Monday, November 9, 2020

A multiple front attack :-D

 My question is: 

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo. I have been dreaming of being an author for 40 years now, but haven't managed to actually write a book. I have participated in NaNo, and even won - once - with a hotchpotch of ramblings. I write a lot. I probably write more than 10.000 words every day. But I just can't get the stories from ideas and images into a coherent story.

So, my question is - will I manage to write a coherent first draft this November, and how?

I am fond of complicated things, and I love combining several divination methods. 

So, here's a multiple front approach :-) (Not attack, no-one is attacking anyone :-D)

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Nothing fell in place right away.

On first row, the clover - This drawing means luck in general.
The clover is surrounded by empty, the knight, the apple, the stork (counted because it's a full image), the dog, and the fox
(I don't remember how it was laid down, because I completed the pictures... dang it. I should have noted that.)
(the unexpected; news; love and friendship; something new; friends and fidelity; cunning, deception, betrayal and lies)

On second, the stork (The apple would have formed, if not the stork had been there. It can be read: first stork happens, then the apple)
Represents the arrival of a baby. or a move to another place. In general it is something new or a big change.
The stork is surrounded by
- the branches (the rupture or reconciliation in the family environment)
- the birds (liberation, of joy, of fun, of overcoming obstacles)
- the apple (love and friendship)
- the money (money)
- the crayfish (our destiny, above all it refers to our ability to react to life circumstances)
- the scythe (the hand of destiny that alters some aspect of our life. It represents everything that is beyond our control and against which little or nothing we can do. It can also warn us that we are running out of time)

the apple (related to love or friendship) by
- the birds (liberation, of joy, of fun, of overcoming obstacles)
- the owl (intelligence. Applied to the projects that we have to carry out, it means that we will have to act wisely, patiently, meditating each step)
- empty
- the pig (earthly pleasures)
- the money (money)
- the stork (something new)

on fourth row we have the book (something secret that is finally revealed to us)
surrounded by rooster (awakening, for better or for worse)
the bridge (our ability to change circumstances)
the horse (emotions)
the black cat (unpredictable, occult, hidden danger)
the bear (good results as a result of effort and work)

On last row the lady, the heart and the scales

The lady (a woman, support, help, advice)
surrounded by
the palace (It is a symbol of safety and protection, but based on effort, not luck.)
the snake (the woman, vulnerability, betrayal, bad news, attack)
the lilies (happiness, beauty and love)
empty space

The heart (love)
- firewood (physical health)
- stars (destiny)
- moon (peace and also fertility)
- scales (justice and balance)
- empty

The scales (justice and balance)
- firewood (physical health)
- scythe (the hand of destiny that alters some aspect of our life. It represents everything that is beyond our control and against which little or nothing we can do. It can also warn us that we are running out of time)
- heart (love)
- empty

On fourth column we have the mice
This figure represents loss or theft
- the ring (the commitment, the union of two people)
- the fish (physical and spiritual abundance)
- the scythe (the hand of destiny that alters some aspect of our life. It represents everything that is beyond our control and against which little or nothing we can do. It can also warn us that we are running out of time)
- the owl (intelligence. Applied to the projects that we have to carry out, it means that we will have to act wisely, patiently, meditating each step)
- the dagger (a threat of grave danger)
- the horseshoe (luck in an unexpected way, that is, a stroke of luck, or deserved success thanks to effort)
I would count the stork and the apple there, too

On second row we have almost dog, almost ring, and almost sun
On third row almost money and almost letter
On second column we have almost devils
on third column almost stars
fourth row almost ship
last column almost fish and almost pig

These "almost" images are things that almost happened. Something happened that made it not happen. What that "something" was, is the cards in between the halves of the image. 

For example, here you have half of the dog on first tile, and the other half on the third. The tile separating them is the anchor (stability) - the birds (joy) - the scythe (unavoidable fate) - the ring (commitment). Hmm... My faithful writing is stopped by my stabile commitment to joy and gossip, which is unavoidable? :-D I spend too much time on the internet :-D
The ring on the second tile and the ring on the fourth tile are separated by stork-dog-lilies-handshake, but mostly handshake, because that image is on the same row with the ring halves. The handshake stands for union. So - my commitment to NaNoWriMo is stopped by the union... and beauty/loyalty/birth of something new. Er...?
Then we have the sun on first and last card. Now, some people actually count this as a full image, because if this layout was a cylinder, and not a square, they would be joined.

So... I would say that the co-operation between my husband and me is not going to happen.
I don't think I'll write my draft this time either, though if I start working, I'll get something. But right now it looks more "almost" to me :-D
I mean... everything becomes something if one works on it, and nothing if one doesn't. That's obvious. But I say the omens are good, and I really wish I would actually harken to this divination. (I know it sounds stupid, as if I wasn't in total control of myself! But I do, and I know myself and I know I'm a slob. I'm good at a lot of things, but extremely good at only one; procrastination...)

I am sorry, but I find it very hard to concentrate. I do hope this gives you at least something. I would appreciate it, if you shared your insights and ideas and what you learned from this.

For Tarot I'm going to use Amy Lamash's layout  with Jolanda den Tredjes Tarot 

1 What you are doing right
5 of cups

2. What you are doing wrong
9 of pentacles

3. Advice
King of wands

4. How things may go if you don't take the advice
4 of pentacles

5. How things may go if you do take the advice
4 of wands

6. What are you going to learn from all this?
Star R

Contemplating the cards
In Five of Cups there's a girl sitting and waiting, surrounded by cups of tears. The name of the card is "Disappointment". I think I'm that girl. Purely intuititiely, I'd say what I am doing right is not having high expectations. I am probably not going to manage to do this, with 40 years of experience.
Now, the meaning of five of cups is "regret, failure, disappointment, pessimism". So - sounds about right.

What I'm doing wrong? There is the sun throwing money down on the little angels, and the name of the card is "profit" (or "victory", or "winning" - it's the same word in Swedish) - So, what I am doing wrong is expecting any kind of economical gain from writing this book :-D
(It's going to be a huge hit, though, because it's really good ;-))
Meaning of 9 of Pentacles: "abundance, luxury, self-sufficiency, financial independence"
Again, sounds close enough

The advice is the King of Staffs.... In this picture there is a king sitting on a throne of horses with a sfinx kind of a woman on his breastplate and birning "skirt". It looks more like the Sfinx woman is the one sitting on the throne, and the king is a guard standing behind the throne.  He wears a crescent staff and a horse helmet - not a crown... which makes him look even more like a guard and not a king.
Advice...? Let passion burn? Just sit down and write? At night?

The meaning of the card is "natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honour"
It basically means, "take the control of your life, motivate people around you, lead the way, be the leader and role-model. Don't worry about what others think about you, dare to be different, be optimistic, fearless, action-orientated. Keep your freedom, don't follow rules too much."

If I don't take the advice - four of coins and stability. There are four golden sunflowers growing inside a castel, and there's a fish swimming in front of it. Looks like if I don't take the advice, I will succeed and create myself a steady income and security. Er... what? I am not supposed to write NaNos, I assume.
Meaning of 4 of pentacles: "saving money, security, conservatism, scarcity, control"

If I take the advice - four of staffs. There's four totem poles inside a jungle and fire burning them, and a dove is flying above them. It gives me a feeling of freedom, but wild, savage freedom. The totem poles are two eagles (or perhaps the other bird is an owl. It looks like Sam the Eagle from Muppets.) A goat buck. A person, looks like an Egyptian woman with a beard, Hatshepsut? The jungle looks like holly. What does holly symbolize? Christmas, protection, everlasting life, blood? Sounds very... belligerous, aggressive, passionate life of struggles... Uh... doesn't look nice to me.
Though it is. "Celebration, joy, harmony, relaxation, homecoming". Fulfillment. Satisfaction.

What I am going to learn from all this?
The Star... it's a woman wearing polar bear skin looking over a pond with waterlilies, frogs and stonepeople, behind her is the universe with multiple stars and glaxies. She is smiling and looks confident. Ebveryone looks happy. Except some of the stone people. It gives me Magician vibes. I suppose I am that woman, as an author, working my magic, making the stonepeople, the words do my bidding, controlling universes... Except that it's upside down.
Now, what does reversed cards means?
It could be that the energy of the card is diminished, obstructed, stopped, perhaps even reversed. Star card signifies hope, faith, feeling inspired and blessed. In reverse it might mean hopelessness, not having faith in the process, feeling uninspired and cursed. This "fate" is not in the stars for me.
It might mean that it's not really important. Like, in this case I'm not going to learn anything much about this.
It might mean troubles, challenges, problems, difficulties - in this case that I will find it hard to learn what I am learning, the teaching is going to be tough and painful.

Reversed meaning: Lack of faith, despair, self-trust, disconnection

Oracle card
Colette's Wisdom of the Oracle deck.
(Absolutely beautiful, btw.)

Peace reversed
(Freedom from attachments, radical acceptance)
(open-mindedness, being adaptable, flexibility)
Clean It Up
(freedom from a burden, sweeping away what is no longer needed)

So - as far as I can see, there's no meaning given to the positions of the cards, but let's say, I'll manage NaNo if I just sit down and write, don't give a crap about expectations or anything, but just do it.


Another "free card reading" app online gave me Archangel Michael - The Emperor from Angel Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine. It is very similar to that King of Wands from tarot reading.

Anyway, the question is "will I manage to win NaNoWriMo, and if so, how?", and this card says "Organization and logic. Structure and discipline. Leadership." Basically, sit down and write. Plan and follow the plan. And, sure, that's the way to do it. 

I would need to know HOW I can do that, though :-D

The answer was

*sigh* "it’s important to go within and listen to your intuition as to what to do next"


Yes, yes, I know exactly what I need to do. Just write. It's not complicated, but it's not easy done for that. :-D

Then Geomancy

I used this online Geomancy reading generator. (I don't see any difference in letting computers do the randomizing thing, or you using coins or what ever else method you use.)

You will read the First Witness, Rubeus, The Second Witness (Albus) and The Judge (Conjunctia)
The First Witness talks about what lead to this situation, and Rubeus (red) stands for passion, rash decisions, wilful wants and hotheadedness. The Second Witness talks about where the situation leads, and Albus (white) stands for the exact opposite of Rubeus - success through patience and wise decisions, balance, thinking before acting, keeping head cool, strategies, planning and all this stuff.
The Judge is the Outcome. I will be able to win NaNoWriMo by combining red and white, passion with planning, harnessing the explosive energy through wise and patient work. I mean, come on, is there something surprising in any of this? :-D

The "Reconciler" is used if the Judge isn't clear. In this case it is, but Fortuna Minor is a good omen, "lesser fortune". It's not as clear as Fortuna Major, that is, the victory isn't as easy and grand, but it's a good, steady, reliable success. 

Some people think that if a figure appears more than 3 times, the reading is void - and I got Fortuna Minor five times :-D
Now, I don't agree with it. 

Also, the other figures also have meaning, and should be considered as clarifying details for a full reading, some read only the Mothers (upper right corner, here Amissio, Conjuntio, Rubeus and Fortuna Minor.
First Mother, Amissio (Loss) reflects influences at the beginning.
Second Mother, Conjuntio (Union) talks about the factors in early development.
Third Mother, Rubeus (Red), is about later development and
Fourth Mother (Fortuna Minor) gives further insight into the final outcome.

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