Monday, October 28, 2019


Short recap of Marion Williamson's article Lithomancy in Soul and Spirit magazine

1: set up
- use 10-16 stones or crystal. 10 for each of the Astrological planets, others for things like fortune, hope, faith, love, news, home life, unexpected events, opportunities and so on.
- use 10-16 stones or crystals
-- use one stone for each of the Astrological planets.
2: divide the circle
- take a large piece of paper or cloth
- divide it into 12 equal sections, each one representing a house of the zodiac.
3: decide your time frame
- next hour? Tomorrow? Next week, month, year?
4: ask for support
- place the stones in a bag or bowl. Run your fingers through them. Think about the guidance you need.
5: let the stones fall
- you can let them fall into the circle or mindlessly pick one at a time and place in the circle
6: read the signs
- start with house 1 and move around clockwise.
- find out the keywords of each planet and each house, and read the circle like astrology

(Now, Marion is an astrologer, so of course to her this would be obvious and easy - but if you are not, divide the circle into as many segments as you think your life has areas and name the areas - and name the stones the "hope, faith, love, fortune" way - or like tarot cards or anything like that, that has a meaning to you.)

Look for patterns in the cast, a bit like a teacup reading.
Look if there are clusters of stones in a particular area of the circle. This means you need to pay extra attention to that area of life.
If you use pointed stones, the direction of the arrows will give you more information. 

Other possible ways to use the stones:

Love dilemma:
- divide the circle into as many parts as you have love interests and name the sections
- assign meaning to the stones, like "forget about it", "keep it a secret", "a fun fling", "marriage material", "overthinking it", "run for the hills", "magnetic attraction", "it's not over", and so on

"The most important thing to remember is that it's you who holds the answers. So if you think a particular stone's meaning should be different  to it's traditional interpretation, or that a different crystal should be used to represent another planet, trust your instincts - that's the whole point of the reading"

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