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1 - The Magician

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Creativity, Originality, Relying on Yourself, Self-confidence, Mastery, Power, Awareness, Attention, Mindfulness.

Power of action : supreme power over the material world of the power of divine origin ... - a person who, at a given stage, fully controls the situation. And the power is so great that in the time and circumstances at stake, this man is indeed the messenger of the gods.

Magician or Magician. This is the Magician, the Divine Messenger, Mercury, Hermes and Thoth.
This card symbolizes the will. This is the archetype of the Magician.
And it also implies the archetype of the crook - the cunning in the hands, the one who uses spectacular tricks.
A skillful, experienced, self-confident, powerful Magician. He uses all the tools at his disposal, calls upon all his powers, takes advantage of heaven, earth and all the elements to which he has access. This is how the Magician creates the future. All the possibilities unfold before him, all the directions he can take.

You can create power through will and will.
The magician uses higher energy and manifests it on Earth through himself.
The ancient magic of realizing what you imagine simply by saying it aloud.

Higher consciousness

 Magier, Zigeuner Tarot

Focus is on new endeavors and actions to fulfill your desires.
The card symbolizes skills, agility, sophistication, discernment, confidence and willpower.
These are the traits the asker needs to accomplish his goals.
However, it must be remembered that this card can also show treachery, betrayal. The drinker may feel manipulated and exploited by someone.
In such a situation, we must follow our instincts.

CB - When this card appears in the layout, attention should be paid to surrounding maps showing what starts and why.

 I. The Magician - Tarot del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo

Creative Power, Manifestation, Impact of the Will of the Magician, which is the union of heaven and earth.
He is the archetype of the active, masculine principle , he is the decisive main implementer and implementer.
It harnesses and curbs its power to penetrate and capture the universal powers of the world and use them for creative purposes .

It acts as a channel - one hand reaching out to the divine for inspiration, the other pointing to Earth to ground this mighty energy.
It takes the intangible, the unearthly, and gives it shape.
He represents personal will in union with the divine , which gives him the knowledge, power and ability to create and achieve the supernatural.
Eutherapie Gringonneur Tarot.

Wisdom and skills. Use of talents for a noble purpose.
Harmony with the environment. Power and influence. Good advisor.
Sensitivity to invisible forces. Independent thought.
You are aware of your role in society. Impressiveness and originality earn respect and followers. You have the confidence you need to take the risks and guide your life.
Strong will and self-discipline needed to complete a task or qualify.

 Austin Osman Spare, illustration from Earth Inferno (The Magician from Decadent Dreams Tarot)

Beth, Mercury
He always possesses this characteristic that the hat embodies - the passenger's inner isolation from the events he witnesses, although sometimes he even actively participates in them.
Freed from the cravings that often make people helpless, he is basically the observer who has the best look at every game.
The architect and the builder.
The fool who gains experience.
Directs channeled energy. Wisdom, magic, communication - Hermes.
The decisive step towards manifestation. The magician is a creative force whose energy is collected and organized in a further form.
 I L’ANGE DE L’AUBE EBLOUISSANTE - Tarot de l'ange libert√© by MYRRHA

1 - The Wizard
- Existence.
You are not casual. Existence needs you. Without you, there will be something missing and no one can replace you. It gives you a sense of personal dignity that your entire existence will sense your lack. When everything in the world senses that one place is empty and cannot be filled by anyone but you. This fills you with great joy, with the satisfaction that you are connected to the universe and she cares for you. Pure and open you can see the enormous love that overwhelms you from all dimensions.

The home is not a physical place in the outside world, but an intrinsic quality of relaxation and acceptance.

Now is the time to ask yourself and realize if you allow yourself to live in harmony with the universe. If so - enjoy.
If, on the other hand, you think the world is too far and out of your reach, it's time to catch your breath and look around. Come out tonight and look at the stars.

 Marie Meier Tarot Wildermann
1 - The Magician - The Spirit manifested

You are challenged to reach your personal power and use it.

You have the ability and ability to express your desires. Your sense of personal power is enormous.
You have learned how to focus your will and passions on a specific goal.
You know how to enter a sacred space and bring spiritual energy into the world of matter.

Your creativity fuels and blesses those around you.
The decisions come as you use your power in a responsible way.
Remember that when you are equated to the pulse of the earth, you have the power to heal the entire planet and all its creatures.


from Journey Into The Hidden Realm

The Wizard
Ancient magic is here and Maga is closely related to its miracles and action.
Fine curves appear on the surface and then disappear.
The magic begins with a deep connection with the elements and ends with a manifestation of what has always been there. The contradiction? Not exactly. The magician knows that the magic inherent in the earth lives in his body, because he and the earth are one, made up of the same elements containing the same divine spark.
He does magic, not when he controls, but when he releases, when he becomes what he was always destined to be.
Pointing to the ritual signs on his body he states - "You take the magic inside and it becomes a part of you ... and you allow it to change you."
His advice - "You change yourself and you change the world".

 Magician by Fyodor Pavlov

The magician points to a time of strength and opportunity. There is something you need to show. Through willpower and the skillful use of your emotions, intelligence and capabilities, you can accomplish great things.
To connect with the energy of the world, with the energy within you. Through this link you will understand what awaits creation in the world. Recognizing it, its manifestation through your magic becomes almost effortless.
 by Jazzberry Blue
The sorcerer is often portrayed as Mercury, the planet and God of enchanting tales and merchants, as well as of the skilled with hands (he is also the God of thieves).
The magician is still inspired by the Fool's creative power, but now he has the skills and discipline to make it a reality.
Dreams need conscious work and effort to make them come true.
A magician is a great omen for new opportunities, the importance of new endeavors, and that you will have the will and the enterprise to succeed, with whatever you can tackle. You will be able to think through things yourself and go through all the difficulties.

The magician is aware that we are born ready for this life. We all have the tools and internal resources to use. The magician reminds us that everything we need to live a superb life is accessible to us as long as we are only perfecting the gifts of our potential and not becoming a victim of circumstances.

This card expresses the ability to communicate and connect with others and the world.
Maga tells us to believe in ourselves, in our own capabilities. It offers flexibility and mastery.
When we pull a Mag, it means that we have more power than we realize to change the circumstances around us. The map reminds us of our unlimited potential.

A key sign here is the Symbol of Infinity (Lemniskà), which shows the infinite and infinite essence of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and Maga has this knowledge. The symbol of infinity above his head indicates that he understands how the energy of thoughts always leads to consequences. In some decks, this sign is also located on his throat - symbolizing the immense power of the word spoken.

Energy is endless and our ability to handle it is the key.

The magician is usually the person who knows what he wants, does not hesitate to act on the matter, and there is no reason to hesitate - he is confronted with all the tools that may need him.
( The cool, airy Sword of Intelligence and Communication ,
The fiery Wand of spirituality and ambition ,
The overflowing Glass of Love and feelings ,
A solid Pentacle of work, possessions and the body .
- Here their power is raw, not yet directed, but with them he can create anything, make everything in his life.

The energy of the card handles the words and dexterity of the hands. When it comes to watching for you, use the moment to act because things depend solely on your initiative in the particular situation. You have the ability to be adept at negotiating to achieve what you expect. In short, things are in your hands - figuratively and literally.
You are now able to persuade people.

In the inverted position:
It can only talk about blocked energy - that is, at the moment you do not believe in your success, you do not have the necessary tools for the purpose, the case is not convenient for you, etc. But it can also talk about a more unpleasant aspect, such as fraud. Mercury is the god of communication, of travel, but also of commerce, and hence there is a tendency to lie and deceive. However, the illusionist does not do any miracles, he just fools you into thinking so.

... I would not sign any contracts at this stage at all because there is a serious chance that someone will mislead you and not tell you all the information.
During this period, it is very likely a pushy but charismatic trader to sell you something you don't need or just doesn't work. They may give you false information, misdiagnose you, persuade you to come up with an idea that you don't like. So just be on the lookout.

The negative is the importance of fraud, delusion, warning to be careful who you trust. It can also mean that you lose confidence in yourself and are indecisive.

 Magician - Boris Monosov Tarot
Possession of special knowledge.
Focused energy.
Creating plans and forming long-term ideas and actions.

The case is starting to take shape and the rest will be up to you.

Archetype - son.
The magician is able to achieve his goal, make decisions.
Displays the results of disciplined training.
It changes with the willpower.
Ability to use creative power.
Creative visualization. Disciplined actions.
The desire to learn something new. Confident in myself.
Predicting the future. Determination.
The ability to learn from trial and error.
Opportunities. Possible quick fix.
Hand agility.
Adapts to change. Courage.
The desire to be the center of attention. Praise.
Medicine ability, languages.
Creating new long-term projects.
Modern technologies.
Central nervous system. Lung. Hands.
The five senses. Androgens.
He is the master of his destiny and soul.

Situation and advice:
You will soon be able to reap the benefits of long and disciplined training.
To achieve your goals, you or someone you trust can use your talents and strengths.
It is a good time to start new projects because you are now the master of your destiny.
All you need is in your hands.
You will be able to deal with the new situation, take action and focus on realizing potential opportunities.
You can present yourself in a favorable light for those who are interested in your knowledge and experience.
Right now, creative thinking can help you, it might make sense to continue your education.
You can take full advantage of your organizational skills.
You will be successful in financial affairs.
The magician shows that you need to observe, experiment, be receptive, improve your skills and learn to control the world.
If you have asked for health, the magician points to a surgeon, an experienced therapist.

 Kazanlar Tarot

Son, brother, man. Those who manipulate the physical world.
A politician who properly disposes of his power.
Writer. Magician. Illusionist. Engineer. Inventor. Agent.
Anyone who understands technology and can work with a variety of tools.
Entrepreneur. Alchemist. Master. Guide.
Children from five years to a teenager. The speaker. Linguist. Painter. The scientist.
Medical practice. Neurosurgeon. Craftsman. Psychotherapist

 Vision Quest Tarot

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