Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mirror scrying 2

The Scrying Glass

The scrying glass is a dark concave surface of reflective material.
One can easily be constructed by using the curved glass face of a
clock and painting the convex side with glossy black paint.

Once the paint has thoroughly dried, bath the mirror in an herbal brew
of rosemary, fennel, rue, vervain, ivy and walnut leaves (or bark). If
you want to be truly traditional, pour some sea foam into the
mixture.To charge the glass, take a deep breath and then slowly exhale
outward upon the potion. Repeat this three times. Remove the mirror
from the potion and dry it off thoroughly.

Prop the mirror up vertically, supported by two sturdy books or book
ends to hold it in place. Hold your right hand out in front of you so
that your palm is facing the convex side of the mirror. Then place the
left palm facing the concave side, about three inches away from the
glass surface. You are now ready to magnetize the mirror.

With the left hand begin making a circular clockwise motion across the
surface of the mirror. Do this for a few minutes and then repeat this
on the convex side of the mirror with the right hand. The opposite
hand is always held still while the moving hand circulates.


Scrying is a very ancient technique common among shamanistic
traditions. Divination itself is the ability to discern patterns that
are forming, moving toward manifestation. What you "see" is actually
what is likely to occur if nothing changes the divinatory images one

The use of a scrying bowl is one of the traditional methods of
fortune-telling. This very basic method employs a dark liquid formula.

Pour some bottled water into a medium-sized bowl such as a soup bowl.
Add a few drops of blue or green food coloring to the water, enough to
ensure that the liquid is dark and obscures the bottom of the bowl. At
this point you should have a dark reflective surface to gaze into.
Place two candles as your source of light, making sure that the light
does not reflect upon the liquid.
Setting them a foot or two in front of you, one candle off to each
side should work.
Next perform a series of hand passes over the liquid in the bowl,
slowly and deliberately.
In the magical arts, the right hand generates an electrical charge and
the left hand a magnetic charge. Left-handed passes attract and draw
images, forming them in the dark liquid. Right handed passes will
strengthen the images appearing there, and focus them more clearly.
Begin scrying by making left-handed passes over the bowl, in a
clockwise circle, just a few inches above the water (palms open and
facing down).
Stop and gaze into the dark liquid, not at its surface but deep into
the bowl.
Usually several repeated passes of the hands are required during the
scrying process. Alternate between the left hand and the right hand.
This requires patience and time.
Use your intuition as you sit before the bowl.
Make sure the area is quiet and there are no distractions. With
practice, images will begin to form within the liquid. Sometimes they
will be symbolic or suggestive images. At other times they may form as
faces, objects, or places you are already familiar with. It is
important to simply allow the images to
form. Do not rush them, or become anxious when they begin to appear.
Try to remain calm and receptive. Watch the images until they fade away.
At first, interpreting the meaning of what you see is like trying to
find meaning within a dream but with time you will begin to understand
the symbols, their meaning and the importance of their appearance.

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