Monday, October 28, 2019

Fortune Telling Dolls

I love these things!

It's a doll with a skirt of fortunes.


The Sibyl Fortune Teller
If the truth you wish to learn
Give my base a quarter turn
Find your question in this book
On its number closely look
The color too just keep in mind
Then on the base your birth month find
On nearest fold of selfsame hue
Find your answer clear and true

The little booklet has all kinds of questions, set under a planet or deity, like Venus or Apollo, like "Shall I or shall I not" and "Ought I go to a lawyer about it". Typical questions from 20s oracles etc. All questions under a specific deity is on a different colored page. The skirt then has all possible answers to these questions, like a Magic 8 Ball.

My biggest problem with my oracle doll was to come up with fortunes :-D
I was thinking that one could take the daily horoscope from a newspaper or something like that; fortune cookie fortunes, and glue on the skirt.

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