Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crystal Gazing

From Scott Cunningham: Divination for Beginners

Crystal Gazing is best performed at night, ideally on the full moon or during its waxing. Lower the lights but leave at least one candle burning; the room shouldn't be comletely dark. Sit with your back to the light source.

The room should be absolutely silent. Sounds will jeopardize the possibility of seeing anything at all, for they will distract your mind from the process.

Ask your question. Questions asked can be about the past, present, or the future. Gaze into the sphere, not at it's outer surface or at any reflections from the room that may be visible. Let yourself go. Blink when necessary- there's no reason to strain your eyes. Also, don't concentrate. This is precisely the opposite state which you should be. Open your awareness.

The first sign that something is happening will be clouding of the crystal. It may seem to be filled with a milky white substance that swirls around within the sphere. Relax and keep gazing. The milkiness may change from white to other colors but not all seers have experienced this phenomenon. Eventually it will turn black.

Images will then appear within the sphere. Words will not be seen within the sphere. The symbols created within the crystal will usually relate to your question. Remember what you see- this is vital for later later interpretation. Don't attempt to unlock the message while actually gazing; focus on the symbols themselves.

Eventually, the meassages will disolve into the mist, and the mist itself will seem to disappear, as if a curtain had been drawn across the ball. This always marks the end of the gazing session.

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