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The technical term used for the art and practice of divination by dreams is "oneiromancy."

Dreams come in many forms - nightmares or distorted imagery which are often caused by environmental pressures or physical ailment; Dreams which are caused by suppressed emotions; out-of-body (astral Projection) prophetic dreams which are vivid dreams pertaining to future events that come true.

A significant number of dreams are prophetic in nature - three night in a row especially. Prophetic dreams can reveal the future.

When sacred or transcendental images appear in a dream, it is called a "high dream." Telepathic dreams (ESP dreams) experience in which the dreamer picks up thought energies from another person or a spirit. (Generally pertains to events of the present). Psychic dreams are dreams which contain important messages, warnings and other communications - often so strong and profound that it awakens the dreamer from their sleep. Lucid dreaming is a term which is applied when a sleeping person who is in the dream state is consciously aware that she is dreaming.

To dream about the future, gather a mistletoe sprig on St. John's Eve and place it under pillow before bed.

To experience prophetic dreams, pick a red rose during early morning hours of Midsummer Day and fumigate it for five minutes over a brazier of burning sulfur and brimestone. On a piece of parchment write your name and your lover's. Wrap the rose in the parchment, seal it thrice with wax, and then bury it in same spot where the rose was picked. On midnight of the sixth day of the 7th month, dig up the rose and sleep with it under your pillow for three nights in a row.

To see future spouse - stick 9 pins into the blade bone [shoulder blade] of a hare and place it under your pillow on a night when the moon is full.

To receive a dream of future spouse, place 2 laurel leaves under your pillow on St. Valentine's Day before you go to bed.

On a night of full moon, place under your pillow the tarot card known as the Lovers to induce prophetic dreams about a future lover.

To make bachelors see their future brides in a dream - mix together magnate dust and powdered coral with the blood of a white pigeon to form a dough. Enclose it in a large fig, wrap it in a piece of blue cloth, then wear it around your neck when you go to sleep.

To dream of a future husband, sleep with a petticoat, garter, daisy roots, an onion or a piece of wedding cake under your head. Tie a poplar branch to your stockings or socks and place them under your pillow, or rub your temples with a few drops of Dove's blood before going to sleep.

To dream of a future marriage mate, gather ten ivy leaves in silence on Samhain night. Throw away one of the leaves and place the remaining ones under your pillow before bed.

To dream of your future spouse, collect 9 leaves of a "female" holly at the stroke of midnight on a friday (ruled by venus). Place the leaves in a 3-cornered handkerchief tied with 9 knots and place the charm under your pillow before going to sleep. (This charm will not work uf you speak any words before sunrise.)

Pick some wild yarrow from a graveyard and place it under your pillow at night before going to sleep and your lover will appear before you in a dream.

    >>Herbs of Dream Magick<<

The following herbs are traditionally used by Witches in magickal dream pillows and potions to induve prophetic dream visions. adder's tongue, agrimony, anise, camphor, celandine (lesser), cinnamon, daisy, holly, hops, lemon verbena, mandrake root, marigold, mistletoe, mugwort, onion, peppermint, purslane, rose, St. John's Wort, Vervain, Verbena, wormwood, yarrow

    >>Interpreting Dreams<<

(The Following is from the Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland)

First of all, examine the dream to see if it fits any of the events of the preceeding day. This will explain a few of your dreams. If this fails...
Determine whether the dream is literal or symbolic. Literal - one in which the main dream characteer or image is a real person or thing in your life, or on your mind, at the time. If this makes sense, you may have found the key...if fails, obvisiously...

Symbolic - one in which the dream chartacter and images can not be taken literally. As a real person or thing. Then the image is that of an "aspect" of you, the dreamer. Then the ancient wisdom of the Universal Symbols should be applied.

Recurring dreams one of the following (generally,)

* a. Precognitive or prophetic
* b. Compensation for an improper attitude
* c. The result of a traumatic incident which had left a negative impression


Dream - visual awareness of the self is in one direction only. As with Physical sight, you "see" only what is in front of you.

OOBE - awareness is all-encompasing, you see in front and behind, above and below and on the sides all at the same time. Do not attempt to interpret an OOBE as you would a dream.

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