Thursday, March 6, 2014

Water Gazing

The simplest technique is known as gazing or scrying, in which water
is used to create symbols of the future. To perform this ancient rite,
pour water into a blue ceramic bowl. Ask your question. Sit with your
back to the light in a darkened room and gaze into but not at the
water. (Some people add a few drops of blue food color or ink to the
water to darken it; this is particularly useful when using a light
colored bowl.)

As with a crystal ball, the water may cloud. Eventually you may begin
to see symbols within its cool depths. Make note of any such symbols.
When no further symbols are seen, begin the process of interpretation.

Some water gazers prefer to have the light of a candle reflected on
the water surface. Others take the bowl outside on a cloudless night
and, capturing the moon's reflection, divine by its appearance on the


In addition to scrying, water has been used in a number of ways to
determine the future. One of these has been in use since ancient Greek
times. Take a specific object- a slice of bread, a leaf or some other
light object- to a lake or spring. While asking a yes or no question,
throw the object into the water. If it sinks, the answer is yes; if it
continues to float, or sinks but rises and is washed up on the bank,
the answer is no.


Steam can also provide divinitory responses. This form requires a
mirror hung on a wall and a low table placed before it. Fill a large
pot with water and heat to boiling on the stove. Remove the pot and
place it on a hot pad before the mirror. As the steam rises, it will
cloud the mirror. You may gaze in the misty mirror, or wait for the
steam to condense and drip down its silvered face. The drips may form
themselves into a letter or letters, which can then be interpreted.

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