right to choose, and sincere recklessness.

Zero, or the Fool, a Tarot Card by Thalia Took

The fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how reckless, crazy or stupid your impulses may seem.

 Tarot for Cats, illustrated by Kipling West

Like 0, the Fool stands at the beginning of the big arcane, but also somehow away from the other cards.
In medieval castles, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as the others. He could notice and note, and then make fun of or ridicule. This makes it unpredictable and full of surprises. It reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. You have the feeling with this card that something is happening - nothing is certain or ordinary.
 0 - Le fou - Universal Fantasy Tarot par Paolo Martinello

Beginning the adventure, establishing the road.
The enthusiasm that accompanies the start of a project or idea.
There are new experiences ahead, expanding horizons, clarifying goals and ideas.
Without realizing the existence of obstacles, you approach the future with great optimism.
In such a state of mind, one is free to enjoy life, to indulge in majestic and sometimes unrealistic ideas about the future.

 John Everett Millais; Ferdinand Lured by Ariel - 1850 (The Fool of Decadent Dreams Tarot)

0 - The Fool
The first stream of potential vibration.
We have all the possibilities of life ahead of us. The potential to do anything. Thirsty for experience, striving for commitment in the spiritual life.
That which seeks to rise above the material.

Do not try to create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatever experience awaits and draws you closer to it, allow it to happen, and then move on without grabbing or holding on to it.

Every moment and with every step you leave the past behind.

The fool only bears his purity, innocence and faith. In harmony with everything that surrounds him and his intuition is at a stroke. At this point, he has the support of the universe to make that leap into the unknown. Adventures await him in the river of life.

The map shows that if you believe your intuition and your sense of things right now, you will not go wrong. Your actions may seem foolish to others, or even to yourself if you try to analyze them with your rational consciousness. Faith and innocence are the drivers here, not skepticism and past experience.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm illustrated by Julia Jeffrey

0 - The Seeker - A New Beginning
Isn't it time now to take the road, metaphorically or literally? Every time you take a trip, even if it is just a day trip, you take a spiritual journey.
Be open to all the bends and turns along the way.
Get ready for some wonderful surprises. Be open-hearted, trusting and spontaneous.
A whole new adventure is ahead of you - a chance for a fresh start and endless possibilities.

Gendron Tarot

from Journey Into The Hidden Realm
The world is a happy place with inviting energy.
Seeking potential opportunities is like a game for him, without prejudice. Not in a hurry for nowhere, no urgent plans or urgent decisions. So calm, he can easily hear the song of his heart throbbing for life. It is shaped by his soul and joy glows as he recognizes his heart's desire.
As she follows the song to her heart, allowing her tempo and melody to fill it, it will always be where it needs to be.

El Loco by Ciclomono

The fool marks a new beginning. You are surrounded by opportunities and potential, and as you choose once, everything is open to you. This is a good start for a fresh start.
To make the best choice, listen to your heart.
Some choices are best made with the mind, making solid plans, thinking ahead. But not here and not now. At that moment, you have the chance to leave your heart, which possesses the wisdom, inaccessible to the mind, to determine the direction for the next phase. Be open and listen.
As you adjust to your heart's desire, the path will become clearer.
Now take that step you know you want, you need it.



O. The Fool - Alexander Daniloff 2012 Tarot

The Fool is the map of endless possibilities.
His bag shows him that he has everything he needs to do or be, he just has to stop and unpack.
He is on his way to a whole new beginning.
But the card also carries a message of vigilance - be careful where you step so you don't fall and end up like a fool.

The Fool  (Birch)- Baum Tarot

A new time, a time to restart life.
Feeling of a fresh start, whether it's a romantic relationship, a career, some pursuits or intellectual pursuits.

Feeling of exceptional freedom, carefreeness and freshness, as if you were given a second chance.

Feeling young and energized.
The importance of the Fool is related to that youthful cheerfulness that we feel when we are at the beginning of a new adventure or have taken on a faith-filled journey. We anticipate the future and are unstoppable.

In addition, you usually have no idea where you are going or what to do. But it doesn't matter. For the Fool, the most important thing is to just go out and enjoy the world. See what he has to watch and enjoy everything.
In such a state, however, you can turn from enthusiasm and optimism to naivety.

Sometimes it's time to listen to that alert little puppy who may be a concerned friend, a wise tarot interpreter, or just your instincts.

As a card, Fool is firmly behind a fresh start.
You may be about to make another move to something big in your life.

And this is more than just a change, a renewal and a whole new beginning, there is still movement in the Fool, a fresh and exciting new time.

When the Fool comes up, we are reminded that there is time and risk in life, it is time to jump into the unknown before you look back.
This unusual energy brings fresh ideas and new directions to the old problems.

When you give up the rules, the results are always interesting.

The fool's energy is saturated but not focused and instability can be related to nervous tension.

Eccentricity, hope, optimism, innocence, ease, a new journey, childhood, thinking in new directions, excessive energy, nervous or mental tension, sexual uncertainty, look before you jump, loss of gambling, excessive risk with love or money, conservatism.

Dragon Age Fool by Qistina Khalidah

Map 0: The fool
Element: Air
Planet: Uranium
Zero here is just a way of saying he doesn't have a number.
He is beyond all systems: "I am not a number, I am a free man."
As such, it can be either at the beginning or at the end of the Grand Arcana, or somewhere in between.

It symbolizes continuity and childlike innocence - yet wise.
The fool shows the untapped potential in each of us.
Expect the unexpected when he shows up.
Influences that can have a dramatic effect on the decisions and choices you make.
Road trials will make you more experienced and maybe wiser.

The Fool from the Greenwood Tarot by Chesca Potter

If it is in the first position , consider the situation - it may be nonsense or the question may be wrong or you may be asking for wrong reasons.

Key symbols for further determining the meaning of the map:

The dog : loyalty and loyalty.
As we follow blissfully and with faith we are rewarded, we have protection above and all the details and details fall into place by miracle.

The bag - whatever you sow, you will reap. Reminds us of personal responsibility. We all have consequences. It contains the attributes of all the colors of the small Arcana - Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles.

The rose - our blind and beautiful faith, along with the attention we must pay to common sense (thorns). It is our driving force - our dream destination and why, it assures us that an adventure is worth every step.

Key Questions:
When thinking about the map, ask yourself the following questions:
Do I follow my dreams?
Do I respect my most basic desire?
How would the Fool do in my place?
What do I value more - my beliefs or image before the world?
Are you scared of adventure or practical questions?
If my life is my message - what message do I convey?

Alexander Daniloff 2010 Tarot

The Fool is the wild card in the deck, but when it comes up, it shows a chance to find out what your free will can create.

It's a powerful card because of all the possibilities that start from scratch and go to infinity.

Rumi Tarot by Nigel Jackson

Significance in positions for Past, Present and Future

In the Past position, the Fool may symbolize the asker, who has lost the time he or she could use for training, research, etc. It can show a lover of the past, especially if you had a deep connection with an artist or musician, or someone who lived outside the conventions of society.

A fool in the position for the present indicates that you are about to give up your obligations and limitations in search of a freedom to self-determine. This is the strongest card in the deck right now. Free will can literally move mountains right at this moment - Tarot shows you an ancient call - carpe diem - take advantage of the day!

In a position for the future , Fool probably shows that you are enjoying a new life. It may also indicate an approaching love affair or interest that is not common to any of your criteria.

Zigeuner Tarot

When the Devil is near the Fool, the pursuit of pleasure is about to lead to disaster. This combination occurs in addicts (to alcohol, drugs, etc.) who begin to act on the fringe of the law or beyond, unlike before. Naivety here will not help you. It also occurs when a woman leaves a stable relationship to be with the 'bad boy'.

The Fool is a great card when it's related to the Wizard , especially when they're related to you as a person. In this situation, the chance to break free from the fetters and create a new reality will be successful. If the Wizard is someone else, be careful. You slowly get tangled up in his lies and it can really cost you a lot - money, relationships with friends and family, etc.

It goes well with the Sun, Star and Moon , as these cards inspire your self, your abilities and your emotions, respectively. Each of these combinations brings you tangible results and deep insight.

With many Pentacles , a new venture can make you rich!

With many Swords cards, expect a lot of criticism for not being a 'follower'.

Rods are natural to the Fool, in fact he seems to be attracted to them; this combination reinforces and reinforces the idea of ​​following one's own muse.

With many Cups , see if it's not about love, and abandoning everything else is the likely outcome.

Start the journey. A leap into the unknown.

Keywords and phrases:
Innocence. Spontaneity.
The archetype of a newborn baby. Potential.
Start from scratch. You will be given a new chance.
New experiences. A new way of perceiving the world.
New opportunities. An important decision. Unexpected decision.
At the beginning of an adventure.
It's time for a change. Originality. Open mind.
Optimism. Child's astonishment. Naivety.
Fun. Freedom from prejudice.
A new stage in life. The excitement of discovering something new.
Carefree attitude. Surprise. Second birth.
Trust in fate.
Freedom, the feeling that nothing is stopping you.
Enthusiasm. Risk. Belief in higher powers.
The conviction that Providence sends you in the right direction.
Creative mismatch.
To start something new, you need to free yourself from the past.
Sudden impact.
Homosexuality. Bisexuality.
Zero - the number of net potential.
All things are possible.

Situation and advice:
The fool appears in the order when a new stage in life begins.
There may be promising opportunities coming to replace those who have only brought grief. Perhaps fate will require you to make important decisions that will open you the path.
A fresh start offers you different directions: you may be alone, you may start a new relationship, or a stranger will appear in your life, perhaps the people who surround you now will take part in your personal and professional growth.
The fool can also show a bisexual or homosexual person who will influence the situation.
This card shows that you have to take the risk, but optimistically, of being an innocent child.
You can find an unexpected solution to the problem if you look at your life from different angles, so you need to keep your mind open to new ideas.
A fool can mean a period characterized by outbursts of nervous energy, lack of clarity and uncertainty.
The sudden turn of events can get you off the rails, you will most likely feel confused.
You are now capable of original action.
It would be very wise to leave the past behind and start something new.
These actions will be considered to be wrong, which are in line with traditional and outdated methods: the collective subconscious suggests that you begin a new cycle of life.
A fool can point to the beginning of a true journey, especially if it is surrounded by maps symbolizing travel (Chariot, Wheel of Doom, World, 6M, 8G, QW).

Vintage Eutherapie Gringonneur Tarot le mat

People: Newborn. Kid. The one who starts something new. Mystic. Dreamer. Adventurer. Spectator. Traveler. The rogue. An innocent or inexperienced person. Eccentric, independent and extraordinary. Bisexual or homosexual. A teenager. Everyone who prepares or makes an important decision. The person who begins a new stage in life.

Tarot del Fuego

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