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Rune magick


This is a brief synopsis of the Runes that make up the Elder Futhark.
The Elder Futhark consists of 24 Runes. Futhark means `alphabet' and
this word comes from the first 6 staves (letters) of the Futhark.

Other Runic alphabets have different numbers of staves. For example,
the Younger Futhark has 16 and the Anglo-Saxon Futhark has 32 or 33
staves. The word `Rune' has several interpretations – it means `to
roar', `to whisper', `mystery' and `secret'.

The Runes are strongly associated with the God, Odin who is credited
with their discovery through an act of sacrifice and shamanic
initiation. Odin hung from the World Tree, Yggdrasil (which means
`horse of Ygg', and Ygg is another name for Odin) for 9 days and
nights, fasting and pierced with his own spear – sacrificing himself
to himself. The story of Odin's sacrifice is depicted in the Havamal

Each Rune represents an object or force in nature. These forces can
be harnessed for magickal purposes, bound in talismans or invoked
through rune-song (galdr). They also make a good focus for
meditation. Reciting the entire Futhark can be used as an effective
protection chant.

The pictographs, names and interpretations of the runes have some
variation. The details that follow are taken partly from various
written sources and partly from the direct experience of myself and

I will list the corresponding lunar fortnight (just over 15 days),
hour, god(s), stones and symbols for each rune and give details of
their magickal use. This is not a definitive or complete
correspondence table as space does not permit me to include all
available information – but it should give you an overview of the
meanings and uses of the Runes.

Rune name: Feoh
Pronounced: fay-oh
Meaning: Cattle/wealth
Symbol: Cow
Quality: Primal growth
Tree: Elder
Stone: Bloodstone/amber
Plant: Camellia
Hour: 1pm
Fortnight start: 29 June
Deity: Gullveig/Freyja
Magickal use: Increase wealth, happiness or vitality.
New beginnings.

Rune name: Uruz
Pronounced: Oo-rooz
Meaning: Auroch (extinct large wild bovine)
Symbol: Horns
Quality: Primal strength
Tree: Birch
Stone: Peridot
Plant: Mint, rue
Hour: 2pm
Fortnight start: 14 July
Deity: Freyr/light elves
Magickal use: Healing, fertility, energy and vitality.

Rune name: Thurisaz
Pronounced: Thur-ee-sawz
Meaning: Ice giant
Symbol: Shield or hammer (mjollnir)
Quality: Catalyst
Tree: Blackthorn
Stone: Obsidian
Plant: Thistle/bramble
Hour: 3pm
Fortnight start: 29 July
Deity: Loki/Thor
Magickal use: Self defense, hexing and returning curses.

Rune name: Ansuz
Pronounced: Ahn-sooz
Meaning: God/word
Symbol: Mouth or the wind
Quality: Expression
Tree: Poplar/ash
Stone: Labradorite
Plant: Fly agaric/gum mastic
Hour: 4pm
Fortnight start: 13 August
Deity: Odin
Magickal use: Public speaking, confidence, study, creative writing and
release from bonds.

Rune name: Raido
Pronounced: Ray-doh
Meaning: Journey
Symbol: Wheel
Quality: Direction
Tree: Oak
Stone: Moss agate/sardonyx
Plant: Mullein
Hour: 5pm
Fortnight start: 29 August
Deity: Freyja/Odin/Thor
Magickal use: Determination and focus. Also safety in travel.

Rune name: Kaunaz
Pronounced: Kaw-nahz
Meaning: Torch
Symbol: Spring
Quality: Consciousness
Tree: Pine
Stone: Lapis
Plant: Sage
Hour: 6pm
Fortnight start: 13 September
Deity: Mimir
Magickal use: Solving problems, increase knowledge, spiritual
enlightenment and overcoming depression

Rune name: Gyfu
Pronounced: Gee-foo
Meaning: Gift
Symbol: Necklace
Quality: Sacrifice
Tree: Elm
Stone: Turqoise/Amber
Plant: Catmint/hearts-ease
Hour: 7pm
Fortnight start: 28 September
Deity: Freyja/Odin
Magickal use: Balancing the self, relationships, partnerships and love.

Rune name: Wunjo
Pronounced: Oon-yoh
Meaning: Joy
Symbol: Valknut
Quality: Potential
Tree: Ash
Stone: Quartz
Plant: Flax/borage
Hour: 8pm
Fortnight start: 13 October
Deity: Baldr/Odin
Magickal use: Draw happiness, conclusions, gain favour with superiors,
exams, success and hope.

Rune name: Hagalaz
Pronounced: Haag-a-laaz
Meaning: Hail
Symbol: Dark Moon
Quality: Initiation/death
Tree: Ivy/holly
Stone: Hag stone
Plant: Hemlock/blackthorn
Hour: 9pm
Fortnight start: 28 October
Deity: Hel
Magickal use: Hexing, protection and to return a curse.

Rune name: Nauthiz
Pronounced: Naw-theez
Meaning: Need
Symbol: Domestic Fire
Quality: Necessity
Tree: Rowan/beech
Stone: Smoky quartz
Plant: Bindweed/snakeroot/wormwood
Hour: 10pm
Fortnight start: 13 November
Deity: The Norns
Magickal use: Bringing a person back to their destiny and bringing
what is needed against all odds.

Rune name: Isa
Pronounced: Ee-sah
Meaning: Ice
Symbol: Mountain
Quality: Static force
Tree: Furze
Stone: Black tourmaline
Plant: Clove/henbane
Hour: 11pm
Fortnight start: 28 November
Deity: Skadhi
Magickal use: Stop/slow a situation, increase courage, resolution and

Rune name: Jera
Pronounced: Yeah-rah
Meaning: Year/harvest
Symbol: Scythe
Quality: Rebirth
Tree: Oak/Spruce
Stone: Malachite/aventurine
Plant: Rosemary
Hour: 12am
Fortnight start: 13 December
Deity: Sif
Magickal use: Change, resolutions, overcoming bad habits, fertility
and moving on.

Rune name: Eihwaz
Pronounced: Eye-wahz
Meaning: Yew
Symbol: Yggdrasil
Quality: Cosmic connection
Tree: Yew/ash
Stone: Labradorite
Plant: Galangal/sandalwood/mugwort
Hour: 1am
Fortnight start: 28 December
Deity: Odin/Ullr/Vali
Magickal use: Shamanic work, self reliance and getting in touch with
the higher self.

Rune name: Perthro
Pronounced: Per-throw
Meaning: Birth
Symbol: labyrinth/well
Quality: Creativity
Tree: Apple
Stone: Opal
Plant: Loosestrife/tansy/aconite
Hour: 2am
Fortnight start: 13 January
Deity: Iduna/Frigg
Magickal use: Fertility, creativity, change, healing, psychic work and
restoring hope.

Rune name: Elhaz
Pronounced: Ay-lahz
Meaning: Elk
Symbol: Wand/rainbow
Quality: Divine link
Tree: Service tree
Stone: Herkimer diamond
Plant: Verbena/agrimony/hyssop
Hour: 3am
Fortnight start: 28 January
Deity: Heimdall
Magickal use: Meditation/prayer, spiritual work, invoking divine aid,
protection, healing and friendship.

Rune name: Sowilo
Pronounced: Soh-will-oh
Meaning: Sun
Symbol: Sunwheel
Quality: The Self
Tree: Hazel
Stone: Iron pyrite
Plant: Bay/calendula
Hour: 4am
Fortnight start: 12 February
Deity: Sunna
Magickal use: Courage, healing, success, happiness, energy and
overcoming negativity.

Rune name: Teiwaz
Pronounced: Tay-wahz
Meaning: Creator
Symbol: Sword
Quality: Universal law
Tree: Oak/juniper
Stone: Tiger eye
Plant: Plantain/sage
Hour: 5am
Fortnight start: 27 February
Deity: Tyr
Magickal use: Bring justice, balance, protection and strengthen will.

Rune name: Berkana
Pronounced: Ber-kah-nah
Meaning: Birch
Symbol: Full Moon
Quality: Compassion
Tree: Birch
Stone: Moonstone
Plant: Honeysuckle/lady’s mantle
Hour: 6am
Fortnight start: 14 March
Deity: Nerthus/Audhumla
Magickal use: Female problems, nurturing, self love, calming the mind,
health and healing.

Rune name: Ehwaz
Pronounced: Ay-wahz
Meaning: Horse
Symbol: Fylfot/plough
Quality: Transformation as an act of will
Tree: Horse Chestnut
Stone: Carnelian
Plant: Elecampane/hops
Hour: 7am
Fortnight start: 30 March
Deity: Freyr/Thor/Odin
Magickal use: Increase will and determination. Bring swift change and
overcome difficult circumstances.

Rune name: Mannaz
Pronounced: Maa-naaz
Meaning: Mankind
Symbol: Pentagram/Endless knot
Quality: Being
Tree: Ash/elm
Stone: Hematite
Plant: Mandrake
Hour: 8am
Fortnight start: 14 April
Deity: Rig/Odin
Magickal use: Balancing all aspects of the personality, understanding
and healing

Rune name: Laguz
Pronounced: Lah-gooz
Meaning: Lake
Symbol: Axe
Quality: Liberated subconscious
Tree: Willow
Stone: Aquamarine
Plant: Parsley/osier
Hour: 9am
Fortnight start: 29 April
Deity: Njord
Magickal use: Prosperity, psychic/dream work, inspiration and
finding/retaining lovers.

Rune name: Inguz
Pronounced: Ing-gooz
Meaning: Orgasm
Symbol: Spiral
Quality: Reconciliation of Opposite/limitless expansion
Tree: Cherry/hawthorn
Stone: Unakite
Plant: Rose
Hour: 10am
Fortnight start: 14 May
Deity: Freyr (Ing) and Freyja
Magickal use: Relationships, marriage, sex magick, binding runes
together, gaining positions of respect and balance.

Rune name: Othila
Pronounced: Oh-thee-lah
Meaning: Inheritance
Symbol: Torc
Quality: Knowledge of birthright
Tree: Oak/rowan
Stone: Ammonite/belemnite
Plant: Betony/Dill
Hour: 11am
Fortnight start: 29 May
Deity: Odin/Thor
Magickal use: Strengthen family; protect home, security, oaths and memory.

Rune name: Dagaz
Pronounced: Dah-gahz
Meaning: Day
Symbol: Mobius strip
Quality: Unlimited potential/unity
Tree: Mistletoe/oak
Stone: Diamond
Plant: Clary sage/celandine
Hour: 12pm
Fortnight start: 14 June
Deity: Baldr/Loki/Heimdall
Magickal use: Completion and success, drawing energy in and new

The original source is missing, but the meaning of the runes can be
found here:

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