Thursday, March 6, 2014


We all have symbols. Symbols are quite universal, not because of any universal soul or anything like that, but because we form the symbols ourselves. The dove is not a symbol of peace because the dove would be somehow a peaceful bird, but because every time we see or hear something about the peace, we also see the white birds. In the school, when one should draw something for Mother's Day or Independence Day, the same symbols are everywhere.

Now, we can - and should - form our own book of symbolism. (Yes, write them down. You might want to write down your own experience too - like your dreams and what usually follows some certain dream symbols, and stuff like that.)

The unconscious is very obediant and will comply to anything you tell it, so just go on and choose the symbolism you want.
If you want the horse stand for freedom, that's what it will stand for.
If you want the snakes to stand for wisdom and advice, that is what they will stand for.

And if you want to make it easy for yourself, just use the symbols there already are.

Help your unconscious and meditate over the symbolism, repeat the symbolism to yourself.

Just remember to write it down. It is possible, that you have forgotten, what a symbol means to you, when you need it.

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