Thursday, March 6, 2014

Belarussian traditional divination

From 7 to 19 January magical time comes for Belarusian girls. These days one can learn about the future, and the girls gladly take this opportunity. In Belarus people believe that all the results of divination from 7 to 19 January necessarily true. That is why so many people put a candle near the mirror and make wishes before bedtime. Divination held in the evening or at night.

Divination with mirrors and candles.
You have to take two small mirrors and one candle. Light a candle and place it on the table. On both sides of the candle, put two mirrors so that they are placed opposite each other.
Mirrors  create an endless corridor. You should look into this corridor. During guessing you can not talk. After the end of divination lower mirror glass down on the table. You can not look in the mirror on these three days.

Divination with water
This is one of the easiest ways of divination. Comb your hair. Put the comb in a glass of water.  Place a glass in your bed and go to sleep. Before going to bed, say the phrase: "My destiny, come to me and move across the bridge." You have had a dream. He will tell you about your life.

Divination on name of the guy (girl)
Cut the paper into 12 equal strips. For 11 strips write different male (female) names. One strip should stay clean. Fold the strips, mix them up and put under the pillow. In the morning pull one strip from under the pillow. The name on the paper will be the name of your guy (girl). If you got a clean strip, this year you will be one.

Divination on wax
Take a cup of water and a candle. Light a candle and wait. When the candle builds up a bit of melted wax, tilt the candle wax and carefully pour in a cup of water.
You should carefully examine the shape of solidified wax.

Divination on the fence
This is a very simple divination (if you can find a wooden fence, of course). Go out to the street, go up to the fence. Stretch your arms wide apart, close your eyes. You have to touch the fence boards. Remember which the board were last. After that, everything is very simple: count the number of boards that you managed to capture. Even number: you will not be alone, odd number: this year you're not lucky in love.

Divination on shoes
Take your shoe. Walk up to the threshold and stay a back to it. You have to throw a shoe at the back. Toe shoes will show you the direction from which you will come to the fate (or love). If toe shoes points to the threshold, you'll be in this year alone.

From My Native Belarus

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