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Forms of divination by fire or flame, often assisted by substances thrown onto the flames.

A primal form of divination and quite possibly the oldest form.

Fire scrying is one of my favourite methods of divination, helping to quiet my mind and allowing my intuition to speak, so I thought I'd share my experiences with fire, with you.

Any flame will do, be it candle, fireplace, ritual fire or barbeque. I have used fire in meditation many many times and have forged links with this element in doing so.

Settle into a position close to the fire, not too close! Allow your breathing to fall into rhythm and your spirit to quieten. If you wish to use a mantra, chant or affirmation, feel free to do so. Feel yourself attuning to the flame, feel the warmth radiating out to you.

Personally I don't always look directly into the fire, but at the edges. If I am looking into the flame I allow my vision to blur slightly or sometimes my eyes will close and I can still see the flame.

If you have a particular purpose in mind, fix your mind gently on it. Some see images or symbols in the flame, others in their mind - like a waking dream. (A good dream interpretation book is helpful here too).

For me, the answer may not come immediately, maybe later in a dream.

The flame may change colour, it may flicker or smoke more than it was before. Of course this is open to interpretation.

I found the following guide in my Mirror book. I can't recall where it came from I'm afraid, and can't even say that I necessarily subscribe to what it says but I thought it was interesting.

Crackling or sparking: news is coming (often good news)

Soot falling around the fire: an important message will arrive soon. Look at the pattern of the soot for more clues.

Blue flames: spirits are influencing this situation or guiding spirits (or ancestores) are trying to tell you something.

Tall flames: good thoughts or wishes directed toward you or the situation in question.

Flames flickering to the right: the answer is Yes.

Flames flickering to the left: the answer is NO.

Sudden blazing: a stranger (or distant acquaintance) is involved in this question.

Sizzling: arguments or anger are getting in the way of positive resolution.

Smoky fire: dissention and disagreement is the root of the problem, and it's covering up an obvious solution.

Spitting fire: someone who considers themselves in a position of leadership is irate."

Another scrying method that comes from fire is smoke scrying, from a fire, candle or even cigarette. The trick is to allow the smoke to drift past the immediate line of vision whilst focusing gently on a point beyond. Images can sometimes been seen here too.

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