Thursday, March 6, 2014

Palmistry: Heart Line

I have been re-reading my book on palmistry, and I think I have a wrong aproach to it.
I find it very educating to take tarot cards one card at a time, think about it for a week or so, and look for correspondences and associations in my everyday life for that one specific card.
So with astrology - I didn't try to take it all in in one big lump, but in small parts - one sign at a time, one planet...
so why would I try to devour and digest palmistry in whole?

So, let's break it into pieces and learn it that way :-)

Heart line

There's basically four main lines in people's hands, and they form a M.
One line goes straight over the palm, close to fingers. That is the Heart line. (Starting from the outside of the palm, the opposite side of the thumb)
Then there's the the Line of Life, which circles the thumb, Line of Head, that crosses the palm horizontally, and vertically the palm is crossed by the Line of Fortune.

Heart line is closely related to Venus - it talks about your feelings, emotions, how emotional you are, how passionate and impulsive you are and such things.

There are two main styles in heart line; curved and straight. The curved will start from the side of palm and curve close to or between fingers and the straight is, of course, straight.

The owner of the straight line is more careful, the curved line belongs to an impulsive person.

The longer the line is, the more emotional the person is. If one has a short heart line, the person doesn't have much "connection" with his/her feelings - it's not that the person is insensitive bastard, he/she just doesn't much care about feelings (yeah, which often shows in the person being an insensitive bastard ;-))

Here's reading about heart line

"Note: Palmistry research has shown that a successful marriage is often made up of partners who spot similar heart lines."
Well... my husband has a straight heart line of normal length, mine is long, deep and curved... I don't think any palmister had given us much change, they'd tell us that I'm too passionate, aggressive and sensual for my husband, who would bore me to death... we are still madly in love with each other, and we've been together for 10 years, and married for 7 years. Not a sign of 7 year itch :-)
So - it's all about your head, not your hands. The secret of a happy marriage is that you BOTH are determined to have a happy marriage.

I was going through the article about handanalysis

There's some things I came to think about when reading that

* we are not born with the lines we have in our hands. The lines form through using of hands, so does the form of hand (workers have more muscles in their hands and thus have wider hands than thinkers), and the angles.

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