Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shell scrying

This is a modern method of scrying and is becoming more popular. Most people are familiar with the sound of when a shell is placed over the ear.

It sort of sounds like the ocean. But in fact it is the sounds of blood flowing through the vessels in your ear.

If however you listen to this sound you will eventually by able to pick up fragments of conversation. At first you may be able to only make out a few words, but in time you will come to understand whole
segments of conversations.

The subject of this talk will be usually meaningless, but if you can mentally break into this communication you may find the voices may choose to respond.

This is the most popular modern method for inducing clairaudience, the perception of sounds and voices received by extrasensory means.

Everyone is familiar with the sound that can be heard when a large seashell is held over the ear. It is a rushing, pulsing noise that resembles the sound of ocean waves breaking softly on a sandy beach.
In reality, the wave noise is caused by the reflection of the tiny sounds of blood flowing through the vessels in your ear and the side of your head, as well as any ambient noise that may be in the air around you.
If you listen to this rushing pulse, and allow it to lull your mind into a receptive state, soon you will begin to make out fragments of distant conversation. This comes as if borne on the wind from some neighboring garden party. You will not be able to make out actual words at first, or no more than the occasional word or two.
Eventually you will come to distinguish whole segments of conversation. The subjects of the talk will be quite meaningless and innocuous at the early stages. As this ghostly garden party becomes clearer, mentally try to break into the conversation. If you are fortunate and have an innate skill for this type of scrying, you may find that one or more voices will respond to your mental comments and engage you in conversation, just as though you were standing with them at the party with a glass in your hand. Shell-hearing is the easiest form of clairaudience from which to gain frequent, consistent results.
This may be because the sound audible in the shell is so close to the sound of distant conversation, even without any scrying ability. This background shell noise is always consistent, and is instantly
available to you each time you raise the shell to your ear.

You will want to find a large, attractive shell with an opening that you can easily and comfortably hold to your ear. These can often be located in craft and gift stores. If you are fortunate enough to live close to the ocean, you may be able to find your shell on the beach.
Experiment with different shells until you locate one that feels comfortable in the hand and produces a strong, pleasing sound. When using it, hold it to your left ear if you are right-handed, unless you are partially deaf in the left ear. Always hold the shell to whichever hears most clearly. If both ears are of the same acuteness, left-handed persons should hold the shell to their right ear. The left side is receptive in right-handed individuals; the right side is usually receptive in those who are left-handed. Experiment with both ears to discover which side works best for you.

Scrying for Beginners : Tapping into the Supersensory Powers of Your Subconscious by Donald Tyson

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