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The Empress

The Tarot Guide

Gill deck

 Does this card make you think of your mother? Or ANY mother? Or is it just a sexy lady? Not saying your mother isn't a sexy lady, but with Empress the "mother" vibes should trump the "sexy lady" vibes. Even "the ruler" vibes should trump the "sexy lady" vibes. Sex is good, but it's not all this card is about. It's not even the main thing, even though this card stands for Astarte/Ishtar, the Goddess of sex and fertility and procreation

Undead Journey - a Major Arcana deck by Stef Tastan

3 - The Empress
Fertility, Abundance, Material Wealth and Grace, Pleasure, Well-being.

God cannot be everywhere, so He created the mother, a Jewish proverb
The Empress rules the created world. She is the archetypal Mother Earth, fertile and generous. It expresses all the abundance and the gift that can be obtained on the physical plane. It is Naturalness, Feeling, and creating life and caring for it with love and devotion.
Esoterically, it is the completed or realized and realized aspect of the feminine principle, initiated by the High Priestess. Knowledge planted in the subconscious of the High Priestess developed in material results.

The focus here is on existence, rather than activity, on existence in harmony with inner feelings and emotions. This card symbolizes fertility, feelings, emotions, development, creativity and creativity, fertility and abundance. The Empress shows that the asker will be rewarded as a result of fruitful work. The drinker should not be disappointed with the delays, but trust in his instincts; his success is yet to come.

S.V. - The Empress symbolizes emotions and shows the asker the importance of following her instincts and feelings. The drinker should not be redirected by thought or action.

Spiral Tarot

3 Empress - it is illuminated by Venus
symbol of - union of opposing forces - energy and form, strength and stability ...
pregnant mother pictured. arch. of great and ancient power and relics. all the creative energy of love.
ref. - may be a sign of a violent love affair or marriage. For an already established couple - a child or creative work in which they will be together.
A fruitful work for the artist.
Material well-being.

The abundance is in the threes.
Feed your mind with knowledge so that you can gain wisdom.
Feed your body good nutrition so you can stay healthy.
Feed your soul with love, so you will achieve inner peace.
When you take care of yourself, you get more abundance to share with those around you.

The Empress by Cathy McClelland (Star Tarot)

-------------- creativity -------------------- nature in its tangible aspect. The ever-renewing and re-creating power of nature. The concrete, tangible reality .---

beauty, intelligence and spiritual strength.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
Wisdom and Understanding, Joining the forces of Origin and Creation
  Wildwood tarot
Wreathed in oak leaves, The Greenwoman stands behind her great cauldron of milk. In each hand she protectively holds creatures from the Wildwood that are as yet unfamiliar to us.  'Welcome traveller,' she smiles. 'You have reached the time of the Summer Solstice, the time of our greatest power!  Behold my cauldron – the milk within shows that I am The Great Mother of all life. I am the sheela-na-gig who pours the world from her womb. “
 Cosmos Tarot

3. - The Emetrica
- creativity and strength
Being creative is a quality you bring to the activities you do. It's an attitude, an internal approach - how you look at things ... Not everyone can be an artist - and they don't need to. And not everyone can be a dancer. But everyone can be creative.

Whatever you do if you do it with joy, with love, if you do it not only from an economic point of view, then it is creative creativity. If any of this emerges within you, if it makes you grow, it is spiritual, it is constructive, it is divine. Love what you do. Be contemplative as you do it - whatever it is!

The important thing is to be open to what wants to be expressed through you.
Remember, we do not own our creations, they do not belong to us.
True creativity grows out of union with the divine, the mystery.
Then it is both - a joy for the creator and a blessing for the rest.

Fertility / Abundance
The 'Hygeia' canvas art piece by Gustav Klimt,
The Empress of Decadent Dreams Tarot

The case is matured. Your patience and waiting will be rewarded.

Mother. Fertility. Abundance. Healing. Growth. The ability to love and to be loved.

The Queen of Life. The mother archetype.
According to Jung - Anima the archetype.
The cradle of life. Fertility. Prosperity.
Creativity. Productive activities. Education.
Healing. Love. Harmony. Union. Synthesis.
Sensitivity. Creativity.
The prolonged period of growth.
Material amenities. Status. Social status.
Beautiful house. Rich garden. Abundance.
Physical love and affection. Female sexuality. Marriage. Pregnancy. Birth.
Motherhood. Mother's instincts.
Good harvest.
The desire to help others.
Focusing on life processes.
Good result of hard work.
The transition from one stage of growth to another.
Realized potential. Fee. Good fate.

 Kazanlar Tarot

Situation and advice:
The Empress is a good luck card suggesting fertility, sexuality and reproduction.
Now is the time to show creative instincts and take decisive action. Any creative activity will produce good results.
You like your work because it gives your life beauty and sensuality, it may give you material comfort.
Your hard work will be financially rewarded.
Sexual relations are satisfying.
This card can mean marriage, pregnancy (especially in combination with 3H) or childbirth. If you are expecting a baby, pregnancy and childbirth will go well.
Reap the fruits of your labor, surround yourself with beauty and material comfort.
Share your feelings, you are able to give and receive love.

  Tarot by Anna Maria D'Onofrio

People: mother. Wife. A significant woman.
A woman with well-developed maternal instincts.
Someone who is always ready to help.
An influential woman. Pregnant woman. A royal woman. Woman - employer.
Royal origins.
Creative personality. One of the parents.
Someone with authority and a high position.
An important woman will appear in your life.
For men, this is the woman of his dreams.

Emily Balivet

Catherine the Great

Tarot Cards by Grace Kwon

Wilder Mann Tarot  --   Bonne Aventure Tarot
both by Marie Meier
Le Tarot de l'Ange Liberté - Myrrha

Millennial Gaia by Oberon Zell

Prisma Visions Tarot

Stained-Glass Windows Tarot by Luigi Scapini

The Fairytale Tarot 

3. THE EMPRESS The Empress is Earth Mother, Faery Queen, 
full moon, the first myth. Hers is the way of women, of nature. 
To know the Empress is to know the flow, harmony and cycles of nature.  
[The New Tarot Deck by Jack Hurley, Rae Hurley and John Horler, 
with illustrations by Horler, 1974.]

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