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The art and practice of divination is a tradition that dates back to
the ancient Druids. Halloween is probably the best time to perform
this act so the following text uses Halloween as an example, it is not
however restricted to it. On this night time and space are suspended,
and our connection to the supernatural world is the strongest,
allowing prophecy to take place. Halloween divination in various forms
is still practiced today by a wide variety of cultures.

The most sacred of the Witches eight Sabbats has long been regarded as
the ideal time for engaging in all manners of psychic work. It is a
mysterious night when Witches throughout the world clairvoyantly peer
into the past, the present and the future.

The traditional Halloween divination method favoured by those who
belong to the Craft is that of scrying also known as gazing into
crystal balls, magic mirrors, and the flames of candles, outdoor
bonfire or cauldron fires. The term "scrying" derives from the old
English word descry, means "to perceive from distance; to discover by
the eye." The divinatory use of crystals is said to date back to
circa 1,000 B.C. Undeniably, it is one of the oldest forms of
divination that continues to be practiced in modern times.

The correct method of scrying into a crystal ball is as follows:
Before consulting the crystal, allow yourself to enter into a
meditative state. Focus your mind on a particular question or issue,
and then gaze into the surface of the crystal ball. (You will most
likely find that the best results are achieved when your scrying is
performed in a darkened room with the bright light of a full moon, the
gentle glow of a candle's flame or some other light source that
reflects off the crystal's surface.) In time, a vision should form.
It may be an entire scenario or simply one or more symbols that will
require interpretation on your part.

It is common for many crystal gazers to experience the formation of
"clouds" within or around the crystal ball. The colours of the clouds
and the directions in which they more are said to be highly
significant. Traditionally, clouds that move to the right are
considered to be a sign that a benign guiding spirit is present, but
clouds that move to the left indicate that the spirit is unwilling or
unable to offer guidance at the present time. Clouds that move in an
upward direction indicate an affirmative answer to the scryer's
question, while a negative reply is shown by clouds that move in a
downward direction.

The colours of clouds also show meanings: White clouds are believed to
be favorable omens. Black ones are viewed as unlucky. Red clouds,
depending upon the scryer's personal interpretation, can either
indicate a fiery, passionate love affair or serve as a warning of
impending danger. Green clouds, a colour associated with money,
generally indicate an increase in riches, unless the clouds are seen
moving in a downward (negative) direction. Yellow clouds are said to
indicate betrayal. Blue clouds are signs of peace and tranquility.
Violet clouds indicate spiritual strength, psychic growth and

Sometimes a crystal ball's clouds-regardless of their colour-will
gradually or suddenly yield to a clear vision of a future, present or
even past event.

The art of crystal gazing (which is technically known as
"crystallomancy" is one that requires a good deal of concentration and
practice, and a novice scryer should not become discouraged if he or
she does not achieve immediate results. As with any art, some people
require more time to master the crystal ball, while others seem to be
born with a natural gift for it.

Many crystal gazers ritually recharge their crystal balls once every
month by placing them either on an outdoor altar or on a windowsill
where they can absorb the rays of the full moon. Most keep their
crystal balls covered by a black silk handkerchief when they are not
in use, and don't allow anyone to handle them, for they believe that
this action disturbs or diminishes it's occult vibrations, requiring
it to be re-consecrated and recharged with the gazers own psychic energy.

In addition to gazing into crystal balls, many Witches utilize the
steady flame of a candle, a water-filled cauldron, or what are known
as magic mirrors as a focus for their Halloween scrying rituals. A
magic mirror is also known as a Witch's looking glass, it can be an
ordinary mirror, however typically they are made of dark polished
stone, such as black obsidian, or fashioned from a slightly curved
piece of glass with the concave side painted black. Many famous
practitioners of the occult arts, such as John Dee, Agrippa, Albertus
magnus, have been known to possess one. (John Dee who's astrological
and psychic services were provided to clients of nobility, utilized a
black obsidian mirror he called a "shew stone". It is currently on
display at the British Museum. The divinatory use of the magic mirror
is a very old one, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. The
ancient Greeks and Italians, as well as the Magi of Persia were said
to have been highly adept in magic mirror divination, employing it
religiously. To scry flames, cauldrons or magic mirrors, and other
objects, follow the same method used as with the crystal ball.

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