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Egyptian Dream Scrying

Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of dreams to bring messages
from their many gods. Their methods of dream scrying may be traced
back thousands of years and were recorded in their ancient texts and
on hieroglyphic writings. Some of their techniques were later used by
other ancient civilizations. There's Greek magical papyri describing
the Egyptian dream scrying, which were written between 200 B.C. to 500

The priests and priestesses used scrying as part of their initiation
ceremonies. Water or oil was placed in a darkened vessel. The Initiate
would enter an altered state then gaze into the vessel. Images would
appear with messages about the work and destiny of the Initiate.

On the day you scry - find a place of solitude and remain alone. You
must not speak to anyone on the evening you plan to scy. You should
remain in silence after the setting of the sun.

Do not consume alcohol on that day or engage in sex. You must refrain
from consuming food for up to four hours before the scrying.

Take a warm relaxing bath then anoint your temples with olive oil. You
will need an oil lamp which must not be coloured red or bear any

Choose the God you wish to address. Thoth was well used by Egyptians.

Write on a short narrow strip of white linen with ink mixed with myrrh
the name of the dream God and the purpose for the dream scrying. Twist
the linen strip into a wick and insert into the oil of the lamp. Place
the lamp on a table beside your bed.

Using the ink draw the image of the dream God upon your left palm.

Light your lamp. Kneel before the lamp.

Concentrating on the image on your left hand recite the following
invocation :

Thoth, (use name of desired god) I invoke, blessed power of
dreams divine,
Angel of future fates, swift wings are thine,
Great source of oracles to human kind,
When stealing soft, and whispering to the mind,
Through sleep's sweet silence and the gloom of night,
Thy power awake the sight,
To silent souls the will of heaven relates,
And silently reveals their future fates.

Concentrate on your question. Around your left hand wrap a piece of
black linen about four inches wide and about thirty inches long. The
black cloth is called the black eye of Isis. - the Magic of Isis - or
Black Isis.

Blow out the lamp's flame. Clear your mind and go to sleep.

Have a tape recorder or pen and paper beside your bed so that when you
awaken you may record your dreams while still fresh in your mind.

You will find that the dream will come to you in a voice that is clear
and powerful rather than in dream images. Sometimes the messages are
in symbols - cryptic forms. Take your time in deciphering the messages
you have received. You may want to use a dream dictionary to interpret
messages given, if possible. They are often archetypes from your
subconscious mind, perhaps from an Egyptian lifetime.

Talking-to-Ancestors Ritual

As the Moon wanes in Pisces, this is a wonderful time to connect to,
and ask for messages from, our ancestors.
Begin your work by finding a few pictures of an ancestor you want to
contact. Place these pictures on your altar, and light some ceremonial
Then make some dream tea (two parts valerian, two parts hops, one part
mugwort, and one part licorice). You can find loose herbs at any
health food store.
After brewing a good cup, drink it while visualizing the qualities and
other traits of your ancestors.
Then say: "Healing tea, let me sleep. Bring me messages from the
deep." Ask for messages from these relatives, and then lie down to sleep.
In the morning write down your dreams. You will likely have had a

by Jonathan Keyes
Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day 07/06/04

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