Thursday, March 6, 2014

Symbol journal

Divination is not trying to guess someone else's symbols. It's YOU who do the reading, so it's YOUR symbols that matter.

It is a good idea to keep a symbol journal, to be aware of your symbols. Start easy, with colors, move to everyday objects you have around you, animals, and so on.

Illustrate your symbol journal. It helps you to define your symbols, because the seeing people are very visually oriented people. There are two ways of doing it. Let's say that you are to define what color yellow means to you. Close your eyes and think yellow. You should have an image in mind, or a feeling, smell maybe - write it down, and try to find a picture that describes that image, feeling or smell as perfectly as you can. It would be best, if you made it yourself, but if you are not artistically talented, you might prefer a picture someone else have made, even when it's not a good match. Close is enough here.
Then you look at the picture and write down the thoughts you have, the feelings, the associations, everything that is happening inside you, when looking at the picture.

You can add up to your journal as time goes by, everytime you see a yellow something, you can take a picture and add it to the page, or you can try to make a collage of things that you think of, when reading what you have written on the page. (Then you can look at your collage and associate freely from there LOL - you will find out to your surprise, that it's all yellow to you )

You can also look up for other people's symbols, like dream explanations, tea leaf symbolism, symbol books and such. I think we have archetypical thinking, because we are all human. People seem to think that same things are nice and same things are scary. Most of the people like smiles and are afraid of snakes.

Doing this is like scrapbooking, but not of events but of your thoughts and of things meaningful to you as an individual; your personal symbols.

Like horses - in the traditional dream interpretation horses have either something to do with sex or power - but for a modern person a horse is not necessarily a sexual or powerful animal. For me a horse symbolizes freedom - horses are like flying, a mean of transportation, that is very enjoyable and allows my independence and freedom. For me symbol of power is something else - I think of bears and lions, when I think of power, not horses. And sex... well, that's sex LOL

Likewise, a butterfly usually means fickleness, but it could mean joy. It could stand for beauty. A butterfly could stand for the vulnerability of life, here today, gone tomorrow, so seize the day and dance and enjoy life as long as you can. A butterfly could mean... what? What does the butterfly symbolize to you?
Butterfly symbolism links - to give some ideas for your personal book of symbols:

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