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The Real Gypsy Guide to Fortune Telling by Deborah Durbin

 The Real Gypsy Guide to Fortune Telling by Deborah Durbin

Really nice book about several divination methods. I'm going to post the chapter about ribbon divination - something I have never even heard of before reading this book - as a sample of how she writes, but go find the book, there's much more than this in it. She talks about tea/coffee readings, runes, dominoes, dice, pendulums, angels, numerology, crystals, pyromancy, moon, and also some traditional superstition. 

Ribbons used in readings date back to Celtic times and folklore tales of travelling gypsies, offering their handmade crafts and bright-coloured ribbons, reveal that when they sold a ribbon, usually for ladies to wear in their hair or to attach to their clothes, they would also give them a free ribbon reading, depending on the colour ribbon they bought.

How to do your own Ribbon Readings

Ribbon Readings are a good way to not only predict the outcome of your future, but also give you a good idea of who you really are. As with any form of divination, for a Ribbon Reading to be successful, it is essential to find a place where you can have five minutes’ peace and quiet.

Prior to using your ribbons, leave them laid out on a window-sill that catches the light of a full moon. This will cleanse and energise each individual ribbon.
What you will need

14 plain-coloured ribbons (about 12 inches in length).
The colours should be: Light pink, dark pink, orange, green, peach, turquoise, navy blue, light blue, purple, silver, white, red, black, yellow.
Three patterned ribbons (about 12 inches in length).
A silk or velvet purse or a small wooden box to keep the ribbons in.

How to read your ribbons

Place all the ribbons inside your silk purse or wooden box and give them a little mix around. Now you can begin your reading.
Think of a question or a situation you want answered or resolved, and without looking in the bag/box take out one ribbon and place it on a table in front of you. Repeat this six more times – be sure to remember the order of the ribbons you have taken out. You may find it’s easier to lay them so that the first is the top, the second below it and so on.

Starting from the top, your ribbons relate to the following areas of your life:
Ribbon One: Your personality and who you are.
Ribbon Two: Any negative aspects in relation to your question/situation.
Ribbon Three: Any positive aspects in relation to your question/situation.
Ribbon Four: Suggested action to take.
Ribbon Five: Your strengths.
Ribbon Six: Your weaknesses.
Ribbon Seven: The outcome.

Read each ribbon in order.

Below is a list detailing the meaning of each ribbon:
Red – You are passionate and fiery, but may find it difficult to maintain a steady relationship. Red ribbons also show someone who needs to become more spiritual in order to be happy. Remember, material things are not the be all and end all. Home and family are important to you. A marriage proposal could be on the way.
Black – Black is the sign of protection. You are very protective of yourself and fam- ily. Black can signal that you have been through an emotional time lately. This colour is also associated with someone who is drawn to all things of an occult na- ture, so you would be advised to listen to your intuition. Watch out for someone who is not all they seem.
Light Pink – You are open and tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, however you are very positive and optimistic in life. Don’t take everything so personally and try not to take on other people’s emotions.
Dark Pink – As above, but you are much more open with your feelings and emo- tions, which is not always a good thing. Try to hold back a little and don’t reveal everything about yourself too soon.
Orange – You tend to take things to excess and have a bit of an addictive person- ality. The advice here is to try and calm down a bit. If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Listen to your inner voice, it’s always right.
Peach – Be your own best friend. You can be your own worst enemy sometimes. Don’t let other people influence you too much. Decisions might have to be made, so weigh up the pros and cons before coming to a decision.
Yellow – You have good prospects if you choose the yellow ribbon and will get to where you want to easily. Money, success and prosperity are close by and this happy, sunny ribbon tells that life is good.
Green – Passionate and loving about nature, this ribbon suggests that you are hap- pier in the great outdoors. Don’t give too much to others. The message here is to find a balance between giving and receiving.
Turquoise – This shows that you are a strong character and often act as a support to others. You recover quickly from illness and can take huge amounts of stress. You are a natural advisor, but be careful that someone doesn’t take it for granted.
Navy Blue – Blues are associated with having a natural talent for mediumship, clairvoyance and all things of a supernatural nature. Your talents in this area will soon grow and you should go with your gut instinct.
Light Blue – As with navy blue, but you are not yet aware of your talents. Find a spiritual circle or support where you can grow your talents and mix with like- minded people.
Purple – You are a natural carer and nurturer and have a real zest for life. Use this to your advantage. People are drawn to you like a magnet and you often play the role of the nurturer.
Silver – You are a young head on old shoulders. Wise beyond your years you would be wise to investigate past life regression. Looking back on your family tree will reveal many interesting secrets.
White – Like the simplicity of the colour white, you like a simple life. Get rid of anything that is holding you back. Clear out the old clutter in your life, so that you can live in harmony.

Patterned Ribbons

If you choose a patterned ribbon, first look carefully at the colours within the patterns and read the relevant colours.

If the pattern is:
Stripy – This ribbon shows that you can be a bit prickly at times, but you are also a born organiser. Use this skill to get to the top of the ladder. You don’t have the best patience with people sometimes, so try to learn a little.
Spotty – This shows that you are well balanced, but a little disorganised. You can be prone to overspending. Try to curb the overindulging too.
Zigzags – This shows that you have the ability to get on with people from all walks of life. Use this to your advantage. You would make a good counsellor, mentor or Samaritan.

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