Thursday, March 6, 2014

Victorian Flower Oracle

There's two books called "The Victorian Flower Oracle".
One is by Patricia Telesco, and other is by Sheila Hamilton.

Sheila Hamilton's book is a companion book to a 40-card set of oracle cards, made after Victorian flower pictures. It's a bit too "Victorian" for my taste, a little too bland, but the idea is wonderful and the book is interesting. It tells a lot about the Victorian attitude to flowers and the subtle ways of sending messages... considering the fact that almost everyone knew exactly what the flowers signify, the messages weren't too secret... ;-)

The book includes:

* How to use this oracle, including original spreads and sample readings
* Keywords and phrases to get you started quickly
Card meanings and interpretations
* The story of JJ Grandville and his `Flowers Personified'
* The Victorian Language of Flowers
* Notes on the characteristics, history and myth of each flower

There's even gardening notes LOL. Sheila Hamilton is a Victorianist, so her book is very delightful for any other Victorianist :-)

Patricia Telesco's "The Victorian Flower Oracle; The Language of Nature" is more in the style with Callia Underhill's book on divination. Patricia shares her vast research on Victorian flower symbolism, and gives instructions on how to make your own oracle cards by either using pressed flowers or by creating the cards in another way. She also tells how to use the cards, and gives a lot of suggestions on alternative symbolism. It's more modern book, and doesn't come with the deck - you need to make it yourself... but then you also get exactly what you want ;-)

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